New Year Resolution

As we usher this New Year, should we be happy about it as it marks a new beginning or should we grief for those who are misfortunate? The recent earthquake cases in Sumatra had gained worldwide attention. In just a blink of eye all that were once there becomes rubble. Nothing was spared at the moment. On the New Year day, many of Sgm or Sgi member may recalled that the performances that were being prepared so carefully and wholeheartily , that normally being organised for the new year by the SGM community like gymnastic or etc are being cancelled. In most of the case, it is substituted with a prolonged daimoku session. In my place itself, Ipoh , the daimoku session lasted for 30 minutes before the new year ushering speech being read out. Personally though this accident had no immediate effect on me... yet still I feel disturbed by it. Is all these the signs of the still existence of impure land and misguided teaching that had misguided the citizens? It is up to you to ponder then. But for me it is definitely the sign. It had showed me that there are still incorrect teachings around and there are still people that we need to help to enlighten them to attain their own Buddhahood. This has become the task in our life to share the happiness with others. By chanting daimoku and by attaining our own happiness, we must not forsake and abandon others too. Life is about sharing and by sharing we gain far more than what we own. Thus in this New Year, the resolution that I had made is fairly simple: >that is to answer the call of the 24K Campaign in order to fulfill my mission here >and to pray for the happiness of humanity as a whole, >and to undergo my own human revolution besides doing kosenrufu Here I would also like to encourage each of the members to stay side by side and encourage each other too. Nowadays, in the battle of kosenrufu, no one fight alone anymore. Staying side by side is the best remedy to keep our faith in check and also keep our spirit burning. May we all march together to answer the call of the 24k campaign :)