What we found

Me and Shoo Koon are trying to get member's blog to add in sokalink, but found out lot of nonsense stuff that almost drive me nut. I respect their opinion,but the words they used are so "cheap" and now I know how the other side of people view about sensei and Soka Gakkai. I want so much to fight back, but the blog comment doesn't seem to be able for me to write anything there. Now I think, its good also, atleast I not like other people who only said bad things bout other peope.In the world of blog, anyone are free to give their opinion and feeling. So, I respect that. It make me wonder, how am I going to protect Gakkai and let other know the truth of Soka Gakkai and the teaching? I am now actually still very angry somehow.. 1. Home visit- home visit members who is active and also not active, know what they feel and share good stuff. Take them out to meeting, let them know by their own rather just listen to we talk. 2- Human revolution- show them we are good, SGI members are good. Respect other and sincere to anyone so that people help us to spread the good character of SGM members. 3- Shakubuku- they are many people out there are so pity and get wrong concept about religion even about sokagakkai, if we not go out and talk, there will be more and more pity person out there. And we really need to learn gosho to share with other.. Its time to move not to learn. ya, now I remembered what Teh san told us.. 4- Read and share- share whatever material u read to members and friends, although sometime people not actually listen to us and may feel that we are irritating, but atleast in the irritating way, they will remember what we said and not easily believe what other told them . 5- Ask- you don't understand, u must ask, ask for answer, not wait for answer. If we feel curious why Gakkai doing this doing that, always question about the objectives, why don't we just point the question to the people involved and get satisfactory answer? Even to people who u don't like the way they do thing, face to face tell them to improve, rather than carry the feeling entire your life and sooner leave Gakkai which for me is stupid and silly. 6- Find your own answer- ever in the situation where u think everything is just perfect and suddently someone said thing that spoil the good concept and u are somehow like questioning the fact? Back to no 5, ask! Find your own answer! Not merely listen to one side of people, listen to another side. But u must have strong enough faith to justify which one is right and correct. 7- Use ur heart- believe what u feel not merely what u listen. If all the people u heard bout opinion saying only bad bout certain thing in No5, u need to get involve in organization to feel by your own, spent time and make your judgment later. lastly, this blogger seeking make me realize of every Gakkai's member global mission, to spread the truth, to spread the teaching, to lead people to absolute happiness, only people obtaining absolute happiness, and ourselves obtain victory in life, we show pple how great the teaching are and how happy we are in Soka Gakkai. Bravo to everyone!