Soka University Exchange

Guess what? I have had the opportunity to join the Soka University exchange on 19.3 even though I was bed ridden because of fever for the past few days. I am extremely glad as I was able to join and I never been to exchange with people from Soka university group before. Well, how grateful I am to be able to join them at that moment. For this exchange, the Soka University member consists of students from Malaysia itself and also a Japanese member who studies in Japan. From the sharing session, I sure learn lots of stuff. Too bad that I do not bring anything to jot down the vital stuff :( However, there is one sharing that is particularly interesting, It is about a member, named Tomoko (forget her mandarin name already..haha..), who came from Malaysia but are from a mixed parentage ; of Chinese and Japanese. She talked about how she was shunned while she was studying in her earlier days due to the fact that her 'mixed parentage' status, how she was called a 'Japanese lady' to how she was able to cope up with the criticism. She also talked about focusing on healthy aspect of life by focusing on sports instead of focusing on people's lamentation on her. In the end she did extremely well in sports too and managed to enrol in Soka University later. From my perspective, she is now leading a very happy go lucky life too. I found that there are some values that we should try and learn from her. She had managed to convert the criticism to some sort of encouragement to herself. Perhaps Anna and Carryn can divulge more details on this? I had forgotten to bring my stationery there (maybe too blur after recuperating :D) Yeah, lucky that I joined this exchange too as this is the first time the 3 of us come to get together and really meet up which each other. Thanks to Carryn for inviting Anna and me to come over. Haha, at least three of us can finally meet up and finally I had the chance to know who are you Anna. It is a pleasure knowing both of you in the first place and I am glad to be able to join the two of you in this exchange. Anna, perhaps after you had scanned the pictures then you can post it here too? Ok for now I guess, so hopefully Anna and Carryn can share more about the exchange and also post some pictures ok? As 'A picture represents thousands words' :) Cya~