Course Counselling Day

Today is an important day. It marks the first major step of our comrade from engineering campus here to participate in a major activity organised together with non-SGM members. Even though there are only 5 of us from engineering campus, we managed to co-organise a successful course counselling event with the full support of the rest of the member from main campus (ACAD S), members who currently working but are willing to sacrifice their precious time to help us and also counselling group members. The course counselling was open to all and it is a talk regarding choosing the right course and also about encouraging youth, especially students to continue their studies regardless of the situation to gain more knowledge. This coincides with Sensei's guidance which encourages youth to obtain more knowledge. Even there are 5 of us (from engineering campus, not including members from main campus and working class members), we managed challenged ourselves to participate in amidst of various challenges; from having to sit for final exams on the next few days to rushing to the event directly after attending class.4 of our comrade from engineering campus even took up the challenge to become the MC and also the speakers of the event. Kudos to them :) Even the turn out was not very encouraging, there were almost 100++ person and quite a number of them are outsiders too. We had expected about 200++ person initially. Since this is the first time we organise event such as this, we surely hopes that the next time will be merrier. Regardless of mediocre turn out, the event was a very successful one. Most of the participants and the organisers were having a good time. So I would like to take the opportunity here to convey my thanks to all those who were there to help and encourage us. We do not deserve all the credits. It belongs to all :) Thanks to ACAD S member and working members for the help and the informative video session. Thanks to all of you who had made the course counselling event a success Thanks to those who prayed hard for the smoothness of the program And thanks to all who had came to the event :) Domo Arigato gozaimasu~ Pst: pictures of the counselling event will be out soon :)