Daily encouragement

"It is a mistake always to contemplate the good and ignore the evil, because by making people neglectful it lets in disaster." These are the words of the American writer and social activist Helen Keller (1880-1968).... "We have all seen malicious, wicked people intent on destroying our movement for kosen-rufu. Great good is demonstrated precisely through overcoming great evil. We must not permit our beautiful, harmonious realm of faith to be disrupted by evil. It is crucial to see through such people and take them to task. "The Daishonin's direct successor, Nikko Shonin, harshly rebuked the slander of the Law by Niko, one of the five senior priests who betrayed the Daishonin. He writes: 'If we did not disavow the aberrant teachers who go against the teachings of the Daishonin, we would be guilty of a grave offence'(Hennentai Gosho, 1734). "Evil spreads rampantly, bringing misfortune to all. That's why it is so important to thoroughly refute it and sever it at the root. If we don't, we expose our earnest and good-hearted members to misery."

Daily Encouragement

SGI President Ikeda's Daily Encouragement for February 27 Originally, every person's life is a brilliantly shining mirror. Differences arise depending on whether one polishes this mirror: A polished mirror is the Buddha's life, whereas a tarnished mirror is that of a common mortal. Chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is what polishes our lives.

Course Counselling Day

Today is an important day. It marks the first major step of our comrade from engineering campus here to participate in a major activity organised together with non-SGM members. Even though there are only 5 of us from engineering campus, we managed to co-organise a successful course counselling event with the full support of the rest of the member from main campus (ACAD S), members who currently working but are willing to sacrifice their precious time to help us and also counselling group members. The course counselling was open to all and it is a talk regarding choosing the right course and also about encouraging youth, especially students to continue their studies regardless of the situation to gain more knowledge. This coincides with Sensei's guidance which encourages youth to obtain more knowledge. Even there are 5 of us (from engineering campus, not including members from main campus and working class members), we managed challenged ourselves to participate in amidst of various challenges; from having to sit for final exams on the next few days to rushing to the event directly after attending class.4 of our comrade from engineering campus even took up the challenge to become the MC and also the speakers of the event. Kudos to them :) Even the turn out was not very encouraging, there were almost 100++ person and quite a number of them are outsiders too. We had expected about 200++ person initially. Since this is the first time we organise event such as this, we surely hopes that the next time will be merrier. Regardless of mediocre turn out, the event was a very successful one. Most of the participants and the organisers were having a good time. So I would like to take the opportunity here to convey my thanks to all those who were there to help and encourage us. We do not deserve all the credits. It belongs to all :) Thanks to ACAD S member and working members for the help and the informative video session. Thanks to all of you who had made the course counselling event a success Thanks to those who prayed hard for the smoothness of the program And thanks to all who had came to the event :) Domo Arigato gozaimasu~ Pst: pictures of the counselling event will be out soon :)

~to my comrades~particularly Anna n Carryn

~ To my fellow comrades life is a roller coaster there are ups there are downs let the ups be cherished let the downs be forgotten let the past be the past and lets start the brand new day with a brand new vigour , ok?:) ~ pst : both of you don't b so gloomy, cheer up ok :)

Happy = Gloomy

Today turns out to be both a happy and gloom day. Happy because I passed up my thesis already. Gloomy because... My feeling is like riding roller coaster. It came down from the highest peak to the lowest ground. My heart nearly BURST. I wonder what will it be like if i have had a heart attack when i received the info. My heart really sank. Sank till the bottom of Ocean Deep. I don't know how to write all this. I have had enough.


Death awakens the dawn of Life...

Soka University Exchange

Guess what? I have had the opportunity to join the Soka University exchange on 19.3 even though I was bed ridden because of fever for the past few days. I am extremely glad as I was able to join and I never been to exchange with people from Soka university group before. Well, how grateful I am to be able to join them at that moment. For this exchange, the Soka University member consists of students from Malaysia itself and also a Japanese member who studies in Japan. From the sharing session, I sure learn lots of stuff. Too bad that I do not bring anything to jot down the vital stuff :( However, there is one sharing that is particularly interesting, It is about a member, named Tomoko (forget her mandarin name already..haha..), who came from Malaysia but are from a mixed parentage ; of Chinese and Japanese. She talked about how she was shunned while she was studying in her earlier days due to the fact that her 'mixed parentage' status, how she was called a 'Japanese lady' to how she was able to cope up with the criticism. She also talked about focusing on healthy aspect of life by focusing on sports instead of focusing on people's lamentation on her. In the end she did extremely well in sports too and managed to enrol in Soka University later. From my perspective, she is now leading a very happy go lucky life too. I found that there are some values that we should try and learn from her. She had managed to convert the criticism to some sort of encouragement to herself. Perhaps Anna and Carryn can divulge more details on this? I had forgotten to bring my stationery there (maybe too blur after recuperating :D) Yeah, lucky that I joined this exchange too as this is the first time the 3 of us come to get together and really meet up which each other. Thanks to Carryn for inviting Anna and me to come over. Haha, at least three of us can finally meet up and finally I had the chance to know who are you Anna. It is a pleasure knowing both of you in the first place and I am glad to be able to join the two of you in this exchange. Anna, perhaps after you had scanned the pictures then you can post it here too? Ok for now I guess, so hopefully Anna and Carryn can share more about the exchange and also post some pictures ok? As 'A picture represents thousands words' :) Cya~

JAVA by Emile Svitzer

While doing gongyo and chanting daimoku this morning, I found myself praying for the people of the South Asian countries affected by the recent devastation. Though concerned for all the lives there, I could not help but think about one person in particular: a Men's Division member in India named Java.
I met Java at the Florida Nature and Culture Center (FNCC) Men's Division Conference in August of 2003. Encountering Java and what he had to share has profoundly affected my life, as well as the lives of those with whom I have shared my experience of meeting him.
On the first day of the conference, I noticed that some men, perhaps less outgoing than others, were sitting alone at meal times. I made a determination that at each meal I would find one such man to sit with and hear his story. At the next meal, I noticed an older East Indian gentleman, who appeared to be in his late sixties, sitting alone at a table, so I introduced myself. I'll never forget how his face lit up with excitement as I introduced myself and asked to join him.
After telling me his actual, full name, which I tried to pronounce, he mercifully told me that everyone just calls him "Java" and that he lived in India. When I expressed how impressed I was that he had made such a long journey to the Men's Division conference, Java confessed that he had actually been in Washington State when he heard about the conference and decided to come. He had gone there to visit a member who was facing an obstacle and needed encouragement. Somehow, I was even more amazed by this than the idea that he had traveled all the way from India for the FNCC conference--and I told him so. That's when he laughed at me (in a very nice way) and told me about his first experience meeting SGI President Ikeda.
At the beginning of his practice, about thirty years ago, Java traveled to Japan, where he had the great fortune to receive personal guidance from President Ikeda. At that time, Java was very poor and had spent the last of his money to make the trip. Thus, he immediately complained to President Ikeda that this terrible poverty karma was his big problem in life and the one thing he most wanted to overcome.
Sitting down with him, President Ikeda said, "So, you want a lot of money, then?"
"Yes", Java said.
"And if you get it, what will you do with all this money?"
Of course, Java had a whole list of things he intended to do with the money, but sensing that President Ikeda's question was deeper than this, he did not immediately answer. Sensei went on: "Java, you may ask me for a knife, and I might give it to you. But what will you do with it? Will you use it to hurt someone... to hurt yoursel? Or will you use it to carve an ordinary piece of wood into the image of the Buddha?
"From a Buddhist perspective, everything in life has two purposes: its basic purpose and its true purpose.
"The basic purpose of this building we are sitting in now, for instance, is to protect me from the sun and the rain while I sit here. But the true purpose of the building is to protect me from the sun and the rain while I sit here... and encourage one person. "
The basic purpose of a car is to enable you to travel a long distance. But the true purpose of a car is to enable you to travel a long distance... and encourage one person.
"The purpose of having money is to buy gasoline to put in the car, so that you can travel a long distance. But the true purpose of having money is to buy gasoline to put in the car, so that you can travel a long distance... and encourage one person.
"Why do we pray each morning, during gongyo, for the protection of the Buddhist gods? We pray for the protection of the Buddhist gods so that we will be safe as we drive in our car, and travel a long distance... and encourage one person.
"If you possess a thing, like a car, but do not realize its true purpose, then you may as well throw it away. But if you pray for your desires with a sincere determination to realize its true purpose, then you will always have what you need."
Java told me that he went home from Japan with his "mind totally blown" -- and with a new determination. From that moment on, he began to chant from this new Buddhist perspective, just as President Ikeda prescribed. Shortly thereafter, Java's son became extremely successful and wealthy in his business and retired Java from work. Java has never had to worry about money since. His son provides him all the money he ever needs so that he can go anywhere in the world, at any time... and encourage one person. That's what Java was doing in Washington State.
During our meal, Java went on to share other guidance he had received from Sensei, but now my own mind was too blown to absorb it all. Unfortunately, that was the only time I got to have a private dialogue with Java at FNCC, as I was determined to stick to my plan of sitting with someone new at each meal. So I went around telling all the other men's division if you get a chance to speak with this fellow, Java seek him out...he'll blow your mind." From then on, at meal times, there was always a huge crowd of men around Java's table and all we could do was wave to each other across the room.
Since that FNCC conference, I've shared Java's story with dozens of individuals and at various meetings, hopefully encouraging at least one person. I have determined that in 2005, I will make Java's determination my own, putting President Ikeda's profound guidance to work in my prayers and in my actions.
President Ikeda's daily guidance (For Today and Tomorrow, December 29) reads: "Who is truly great? I hope you can develop the ability to discern true human greatness. A great person is someone who forges unity among human beings through sincere dialogue, armed with a solid philosophy, feet firmly planted on the ground. A great person is one who lives among the people and earns their unshakable trust. Fickle popularity and temporary fads are nothing but illusions."
When I read that, I thought again of Java. I regret that we didn't exchange email addresses. If anyone out there knows how to reach him, please let me know. I would like to know that he is alright. I am praying that he is. And if he is alright, then I know exactly what he's doing.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Well, Happy Chinese New Year!!! This Morning I went to P.D meeting venue for the Chinese New Year Gongyo Meet together with my sisters. Although there were not as many people as we used to have, nevertheless, we had a lot of fun. As usual, we started of the meeting with sonorous gongyo, then there were new year greetings from Sensei, GD and members of the floor. It started off with a WD who stood up in no time to wish all of us the usual CNY greetings, then she sang a new year song. Well, the rest of the members begining to say out their CNY greetings followed by singing songs. I didn't know that my chapter has got that many good singers. Then, it came the time to the next program - lucky draw. This year all three of us (my sisters and I managed to bring back one present each from the lucky draw. My eldest sister got a big hamper. Hehehe... Well, of course it is not because of we got the hamper then only we are happy or what so ever. But, we had most fun in meeting all the MDs and WDs. They looked even younger than the last time I've seen them. Their faces were glowing with the spirit of Gakkai in their heart. I was even happier to meet them than to get presents. To be able to meet them is the biggest present that I can ask for. Mmm... I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Year ahead! Drink more water ya!! Enjoy!

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I came back to Port Dickson yesterday at around 6pm. Well, it's been a whole semester since I have had the chance to go back on Fridays. Usually, I would go back on Sunday evening and back to Kajang on the next morning. My mom will nag and nag that i shouldn't have come back if I'm too busy or what. The truth is I love going back to P.D. I love P.D. very much. I can't help to think if I wasn't born in P.D. The beaches here is just too beautiful. I drive to school when I was in form 6. Thanks to my dad. It is a fortune for me from Gohonzon that my dad let me drive his car until now. Come to think of it, I never dream of driving to other states, especially to K.L. I even said to myself that I will not drive to K.L my whole life. Well... I guess I've broken that promise when I drove to UKM during my first year second semester (until now).
The reason I drove to UKM is because I wanted to have a transport to go to Student House and also to the meeting venues. Sometimes, the buses here are not time-orientated... So, it get irritated waiting for buses to come and they won't come in time. There goes me and my comrade's chance to go out for meetings. Well, my dad have been kind and generous enough to let me drive to UKM. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Back to P.D business. Whenever I drive to school together with my younger sister, the waves, the morning breeze, clouds... will greet us as we go along the road (the beach is along the road to my school, thefore it enables me to experience the breathtaking scenary every morning). Now, whenever I have to chance to go back to P.D, I would just stop by and take afew photos given if the scenary is really beautiful. I love the sunset here, the Sun is just as beautiful as a really big orangy egg yolk. Heheheh... Well, I do hope you guys will have to chance to stop by P.D once in a while to see it for yourself. I'm not promoting P.D, but rather share with you all my feelings towards the beaches.
I have live here for almost 24 years now and frankly speaking, I am not bored at all living here in P.D. I look forward for the chance to go back home if I have one. Home is the best place one could have. Agree? Well, this year's Chinese New Year is not the same. Why? The answer is darn simple... I have you guys here with me celebrating it (especially carryn and zephyr). It has been a great pleasure meeting and knowing you guys. Can't imagine the fortune that Gohonzon has given to me. Anyway, I might be going up to Penang to meet with Carryn on the 18th or 19th February. I hope I can make it. Really hope so. Then if possible, I would like to meet zephyr also. We'll see how it goes.
Thank you guys, for being there with us here in the Blog. I pray that this blog serves as a platform for us to link our hearts (in between us also) together with our great mentor - Ikeda Sensei. Well, I wish you guys Happy Chinese New Year!! Please take care of yourselves during this period and also drink lots and lots of water. (Even my dog also got sick... No sound to bark d..) Well... see you later then!

Because I Have Faith...

because i have faith.. i somehow get to know great comrade because i have faith.. now we got zephyr together with us because i have faith. i believe we will stay togethter because i have faith.......... Carryn continues carryn's because i have faith, i am here today, 2 share the joys n tears, 2 share the ups n downs of every member b'side me. because i have faith, i get to know, this wonderful site, to encourage me to go even further, because i have faith, i b'lieve that we will advance together, to undergo human revolution, to achieve our lifetime mision, and to create the glorious chapter of our life. zephyr 01.07.05 - 2:09 pm # continues zephyr's because i have faith i'm here in Gakkai to share the greatness of gohonzon with my friends and family. because i have faith i have a bunch of great,sincere comrades fighting the battle of kosen-rufu together in 3 different places. because i have faith i am able to overcome whatever that roles to my face. because i have faith i have Carryn, Zephyr here in my life as my life comrade in the path of GREAT KOSEN-RUFU! because i have faith i will never ever leave Gakkai, Gohonzon, and my comrades. because i have faith i believe we will open a greater path of Kosen-Rufu in our respective districts Aren't we? anna Email 02.05.05 - 12:17 am #

Acad S outing

Before the big day. Dragon: Tomorrow morning, everyone has to gather at 7.15 am, 7.30 am sharp, we move to Youth Park to begin our adventure. Bring water, cap, and umbrella (optional) and wear stoking and sport shoe. RM 5 per person. Sister( in mind), wahlauyeh, ,my three year at USM hardly wake up for 8am classes and now you want me to wake up so early . Hmm. must think of something PG: "Eh sister, tomorrow I will follow GE's car go at 8.15 am, I need to past up my assignment lah" Sister: "Can I follow ah? (Yoh...such a nice plan for me, I can sleep one hour more) The thing settle, I will follow GE's car go at 8.15 am, when I reach there, they should be at top of the hill, like that, I don't need to hike anymore. Yeh!!! (Syiok sendiri ) The actual day, Saturday 29/01/05 Woke up at 7.40 am... Sister: "so quite, they all should be out already. Luckily I didn't follow them, siao meh! Sister: "eh, Nana. Why u still here, u not going meh? Nana: "Sure I go lah, how about you?" (wonder why I woke up so late ) Sister: "Go, go go" (wonder why they all still here, don't care lah) After taking shower, changing cloth, packing my stuff, around 8.15 am Wahlauyeh, they still tak jalan, that mean, I have to climb the mountain with them, ish, what a bad time management, messed up my plan. Yoh... 8.30am we all started our journey to Youth Park. (I mean TOGETHER) Title: An intimate encounter with the nature Objectives: strengthen the bonds between Acad S and Soka friends Activities: the birth of Bodhisattva of earth, hiking, strolling, picnic and sharing, the four persecutions, and encouragement (the game sound so bombastic with all the weird name given) First game- finding friends (everyone has to find friend according to the character given to them) I don't understand the game, but eventually me was the person who needed to find a friend with this ( male with belly ) character, I was so blur during the process and I turned out to have only one friend. (Still blur right? Me either) Hiking -The journey was long, ish, I wonder why they all so semangat to hike, it seem to be so easy for them. The hiking took me back to Academic K jungle tracking at ( don't know what jungle d), Anna INVITED me to join them and the activities sound very interesting to me. So, me alone taking 7 hours bus from Kedah to Kajang(the first thing I did after reach Kajang station= rush to KFC and order food without waiting for Anna. Anna, u was late!!). The activities were so fun except for the jungle tracking, my stamina din't allow me to join this kind of activity, and I ended up to be very " memalukan", be the only few person who needed to use short cut to end up our journey.(Anna, don't houlian, actually it was not short at all) Sigh... I will still choose the same way if given second chance. Sorry Acad S! so sia sui !! I hardly can dialogue with nature, everyone is moving, and me like chasing them behind, and of course, me also got once time be the top three in front of everyone (kembang). Uncle was with us teman-ing us (actually he was quite slow also, not to say teman), but I enjoyed the process, and was happy I can make it to the top. Yeh!!!!!!! Bravo to the juniors who in charge for the event! We have a game on top of the hill, and Bravo to Poh geok, Nana, and most of the junior who CANNOT COUNT and abit slow toward mathematic.hah, ( eh uncle, we should not show off lah, although we pandai and good in mathematic, its not so nice for us to be so OUTSTANDING ) bwahahhahhh..... The game down to the hill even more exciting, I am proud to be the "not win" team,(we not kalah,we just purposely let them win) what to do? Uncle was in the other team, I cannot let him loose, he is Academic S's TOP Advisor...must let him kembang abit .Furthermore, he is UNCLE, my mum teach me to respect older and I respect him as UNCLE. So old d still want to play, sigh, syiok sendiri!! Also thank to Kang Kang for prepared such a nice lunch for us, (actually, got chicken everything is ok with me already). Conclusion: The outing was so fun and you guys really made my life at Acad S completed for prepared such an adventure for me. Bravo again to all the people who involved. Thank to Hai Long.. you made me proud to be Kedahan ! keep advance! To Choy Yee, Ivy, Zhen Yin,and the junior who I don't know how to spell your name, you know who you are. Bravo and you guys are so much better than anyone of us during our first year in Acad s. Weldone! Never stop I'll strive without rest, Others can do as what they like, I'll never stop moving forward. Those who wish to stop and rest can do so. I will continue to advance to the end Those want to complain, can please themselves I'll walk the path I have chosen No matter what. ( Daisaku Ikeda ) P/s... Zephyr, rugi betul u dint join... none of you from engineering campus come, wasted. Here many lenglui junior u know ah? Wasted


Busy... Busy... And more Busy... Well, Looks like we are really busy huh? Anyway, Perhaps, We should focus on the task at hand, And although the blog is a little quiet than usual, It is still functioning. Thank you all To stop by once in a while, Checking whether the blog is ALIVE or DEAD. I assure you that, This blog is here forever and ever Until the end of time...