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hey all..here is an experience to share..enjoy!! Hello Friends, I am Sheetal Gulati; I joined this life philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin in May 1996. I was a Young Phoenix studying in class 12th with no direction, no aim and no hope in my life. Above all my family was suffering from deep-rooted financial karma with huge amount of debts due on my father. To make things more worse my father was an alcoholic and there were constant fights in my family. Entering into the world of Soka was like a ray of hope for my family. First thing I learned from my mentor Ikeda Sensei was to have 'Big Dreams'. Believing in these words from the very 1st day I started learning my prayers and chanting regularly. The more I began to make efforts to seek my mentor and was applying the basics of Faith, Practice and study in my life, my family situation started improving. I could see clear-cut changes in my fathe's business and in my studies too. I was inducted in YWD chorus group- Golden Shower in 1998, which helped me to do my own Human Revolution by applying its Motto-Cheerful Blossoms, Faith like Gold. This training in special group helped me to awaken to my mission for kosen-rufu. With this actual proof I was able to introduced my 2 sisters and more than 20 relatives and friends to this practice in 6 months. In 2001, I was given the responsibility to take care of Delhi Students division. I plunged my self in home visiting students division by connecting their life to Sensei and in realizing their mission in life. This became a cause of victory as in September 2001, I was able to go for my 1st Youth Division Training Course to meet my mentor Ikeda Sensei with the money I had saved from my 1st job & came back with only one determination to send my younger sister Kajal to Soka University Of America who was in class 11th that time. Seeing my family situation it was an impossible determination which I had made and I didn't know how I will do it but I knew only 1 thing that I would do it for Sensei. Meeting Sensei became the turning point for my family as after 5 yrs my parents started chanting and took up this faith and sending Kajal to SUA, now became our family prayer. Braving all financial constraints & with Sensei's deep compassion Kajal is now a student of SUA since 2002.To pursue my further studies I took MBA in Finance and by applying faith at each step I scored 1st division each semester In 2003, I started with my own business, which was my long cherished dream and at the same time was given the responsibility of Delhi Young Phoenix Chief and Dy.YWD Chapter Chief. Taking care of each phoenix & YWD on behalf of Sensei became my greatest pride. I learned so much with each Young Phoenix and was able to challenge some of my weakest areas of my life. My day use to start early morning to meet my daimoku targets of 3 hrs, going for my work, activities, and traveling long distances for home visits, reading Gosho's on daily basis helped me to develop a deeper bond with my mentor. This good fortune started flowing in my family as my fathers business started flourishing and I too got the breakthrough for my business in India's best company's Dabur and Modi Group and I pledged Sensei to always work for my member's happiness. Because of this overflowing good fortune I accumulated as an YWD I met a kosen-rufu life partner. Basing completely on Sensei's Guidance and with the support of my seniors leaders I got married in August 2004 and moved from Delhi to Bangalore with 1 determination to fight even harder for Bangalore kosen-rufu. My new struggle was now to find a kosen-rufu job in Bangalore. Though it was a challenge as I was new to the place and people but I continued making efforts based on Sensei's guidance "The important thing is that each of you becomes an extremely capable person-a person of strength and ability of a thousand". I connected myself to my chapter members and started home visiting WD and ywd's. I made kosen-rufu my job as for 45 days after landing in Bangalore my day use to go in doing home visits, daimoku, reading gosho and Sensei's guidance. I even talked to some of our friends about this practice. In between I had applied for 3 jobs and went for my interviews. Instead of praying that I want a job I started praying that I want to achieve something impossible thru which I can bring glory to my mentor by Nov18th and to my utter surprise I got thru all the 3 jobs in October and 1 of them was biggest software company of India Infosys mystically in which my husband, sister and brother in-law also works. I cleared my written test, GD and final round of interview in 3 days and because of my efforts made in faith I got thru the exact department Finance for which I had prayed. As I decided to join on 11th October a huge struggle was waiting as I had US based client for which our working hours were from evening till 2-3 pm late in the night which means me and my husband have to work in totally opposite timing. It was as if devilish function was testing my faith but I decide not to give in and not to complain no matter what. I etched this Sensei's guidance in my heart " It is because there are formidable opponents and difficulties that we grow and become strong. Everything depends on your inner determination. When you have a strong inner resolve, a victorious outcome follows". Based on this guidance I prayed for strong life force as I never wanted to compromise for my practice, home visits, activities or giving time to my husband who is always been supportive in my each endeavor. I use to go for my work in the evening and use to come back around 3 am in the night, sleep for 4-5 hrs everyday and get up early morning to do my prayers with my husband before he leaves for work. I started visiting my members in the daytime and chanted hrs to meet my daimoku targets. Everyday is be a win or loose struggle but I decided not to give in to my weaknesses. And persevered each day to give 100% at my work place. As Nov 18th was approaching I was still continuing to pray without any doubt in the power of the Gohonzon for my determination to bring glory to Sensei. Not even 20 days had passed the benefits from the Gohonzon adorned in my life as after seeing our performances at our work 3 people were selected out of 18 in my team from my company and I was 1 of them to go for 1 month training in November to US- Pittsburgh to represent our company. My joy knew no bounds as 1st thing came to my mind was nothing but visiting Soka University Of America which was as equivalent to meeting Sensei. This was my dream since 2002 when kajal got admission in SUA but my visa was rejected during that time. And on seeking guidance that time my senior leader told me to make causes to raise and send more future division to SUA. When we practice our good fortune never lie far from us. I couldn't believe that Gohonzon has given me such a big opportunity. On the other hand my next challenge was to get the visa as my visa was already rejected earlier and my mind was completely haunted by this fear that I won't get the visa again. Towards my visa date 5th Nov, I started chanting fearlessly to the Gohonzon that only purpose of going to US is to visit SUA. There were people around me in the office who were jealous as it never happens that the company selects a new joinee without completing even 6 months to go onsite. There were voices around me who use to discourage me but I kept doing focused prayers. On my visa date 5th Nov I went to Chennai and kept chanting till the last minute for the visa counselete. I am happy to report that I got my visa just in 1 minute after getting interviewed. But as N.D says, "As practice progresses and understanding grows, the 3 obstacles and 4 devils emerge in confusing form." On 8th November we were told that only 1 person out of the 3 would be going. It was very mystic that on the same morning I read Toda Sensei's guidance " When we read gosho, we should receive it with our entire beings-with a spirit of 'YES' that's exactly right. This is the short cut to happiness." I knew that there would be obstacles till the last minute as it's not easy to achieve something great. I kept impossible daimoku target and home visits target for coming 10 days towards 18th Nov. Inspite of my impossible schedule I was happily enjoying my 2-3 hrs of daimoku and home visits with the life force of a Buddha which was directly flowing in my life basing on Gosho study everyday without fail as I was hardly sleeping for 4 hrs everyday. Finally on Nov 16th just 2 days before the significant day Nov 18th, I was told by the top management that I have been selected amongst the 3 who will be going. There were tears in my eyes for joy and even smile as again after 2 hrs I was told that the schedule for the training has been postponed to next year 2005. That moment I even made my determination even stronger that Gohonzon no matter what I am going to SUA this year and this time I will not allow any devilish function to enter in my environment. Though things and decision for my training were changing every minute but my determination didn't alter at all. I decided to cling to the Gohonzon, which is absolute, and never changing and while praying I started visualizing that I am at SUA. I was on the home visit next day before leaving for my work on 17th Nov. and I received a call from my team leader that something strange has happened and the client is on for the training as per earlier schedule. And I had to rush to the office to get my paper work done as we were leaving in 1 day's time Nov 19th. Yes - this is the power of Gohonzon as Sensei said-"Anyone would think that victory is impossible and that's probably how you feel right now but don't forget this marvelous Gohonzon we have. It has the power to transform what you'd normally think impossible into something possible. Those who give up before they try, thinking that it's impossible, don't really know the power of the Mystic Law. Only people who can bring for the Mystic law's power can succeed anything they try." I thanked Gohonzon and prayed to have a complete kosen-rufu trip and to get the best training for my project. Before leaving I even wrote a letter to Sensei and reported this great victory finally on Nov 18th. On landing to Pittsburgh on nov 20th 1st thing I did was I contacted the SGI community center and it was so mystic that the cultural center of SGI in Pittsburgh was just 5 min away from my hotel. I landed on Saturday and attended my 1st meeting on Sunday On 4th Dec my dream came true when I stepped into SUA. I felt so much of gratitude for my mentor Ikeda Sensei for building such a great university. Mountains, valleys& trees surrounds the entire university, as it seems it's a natural creation of this Universe. Each student is so unique as they are bonded with deep friendship and with a great sense of mission. I went from 1 corner to the other and experienced the joy of being at SUA. Ikeda library was out of the world as u name the book its there and students study 24 hrs and sometimes sleeps on the warm couches provided by the faculty. Founder's hall where all exhibitions are held - it is surrounded by all the countries flags and lotus flowers, recreation center where gym, swimming pool, dancing room, games, are held. The student's dorms are full of compassion and warmth as though each student is from different countries but the common string of bond with their founder, which is flowing in them, is one. The name of the contributors is engraved on the walls of the SUA. I was also able to attend the world peace prayer in California cultural Center with SUA students. That 1-day at SUA has helped me to develop even deeper bond with my mentor and to understand sensei's vision for global citizens in a better way. I came back after successfully completing my training in Pittsburgh on 22nd Dec and now I have only 1 determination to make, which I have written to Sensei also- In this year of youth and development-I determine to raise more capable students from BSG who will study at SUA and will accomplish Sensei's vision for world peace by becoming global citizens. I also determine to become financial pillar for BSG and SUA. Thank you. Sheetal Gulati Bangalore BSG


Kanupriya Khurana said...

I am speechless after reading you mind boggling experience. Thanks a lot for sharing

Sameer said...


I am profoundly happy for your complete faith and as a result successfully achieving your dreams.

I reside in Bangalore and have been seeking people to chant with.

Do help me in connecting with such blessed souls.