Weird Feeling Today...

Yup! As the title goes, I do have weird feelings today. Don't know why or how or what... Just feeling not right. Anyway, Tadika was on holiday today for Cheng Meng. So, I took the opportunity trying to meet my co-supervisor to read my corrected thesis and grant me a "yes" to bind it into hard cover. Tommorow is the last day for us to hand in our hard cover thesis... Looks like it is going to be a problem for me to pass up tomorrow as my thesis has not yet corrected by my co-supervisor. She was not in today. Well, I went back to fetch my junior housemate and her friend to KLIA. They are flying over to Pulau Langkawi for their industrial training. I'm going to miss her. Then, I reached Kajang at 12.40pm. Ate my lunch - bread plus 2 eggs. Took a nap and then bathe. After that I chanted for one hour. Then off to write my book sharing and later to dinner... I think I was not used to such FREE day. All this while I was rushing from here to there, doing things, making calls, SMS-ing... Today seem like I have nothing to do and I am not used to it. Tomorrow will be a brand new day for me and it will be a busy day at TSS and at night I'll be attending to Youth Leader's Meet at Kaikan. Well, hopefully my co-supervisor will sign my Thesis form that serves as the pasport for me to be officialy handing up my thesis and case close.
I was thinking... 10 years in TSS... Can I make it? Will I make it? I was thinking of furthering my Masters in Child Education or Education or in English LIterature... See how it goes. Good day to all of you!