Prof. Yammamoto Concert

There goes the first concert yesterday. Everything went on very smoothly. Got some feedbacks from the audience. Many of them didn't have any feeling. It's just a concert. That's it. Upon hearing this, I don't know what response to give. Perhaps, we ourselves - the players didn't feel anything too. Perhaps we just played the music for the sake of the music? Perhaps... too many perhaps. I think most of the players had difficulties playing at the very begining, but, we've did better and better after many practices. We did improve technically but not spiritually. I think this is what lacking in Galaxy Philharmonic Orchestra. The conductor said he was very touched when we play "Romance"and also the rest of the pieces. Why is this hapening? Aren't we suppose to bring hope, courage and happiness to the audience that come and support us? We failed to do so last night... Technically yes, but, spiritually no. Tonight is the last show. Hoing that we will be able to bring the sense of joy and the sense of mission to all the leaders and members. School is starting tomorrow. It's getting more and more exciting now a days. I'm going to further my studies really soon in Diploma in Early Childhood Education in UM, later, going to further on masters program in the field of education. Hoping to earn a PhD in the years to come. Soka Elementary school, Soka High School and Soka University in Malaysia... These dream will come true very soon. Take care!

Tadika Seri Soka

Recently I have had the most memorable, fun yet busiest month of all... It's never ending from July until now and will continue until the end of this year. Great benefit from Gohonzon as I am able to grow up with many comrades here in TSS. Teacher Carmen, has been the source of my smiles... She's energetic and always think very positively. No matter what, she'll always say that, "Don't worry, I can do it!". Teacher Debbie, my Supervisor... A cheerful lady. Full of hope and always know what to do when I need help in my English class also in Thematic activities... She's my savior! Hah! Other than that, she's very caring and considerate. Always reminding us what is there to be done and what we shouldn't do. I think without her, I will have a tough time making a lot of mistakes... Teacher Ti Ying. A lady full that is full of courage. She takes on every obstacle and challenge until the end of her last breath, achieving victory everytime without fail. Growing stronger and stronger evrytime after a battle. I learn a lot from her spirit of never giving up! Aunty Susan, my class teacher(lady boss) cum a mother to everyone in TSS. Her spirit is still the same as a youth although she's about 60 years old. Always smiling and always lending her helping hand when help is needed. Encouraging us never to give up in everything. Her creativity in arts really amazes me. This is what you call when the heart is young, age doesn't counts! Last but not least, Teacher Low. My source of encouragement. Seeing her workload has already given the boost to fight all the way in any battle. Wishing that we can share her workload. To my beloved Gohonzon. Thank you very much for everything you have gave me. I am impressed and joyful enough to accept whatever that is thrown to my face. Always telling myself to keep smilling and have a cheerful heart no matter what. Thank you all my beloved comrades! Let's advance together in the path of education for the sake of peace!