Prof. Yammamoto Concert

There goes the first concert yesterday. Everything went on very smoothly. Got some feedbacks from the audience. Many of them didn't have any feeling. It's just a concert. That's it. Upon hearing this, I don't know what response to give. Perhaps, we ourselves - the players didn't feel anything too. Perhaps we just played the music for the sake of the music? Perhaps... too many perhaps. I think most of the players had difficulties playing at the very begining, but, we've did better and better after many practices. We did improve technically but not spiritually. I think this is what lacking in Galaxy Philharmonic Orchestra. The conductor said he was very touched when we play "Romance"and also the rest of the pieces. Why is this hapening? Aren't we suppose to bring hope, courage and happiness to the audience that come and support us? We failed to do so last night... Technically yes, but, spiritually no. Tonight is the last show. Hoing that we will be able to bring the sense of joy and the sense of mission to all the leaders and members. School is starting tomorrow. It's getting more and more exciting now a days. I'm going to further my studies really soon in Diploma in Early Childhood Education in UM, later, going to further on masters program in the field of education. Hoping to earn a PhD in the years to come. Soka Elementary school, Soka High School and Soka University in Malaysia... These dream will come true very soon. Take care!