It's been a long time...

Yo! It has been along time since I have the time to visit this page and to leave some words. It's 7PM now and I'm still here in TSS and I am having a lot of fun in this one month's time. Well, today has been an exciting day. Why? We had cooking class today and we did Fresh Fruit Jelly. We had a lot of fun cooking and I have been busy eating the jelly! Hahah...
Oh yes, where had all of you been? Why are there no updates here? Guess everyone is still busy. Well, I just drop by for a while before going off for dinner and to meeting at Kinekan. Time flies... It's been a month now and I will start to take over classes next month. It just seem like yesterday I have just step into TSS. Well, who cares and I am having a lot of fun here. Now, I have to plan for my future. Perhaps doing my degree in Child Education, later to master and also PHd if possibble.
That's all for the time being. See you guys! Take care!

Experience from Adelaide

hey all!! here is an experience of my housemate, Eileen in Adelaide, Australia. It's gonna be published in one of the newsletters in Australia soon and u people get the priviledge to read it 1st. ;) enjoy!! Being a Fortune baby, I always felt that I’m protected by the Shoten Zenjin. I always found that I’m different from others and fortunate enough in every single aspect in my life. Throughout my life, I encountered lots of obstacles; however, due to my strong determination and faith in the Gohonzon since I was young, I never ever thought of Problems and Obstacles are as bad things; I am always optimistic and face all the problems bravely. I am a Malaysian and have studied University and lived here in Adelaide since 2002. Again, I would like to thank my Parents for giving me this opportunity to study abroad, also, through chanting earnestly, the Gohonzon has given me the best that I could have. I always appreciate whatever I have. My 1st year over here in Australia was the toughest time for me; as a young girl, I had to learn every single thing by myself. I’ve always been protected by my parents back in Malaysia e.g. parents as my driver, mom is always my cook and etc. However, during my 1st year over here in Australia, it was not only my 1st year in University; it was also my 1st transition stage. I used to hate Australia a lot a lot ever since the 1st day I stepped in to Adelaide. For me, Adelaide is too boring; I couldn’t accept the fact that I actually chose to come here. I hardly accepted the cultural difference. I almost decided to give up my studies and just go back to my country. However, the only point which held me back here was “This is what I’ve chosen, and I Believe that this is what the Gohonzon has arranged for me, No matter how, I’ve to be determined and go through the hurdles. As a Nichiren Daishonin Disciple, I am not supposed to just give up easily.” From that day onwards, I started my journey in this unfamiliar place bravely and courageously. I promised myself not to give up and always go back to the basics of faith no matter how, as winter still always turns into spring. Attaining permanent residency in a foreign country has always been my dream. After the first year of staying in Australia, I started to love the place and started to look for information on the prerequisites to qualify for a PR. I got to know that I’m not eligible to apply for it as I had insufficient points due to the course that I was studying at that time. For that instance, I was quite disappointed yet I did not give up. I continued to chant, hoping that my professional points could increase. Instead of increasing my professional points, the Government actually increased the bench points. Again, this thing hit me really hard and from then on, I knew for sure that I have to make my way back to Malaysia after my studies. This might sound that I have given up, but in my heart, I knew that I haven’t made a fixed decision; I still continued chanting for the best outcome. My prayer towards the Gohonzon had actually become so simple and short; all I say to the Gohonzon everyday is: “Just give me the best arrangement on where my mission is; I will appreciate and accept whatever the outcomes are.” Year 2004 was a significant year for me. It was the year when I needed to go through the transition stage from a student’s life to working life in the real world. Obviously, finding a job after my studies was the major concern for me and I was quite worried at that time. In fact, at that time, my hope of getting a job in Australia was always in my mind. Through my daily practice of the law, I could really see the actual proof. Such as when a particular company in Adelaide actually head-hunted me right before my exam and asked me to go for an interview. I was pretty sure that there must be a Shoten Zenjin who actually helped me out. I was full of joy and went for that interview the day after the phone call. I received the job immediately after my conversation with my employer, and he actually sponsored me for a 4-year working visa. That was the greatest experience for me. I couldn’t believe that this thing actually happened to me. It was just like the job dropped out of the sky. Immediately when I reached home, I chanted to the Gohonzon for gratitude and giving me such a great benefit. Not only did I find a job, but also managed to obtain something which I really wanted for so long which is to stay longer in Adelaide. In that instance, I made a determination in front of the Gohonzon that I will definitely contribute as much as I can to Adelaide’s Kosen-rufu movement, especially the Youth. I’m pretty sure that my mission is here, now. Going into working life is completely a new challenge for me. Basically, I came out with nothing but a degree. But, my boss really looked upon me. It must be the power of Daimoku that manifested my inner strength and potential that impressed him a lot. I remember his words to me one day during work, “Your spirit of not giving up impressed me the most. You are always strong and full of strength”. He also told me that he couldn’t get what he sees in me in other colleagues of mine. His words really gave me a sense of satisfaction. I had the best achievement in my life so far during the year of 2004. To all the members especially the Youth, always remember that “nothing is impossible”, especially when we are having the most powerful sword in our hands, which is Daimoku. It is just the matter of timing on when to show the greatest power of it. As what I always tell my beloved members, “if it is meant to be yours, it will be yours; if you deserve a better one, things will turn up the best for you at the right time.” Whenever we face any challenges, or obstacles, just GO BACK TO THE BASICS OF FAITH. You will definitely have the wisdom to come out with the best solutions. Once again, I would like to thank the Gohonzon for giving me the power and spirit to challenge myself and contribute wholeheartedly in the Soka Gakkai.

Soka Gakkai Eternal Guidelines for the 21st Century

I will explain why the Soka Gakkai and the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) emphasize "Peace, Culture and Education." EDUCATION: Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, an elementary school principal, established the Soka Kyoiku Gakkai (Society for Value Creating Education) in 1930 with the help of Josei Toda who was also an elementary school teacher. In his epoch-making book, "The System of Value Creating Education," Makiguchi warned that the Japanese educational system had no goal. It only taught techniques of reading, writing and arithmetic and the students were required only to memorize facts. Makiguchi declared that the goal of education should be "to make students HAPPY, not only in the class room but also for the rest of life." He emphasized "Wisdom" is more important than "Knowledge" in order to become happy. Makiguchi further elaborated that students are happy when they are CREATING something in their work. In order to be creative, education should not be limited to the class room alone. Students should learn from their community where the rest of people are engaged in their actual work to make their living. Teachers are the immediate environment for students. Teachers must first become happy in order to show students how to become happy. Then, Makiguchi hit a dilemma: What is happiness? How could he himself become happy? He searched for the answer and found it. It was Nichiren Buddhism which was founded by Nichiren Daishonin (a monk in the 13th century Japan) based upon the Lotus Sutra, the highest teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha (also known as Gautama Budda who started Buddhism in India in the 5th century BC). Nichiren taught that everyone has a 'Buddha Nature' which is the potential to become a Buddha. Since everyone is a potential Buddha, each and every individual is respect-worthy and precious. Everyone's life is equally precious - regardless of that person's gender, wealth or poverty, social status, or education. When these principles are taught and respected in a nation, peace will prevail in the nation and the people will become happy. Nichiren then taught that people can recognize their innate Buddha Nature by chanting repeatedly "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo," which was the most appropriate way of practicing the teachings of the Lotus Sutra. Originally, the purpose of the Soka Kyoiku Gakkai was to spread the method of "Value Creating Education" among teachers. Before WWII, the membership consisted of 3,000 teachers and their families. PEACE: Around that time, the Japanese militaristic government was invading China and preparing for a larger scale of war. To Makiguchi, war was the absolute evil, because it destroys the happiness of all people. Since Buddhism teaches the absolute preciousness of all life forms, Makiguchi publicly declared his anti-war stance against the government and the Shinto religion upon which the militarism was based. Makiguchi and Toda were imprisoned as thought criminals during WWII, and Makiguchi died in 1944 for his protest against militarism and Shintoism. After WWII, Toda took the leadership and changed the name of the organization to Soka Gakkai. He eliminated the term "Kyoiku" (education) to emphasize that Nichiren Buddhism should not be limited to teachers alone, but should be for everyone. He fought against established authorities which supported WWII, especially other religious organizations, all of which cooperated with the war effort of Japan. Toda's goal was to spread this peaceful teaching throughout Japan and then to Asian countries where Japanese militarism slaughtered countless human beings and destroyed their villages and cities. In 1957, several months before his death, Toda declared, "the nuclear bomb is the Satanic Evil which threaten the rights of all human beings to live. Therefore, the Soka Gakkai will ETERNALLY fight against this evil." Daisaku Ikeda, a disciple of Toda, became the 3rd president of the Soka Gakkai in 1960. His goal was to continue Toda's effort to spread Nichiren Buddhism throughout the world to bring eternal peace on earth. Five months after he became the president, he started his campaign to visit foreign countries to encourage members living there. To date, he has made more than 160 foreign trips and visited 44 countries. He single-handedly encouraged members in these countries to stand up to work for the sake of world peace. These members, who met Ikeda and were moved by his strong determination and sincerity, decided to take the same path. All of them recognized that without world peace, there WILL BE NO individual happiness. Today, we have members in many countries, including several ex-communist countries, chanting Nam-Myoho-renge-kyo and working for world peace. Ikeda believes that "Education" is the key to bring eternal world peace. Everyone in the world should learn the preciousness and sacredness of human life through education. Everyone should learn that human life can only be protected when our natural environment - animals, plants, food, water and air - are protected. The maintenance of peace and the protection of our environment can only be accomplished when the appropriate education which emphasizes these two aspects are adopted. Ikeda established schools for the "Soka Educational System" which Makiguchi and Toda dreamed about. He founded Soka Kindergarten, Soka Jr. and Sr. High schools and Soka University in Japan. Then, Soka Kindergartens were built in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia and so on. All these schools do not aim at providing any special religious education. They are regular schools, except that the emphasis on creativity and the principles of establishing the preciousness of human life and the protection of natural environment are the backbones of their education. All these schools emphasize exchange programs with foreign schools. Students and teachers from around the world are frequently invited to these Soka Schools, and Soka School teachers and students themselves visit foreign schools and have been enrolled in exchange programs. Ikeda believes that establishing mutual friendship among people with different religions, ethnic backgrounds and cultures is the key for eternal world peace. CULTURE A "Religion" is like the earth and "Culture" is like the flower which blossoms on the earth. Underneath all human endeavors, be they art, language, literature, scholastic work or custom, there has always been the development of spirituality and vitality of human lives which were created and supported by religions. At the end of the 2nd millennium, if we look backward to the past 2,000 year history of human civilization, we will be shocked to recognize that history has been nothing but conflict and violence between different cultures, ethnicity, and in particular, religions. Even during the Twentieth century, 200 million people, most of them women and children, were killed simply because they happened to embrace DIFFERENT beliefs, or belong to different ethnic groups or nations!! The Soka Gakkai and the SGI believe that we can establish world peace only when we can build a NEW CULTURE, which transcends the difference of "ethnicity" or "nation" and identifies all human beings as ONE RACE. The eternal goal of the Soka Gakkai and the SGI is to create such a new culture which is "For human beings" and "For peace", not "For a government" and not "For the authority." Only with the power of such new culture, we can overcome the current world situation, which is split by authoritarian nationalism and narrow-minded, intolerant ethnocentricity, and is suffering from violence and intolerance. This is the reason why the Soka Gakkai and the SGI emphasize cultural exchange among different countries. In Japan, we have the Min-On music association, the Fuji Art Museum, the Tokyo-Fuji Art Museum and the Institute of Oriental Philosophy. Through these organizations, vigorous cultural, exchange activities have been conducted which have contributed to the mutual understanding among peoples with different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Ikeda (now as the honorary president of the Soka Gakkai and the president of the SGI) himself has engaged in dialogues with leaders of the world, which include historians, scholars, physicians, psychologists, novelists, human-rights activists, peace activists, pioneers of new social movements and politicians. These dialogues were published . Ikeda is showing through his action that WORLD PEACE can be achieved by EDUCATION and CULTURAL EXCHANGE. All SGI members are trying to follow the same path to the best of their ability.

From TSS

Yup, I'm accessing the net in TSS. Now is lunch time. So, no one is using the computer. I haven't eaten my lunch yet, will do it later after this. I haven't been able to go online, I think my computer was infected with virus. Anyway, I shall keep you guys update here the best I can. Today had been an exhausting day. I got back to my house at around 12am yesterday after practicing. Cool huh? Yesterday was the longest day I been in Kaikan. From 8am till 11.30pm. Got to go now. See you!

experience from Puerto Rico

another experience to share.. cheers!!

Though most people know me as Tito, my given name is Modesto Col・. I started my Buddhist practice in Puerto Rico, my country of origin, in 1987. I understand that to start is very easy, but to continue is very difficult. I have never missed my daily practice since then.The benefits have been many and have been coming regularly. I understand that it was no coincidence that I was born into the Col・ family, my great wish was for other members of my family to benefit from practicing this Buddhism. This was very difficult, since I come from a family with deep Catholic roots and one of my sisters is a nun.

Today I want to share with you something that happened in 1993. My oldest brother was, back then, vice president of the Customs Corporation in the south of Puerto Rico. In one of his travels to the capital, he was mugged at a gas station by 3 guys with a gun. These individuals got into his car and forced him to drive to a deserted area, where they proceeded to rob him of his clothes, jewelry, and money. Before they left,they raped him. Since he had a wife and young daughter, it was very painful for him to face them. He felt great thirst for revenge and tried to buy a weapon to go after the thugs. I constantly gave him emotional support and chanted much daimoku for him, as I understood that what happened to him was also part of my karma.

In 1994 I moved to this country (the US) and continued to support my brother. In the beginning of 1998 my brother started feeling ill and saw many doctors who could not find the cause of his illness. He called me on the phone and asked me to go back to Puerto Rico to accompany him on an appointment he had with a specialist. I went right away. They conducted several tests on my brother and when we went back for the results, they told us that my brother was infected with the AIDS virus, as a result of the rape. At that very moment I felt that the sky fell on us and was crushing us, but I was also determined to win, because I had the Gohonzon and the sword of the Lotus Sutra. One of the goshos that inspired me was the Answer to Kyo: "Believe in this mandala with all your hear. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is like a roar of a lion, what sickness can be an obstacle?" I realized that this was the precise moment for my brother to start practicing when I read a passage from the gosho: "A ship can travel the seas of suffering:If there is a man or a woman that secretly teaches oneperson even only one phrase of the Lotus Sutra, be it known that he is the emissary of the Buddha." As the emissary of the Buddha, I shakabuku my brother. He started to practice as his only alternative. I taught him to recite gongyo and we chanted one hour of daimoku together everyday.

My brother continued his Buddhist practice, but in1999 he completely lost all his mental abilities dueto brain cancer. He didn't recognize anybody and he was physically very weak. I continued my practice in New Jersey, and went to SGI activities. President Ikeda says, "The basic requirement of this practice is to have the capacity to touch the heart of others,those who are close to us, and those who are far.". I felt that my prayers were reaching my brother in theisland.

My brother got worse, the doctors told the family that he was end stage. My family asked me to travel to Puerto Rico right away. Before I went on my trip, I rememembered something about the life of Nichiren Daishonin: His mother had been gravely ill, so he traveled to Kominato to see her and chanted for her health. She not only got better, she prolonged herlife an additional 4 years. I remembered this passage during my flight and during my trip to the hospital.

On the third day, my brother opened his eyes,recognized me and started to recover very rapidly. Onthe tenth day, my brother left the hospital and went home. He had completely recovered his mental abilities and this helped his recovery tremendously. He continued with his treatment of chemotherapy and his AIDS treatment. Most importantly, he continued his assiduous practice. A year later, in 2000, the doctors told him that he was the first brain cancer patient to ever recover in Puerto Rico. In 2001, my brother received his gohonzon. Today the doctors cannot detect AIDS in his body and they have asked him if they can write a story about his case in a medical journal.

My brother is an active member of the SGI and he workshard for kosen rufu in the south of our country. His wife supports him in all his activities and she also practices this Buddhism. The fact that we found the gohonzon and we chant daimoku for our happiness and the happiness of others is not a mere coincidence. Without a doubt we accumulated great fortune in the past. Sometimes we feel frustrated because a specific prayer is not answered immediately, which can be the result of the protection we receive from our innate Buddhahood.

The most important thing to do is to make the Gohonzon the center of our lives, and have confidence that we are on the direct path to our desired goals. My determination is to continue my practice until my last days on earth, reading gosho passages and President Ikeda's guidance, supporting our organization's kosenrufu activities, specially on behalf of the Hispanic group in New Jersey. I want to finish by citing a gosho passage: "Believe in the Gohonzon, the supreme object of worship. You should not only persevere but you have to also teach others to the best of your capacity, even if it's only one phrase or prayer, so that What could possibly notbe accomplished?

experience to share

hey is an experience to share..enjoy!! Hello Friends, I am Sheetal Gulati; I joined this life philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin in May 1996. I was a Young Phoenix studying in class 12th with no direction, no aim and no hope in my life. Above all my family was suffering from deep-rooted financial karma with huge amount of debts due on my father. To make things more worse my father was an alcoholic and there were constant fights in my family. Entering into the world of Soka was like a ray of hope for my family. First thing I learned from my mentor Ikeda Sensei was to have 'Big Dreams'. Believing in these words from the very 1st day I started learning my prayers and chanting regularly. The more I began to make efforts to seek my mentor and was applying the basics of Faith, Practice and study in my life, my family situation started improving. I could see clear-cut changes in my fathe's business and in my studies too. I was inducted in YWD chorus group- Golden Shower in 1998, which helped me to do my own Human Revolution by applying its Motto-Cheerful Blossoms, Faith like Gold. This training in special group helped me to awaken to my mission for kosen-rufu. With this actual proof I was able to introduced my 2 sisters and more than 20 relatives and friends to this practice in 6 months. In 2001, I was given the responsibility to take care of Delhi Students division. I plunged my self in home visiting students division by connecting their life to Sensei and in realizing their mission in life. This became a cause of victory as in September 2001, I was able to go for my 1st Youth Division Training Course to meet my mentor Ikeda Sensei with the money I had saved from my 1st job & came back with only one determination to send my younger sister Kajal to Soka University Of America who was in class 11th that time. Seeing my family situation it was an impossible determination which I had made and I didn't know how I will do it but I knew only 1 thing that I would do it for Sensei. Meeting Sensei became the turning point for my family as after 5 yrs my parents started chanting and took up this faith and sending Kajal to SUA, now became our family prayer. Braving all financial constraints & with Sensei's deep compassion Kajal is now a student of SUA since 2002.To pursue my further studies I took MBA in Finance and by applying faith at each step I scored 1st division each semester In 2003, I started with my own business, which was my long cherished dream and at the same time was given the responsibility of Delhi Young Phoenix Chief and Dy.YWD Chapter Chief. Taking care of each phoenix & YWD on behalf of Sensei became my greatest pride. I learned so much with each Young Phoenix and was able to challenge some of my weakest areas of my life. My day use to start early morning to meet my daimoku targets of 3 hrs, going for my work, activities, and traveling long distances for home visits, reading Gosho's on daily basis helped me to develop a deeper bond with my mentor. This good fortune started flowing in my family as my fathers business started flourishing and I too got the breakthrough for my business in India's best company's Dabur and Modi Group and I pledged Sensei to always work for my member's happiness. Because of this overflowing good fortune I accumulated as an YWD I met a kosen-rufu life partner. Basing completely on Sensei's Guidance and with the support of my seniors leaders I got married in August 2004 and moved from Delhi to Bangalore with 1 determination to fight even harder for Bangalore kosen-rufu. My new struggle was now to find a kosen-rufu job in Bangalore. Though it was a challenge as I was new to the place and people but I continued making efforts based on Sensei's guidance "The important thing is that each of you becomes an extremely capable person-a person of strength and ability of a thousand". I connected myself to my chapter members and started home visiting WD and ywd's. I made kosen-rufu my job as for 45 days after landing in Bangalore my day use to go in doing home visits, daimoku, reading gosho and Sensei's guidance. I even talked to some of our friends about this practice. In between I had applied for 3 jobs and went for my interviews. Instead of praying that I want a job I started praying that I want to achieve something impossible thru which I can bring glory to my mentor by Nov18th and to my utter surprise I got thru all the 3 jobs in October and 1 of them was biggest software company of India Infosys mystically in which my husband, sister and brother in-law also works. I cleared my written test, GD and final round of interview in 3 days and because of my efforts made in faith I got thru the exact department Finance for which I had prayed. As I decided to join on 11th October a huge struggle was waiting as I had US based client for which our working hours were from evening till 2-3 pm late in the night which means me and my husband have to work in totally opposite timing. It was as if devilish function was testing my faith but I decide not to give in and not to complain no matter what. I etched this Sensei's guidance in my heart " It is because there are formidable opponents and difficulties that we grow and become strong. Everything depends on your inner determination. When you have a strong inner resolve, a victorious outcome follows". Based on this guidance I prayed for strong life force as I never wanted to compromise for my practice, home visits, activities or giving time to my husband who is always been supportive in my each endeavor. I use to go for my work in the evening and use to come back around 3 am in the night, sleep for 4-5 hrs everyday and get up early morning to do my prayers with my husband before he leaves for work. I started visiting my members in the daytime and chanted hrs to meet my daimoku targets. Everyday is be a win or loose struggle but I decided not to give in to my weaknesses. And persevered each day to give 100% at my work place. As Nov 18th was approaching I was still continuing to pray without any doubt in the power of the Gohonzon for my determination to bring glory to Sensei. Not even 20 days had passed the benefits from the Gohonzon adorned in my life as after seeing our performances at our work 3 people were selected out of 18 in my team from my company and I was 1 of them to go for 1 month training in November to US- Pittsburgh to represent our company. My joy knew no bounds as 1st thing came to my mind was nothing but visiting Soka University Of America which was as equivalent to meeting Sensei. This was my dream since 2002 when kajal got admission in SUA but my visa was rejected during that time. And on seeking guidance that time my senior leader told me to make causes to raise and send more future division to SUA. When we practice our good fortune never lie far from us. I couldn't believe that Gohonzon has given me such a big opportunity. On the other hand my next challenge was to get the visa as my visa was already rejected earlier and my mind was completely haunted by this fear that I won't get the visa again. Towards my visa date 5th Nov, I started chanting fearlessly to the Gohonzon that only purpose of going to US is to visit SUA. There were people around me in the office who were jealous as it never happens that the company selects a new joinee without completing even 6 months to go onsite. There were voices around me who use to discourage me but I kept doing focused prayers. On my visa date 5th Nov I went to Chennai and kept chanting till the last minute for the visa counselete. I am happy to report that I got my visa just in 1 minute after getting interviewed. But as N.D says, "As practice progresses and understanding grows, the 3 obstacles and 4 devils emerge in confusing form." On 8th November we were told that only 1 person out of the 3 would be going. It was very mystic that on the same morning I read Toda Sensei's guidance " When we read gosho, we should receive it with our entire beings-with a spirit of 'YES' that's exactly right. This is the short cut to happiness." I knew that there would be obstacles till the last minute as it's not easy to achieve something great. I kept impossible daimoku target and home visits target for coming 10 days towards 18th Nov. Inspite of my impossible schedule I was happily enjoying my 2-3 hrs of daimoku and home visits with the life force of a Buddha which was directly flowing in my life basing on Gosho study everyday without fail as I was hardly sleeping for 4 hrs everyday. Finally on Nov 16th just 2 days before the significant day Nov 18th, I was told by the top management that I have been selected amongst the 3 who will be going. There were tears in my eyes for joy and even smile as again after 2 hrs I was told that the schedule for the training has been postponed to next year 2005. That moment I even made my determination even stronger that Gohonzon no matter what I am going to SUA this year and this time I will not allow any devilish function to enter in my environment. Though things and decision for my training were changing every minute but my determination didn't alter at all. I decided to cling to the Gohonzon, which is absolute, and never changing and while praying I started visualizing that I am at SUA. I was on the home visit next day before leaving for my work on 17th Nov. and I received a call from my team leader that something strange has happened and the client is on for the training as per earlier schedule. And I had to rush to the office to get my paper work done as we were leaving in 1 day's time Nov 19th. Yes - this is the power of Gohonzon as Sensei said-"Anyone would think that victory is impossible and that's probably how you feel right now but don't forget this marvelous Gohonzon we have. It has the power to transform what you'd normally think impossible into something possible. Those who give up before they try, thinking that it's impossible, don't really know the power of the Mystic Law. Only people who can bring for the Mystic law's power can succeed anything they try." I thanked Gohonzon and prayed to have a complete kosen-rufu trip and to get the best training for my project. Before leaving I even wrote a letter to Sensei and reported this great victory finally on Nov 18th. On landing to Pittsburgh on nov 20th 1st thing I did was I contacted the SGI community center and it was so mystic that the cultural center of SGI in Pittsburgh was just 5 min away from my hotel. I landed on Saturday and attended my 1st meeting on Sunday On 4th Dec my dream came true when I stepped into SUA. I felt so much of gratitude for my mentor Ikeda Sensei for building such a great university. Mountains, valleys& trees surrounds the entire university, as it seems it's a natural creation of this Universe. Each student is so unique as they are bonded with deep friendship and with a great sense of mission. I went from 1 corner to the other and experienced the joy of being at SUA. Ikeda library was out of the world as u name the book its there and students study 24 hrs and sometimes sleeps on the warm couches provided by the faculty. Founder's hall where all exhibitions are held - it is surrounded by all the countries flags and lotus flowers, recreation center where gym, swimming pool, dancing room, games, are held. The student's dorms are full of compassion and warmth as though each student is from different countries but the common string of bond with their founder, which is flowing in them, is one. The name of the contributors is engraved on the walls of the SUA. I was also able to attend the world peace prayer in California cultural Center with SUA students. That 1-day at SUA has helped me to develop even deeper bond with my mentor and to understand sensei's vision for global citizens in a better way. I came back after successfully completing my training in Pittsburgh on 22nd Dec and now I have only 1 determination to make, which I have written to Sensei also- In this year of youth and development-I determine to raise more capable students from BSG who will study at SUA and will accomplish Sensei's vision for world peace by becoming global citizens. I also determine to become financial pillar for BSG and SUA. Thank you. Sheetal Gulati Bangalore BSG


Welcome Shoo Koon to Human Castle. Here some info of our new member here Name : Ma Shook Koon University : University of Adelaide @ Master in Electrical Engineering Location : Australia A big welcome to Shoo Koon, may you enjoy yourself . Hug, welcome.. Principal : Carryn Lim

Weird Feeling Today...

Yup! As the title goes, I do have weird feelings today. Don't know why or how or what... Just feeling not right. Anyway, Tadika was on holiday today for Cheng Meng. So, I took the opportunity trying to meet my co-supervisor to read my corrected thesis and grant me a "yes" to bind it into hard cover. Tommorow is the last day for us to hand in our hard cover thesis... Looks like it is going to be a problem for me to pass up tomorrow as my thesis has not yet corrected by my co-supervisor. She was not in today. Well, I went back to fetch my junior housemate and her friend to KLIA. They are flying over to Pulau Langkawi for their industrial training. I'm going to miss her. Then, I reached Kajang at 12.40pm. Ate my lunch - bread plus 2 eggs. Took a nap and then bathe. After that I chanted for one hour. Then off to write my book sharing and later to dinner... I think I was not used to such FREE day. All this while I was rushing from here to there, doing things, making calls, SMS-ing... Today seem like I have nothing to do and I am not used to it. Tomorrow will be a brand new day for me and it will be a busy day at TSS and at night I'll be attending to Youth Leader's Meet at Kaikan. Well, hopefully my co-supervisor will sign my Thesis form that serves as the pasport for me to be officialy handing up my thesis and case close.
I was thinking... 10 years in TSS... Can I make it? Will I make it? I was thinking of furthering my Masters in Child Education or Education or in English LIterature... See how it goes. Good day to all of you!

Back In P.D....

Right, I'm back in P.D. It took me one and a half hour to get back to P.D this evening because of the rain. Usually, it only takes an hour's drive back. Well, I drove quite slowly because of the heavy rain. Well, it's quite nice driving in the rain. I don't know why, but, I sort of like to do that. Anyway, I took all the safety measure to ensure my safety and also the safety of others by driving carefully. Don't worry. My mom got flu, well, I just got to know today when I phoned her this evening to tell that I'm picking her up after work at 7pm. I'm always happy to see my mom and my sister. Well, they are my family mah, of course everyone will be happy seeing their own family members doing well and so forth. But, for me, there are other feelings besides that. Something deep down that cannot be explained by words. Perhaps... ahh... Just don't know how to put it in words. I am thrilled everytime going home. Seeing my mom, sister, and my beloved doggie - Tuxido. Heheheh... A good dog. Well trained... Really! Hah!
Well, I'm waiting for the result of my Secondary Structure Prediction on my Protein. Have to do last minute research for my Thesis before handing up and sending for hard cover binding. Which I reckon it is quite costly. Anyway, Once in a lifetime mah, right? SO... pay lor... ehheh
Em, got my results from the web based program. Now have to continue work d... See you guys later. Tomorrow I'll have to depart from P.D at 5.30 am... Cool? HEheh I have to start working and get some sleep ASAP. Bye!

What we found

Me and Shoo Koon are trying to get member's blog to add in sokalink, but found out lot of nonsense stuff that almost drive me nut. I respect their opinion,but the words they used are so "cheap" and now I know how the other side of people view about sensei and Soka Gakkai. I want so much to fight back, but the blog comment doesn't seem to be able for me to write anything there. Now I think, its good also, atleast I not like other people who only said bad things bout other peope.In the world of blog, anyone are free to give their opinion and feeling. So, I respect that. It make me wonder, how am I going to protect Gakkai and let other know the truth of Soka Gakkai and the teaching? I am now actually still very angry somehow.. 1. Home visit- home visit members who is active and also not active, know what they feel and share good stuff. Take them out to meeting, let them know by their own rather just listen to we talk. 2- Human revolution- show them we are good, SGI members are good. Respect other and sincere to anyone so that people help us to spread the good character of SGM members. 3- Shakubuku- they are many people out there are so pity and get wrong concept about religion even about sokagakkai, if we not go out and talk, there will be more and more pity person out there. And we really need to learn gosho to share with other.. Its time to move not to learn. ya, now I remembered what Teh san told us.. 4- Read and share- share whatever material u read to members and friends, although sometime people not actually listen to us and may feel that we are irritating, but atleast in the irritating way, they will remember what we said and not easily believe what other told them . 5- Ask- you don't understand, u must ask, ask for answer, not wait for answer. If we feel curious why Gakkai doing this doing that, always question about the objectives, why don't we just point the question to the people involved and get satisfactory answer? Even to people who u don't like the way they do thing, face to face tell them to improve, rather than carry the feeling entire your life and sooner leave Gakkai which for me is stupid and silly. 6- Find your own answer- ever in the situation where u think everything is just perfect and suddently someone said thing that spoil the good concept and u are somehow like questioning the fact? Back to no 5, ask! Find your own answer! Not merely listen to one side of people, listen to another side. But u must have strong enough faith to justify which one is right and correct. 7- Use ur heart- believe what u feel not merely what u listen. If all the people u heard bout opinion saying only bad bout certain thing in No5, u need to get involve in organization to feel by your own, spent time and make your judgment later. lastly, this blogger seeking make me realize of every Gakkai's member global mission, to spread the truth, to spread the teaching, to lead people to absolute happiness, only people obtaining absolute happiness, and ourselves obtain victory in life, we show pple how great the teaching are and how happy we are in Soka Gakkai. Bravo to everyone!

A New Path Uncover before Me...

30th March 2005, 2.55pm... There goes my Thesis presentation. It was quite O.K although I did not so good or not so bad. What am I saying... I'm sorry that I couldn't think straight right now. Why? I shall explain in greater detail later. Back to my Thesis presentation, my pemeriksa is Dr. Wan Kiew Lian who is famour for his "Shooting" of students. Well, very fortunate for me, he didn't shoot me but rather ask me some questions only. There are two reasons for this. The first is either he doesn't really know what I am doing. Or, he really have nothing to ask me about. Well, after my presentation, everything was so gret and I felt happy. For your information, I am the second last student on the last day to present.
Later when I reached home, I received a call from Mr. Lee - headmaster of Tadika Seri Soka. He arranged me to meet with Mr. Choo (General Director of SGM) for a second interview. I gladly said yes to an interview on 31st March 2005 at 9am. I was interviewed together with another girl and both of us are hired. The other girl will only come in next month for she has a job right now and required to give a month's notice before she can go off.
As for me, I am to start working immediately. When? 1st of April. I was like: Hahh? Yesterday Thesis presentation, today interview, tomorrow start working..." Isn't this a little bit too fast? But, I took all these as boundless fortunes from Gohonzon. Great planning!
Today, 1st of April 2005. I started my life as a Kindergarten teacher in Tadika Seri Soka. I began as assistant to teachers to get used to how to teach, and also to get familiar with the children. I woke up at 6.30am. Did my gongyo and daimoku for 20 minutes then I'm off to TSS. I reached there at about 7.30am and found my way to the places and what should I do and so on with the help from Teacher Pui Yin. She's such a wonderful teacher.
In the morning, children will start their class at 8.30 am. In between 8.30 - 8.45am, they are required to come to the lobby and do exercises together (dancing...). Then they are allowed to go to the toilet to clean themselves. After that, the class resumes until 11.30 am. In between they will have a rest time for them to have some snacks that they brought from home to school to be eaten. I am assisting Teacher Lim today because her assistant Pn. Nora didn't come today. The children are just great! I really mean it! At the moment I see them, all I will do is smile to them and embrace them. They are so cute!! Clumsy too! Haah!! It was my first ever experience to be together with some 30 children for the whole morning. Children are really a natural "FRIEND-MAKER". In less than 10 minutes, they are ready to hold your hand when you are walking with them. They are trusting you as someone that can be trusted by them, someone they can count on.
When it comes to 11.30am, it is regarded as "WAR TIME" by the teachers. Why? We need to send the children off to their repective cars driven by their parents or parent's friend. Here, let me give a round of applause to the teachers for such a unique system. For all the cars that are coming in to fetch the children, they are given a number each and their children had their numbers written and memorize. We, the teachers too must memorize every single student's number. By the time we sent off the children, it was already 12.10pm. Then, today is my duty with another teacher to clean up the classroom. We swept, moped, cleaned the whole class. By the time we finished, it was already 12.50pm, leaving us to have a 10 minutes rest before the afternoon class starts at 1pm until 4pm.
At 4pm, the same process happens again. After that, it will be 4.30pm whereby we have staff meeting every Friday. Today's meeting was quite long. It lasted until 6.20pm. After the meeting, I rushed back even forgotten to punch my card... Die larr... Just now only I remembered... Aiseh... Teruknya. When I reached Kajang, it was about 6.40pm and I took my bath, washed my clothes. At 7.05pm I left to Kaikan again for apractice session with a cellist from Japan. Reached kaikan at 7.30pm and did my gongyo and began practice session until 10.30pm. The practice session was more like a workshop whereby the Japanese cellist shared her thought on cello. We gained a lot from him.
I reached home at 11.30pm after sending my comrade - Shu Tyug to her home in Sungai Long. Hope that she's all right. She has fever and still came for the practice. Pray for her health.
As for me, today marked the fresh departure for me on the path of Soka Education System and also in Kosen-rufu. I just couldn't believe that I've actually spent more than 10 hours in Bunka Kaikan and Tadika Seri Soka... I never thought that I will one day have a chance like this to serve the community. Especially the children. It is a valuable, priceless experience.
My eyes now is hardly opening... Just tired in terms of body but never my spirit! Have pledged to Gohonzon that I will give out my life to the Soka Education and for the sake of the children's happiness at whatever cost!
Please take care of your health. I will always pray for you all!