Back In P.D....

Right, I'm back in P.D. It took me one and a half hour to get back to P.D this evening because of the rain. Usually, it only takes an hour's drive back. Well, I drove quite slowly because of the heavy rain. Well, it's quite nice driving in the rain. I don't know why, but, I sort of like to do that. Anyway, I took all the safety measure to ensure my safety and also the safety of others by driving carefully. Don't worry. My mom got flu, well, I just got to know today when I phoned her this evening to tell that I'm picking her up after work at 7pm. I'm always happy to see my mom and my sister. Well, they are my family mah, of course everyone will be happy seeing their own family members doing well and so forth. But, for me, there are other feelings besides that. Something deep down that cannot be explained by words. Perhaps... ahh... Just don't know how to put it in words. I am thrilled everytime going home. Seeing my mom, sister, and my beloved doggie - Tuxido. Heheheh... A good dog. Well trained... Really! Hah!
Well, I'm waiting for the result of my Secondary Structure Prediction on my Protein. Have to do last minute research for my Thesis before handing up and sending for hard cover binding. Which I reckon it is quite costly. Anyway, Once in a lifetime mah, right? SO... pay lor... ehheh
Em, got my results from the web based program. Now have to continue work d... See you guys later. Tomorrow I'll have to depart from P.D at 5.30 am... Cool? HEheh I have to start working and get some sleep ASAP. Bye!