Experience from Adelaide

hey all!! here is an experience of my housemate, Eileen in Adelaide, Australia. It's gonna be published in one of the newsletters in Australia soon and u people get the priviledge to read it 1st. ;) enjoy!! Being a Fortune baby, I always felt that I’m protected by the Shoten Zenjin. I always found that I’m different from others and fortunate enough in every single aspect in my life. Throughout my life, I encountered lots of obstacles; however, due to my strong determination and faith in the Gohonzon since I was young, I never ever thought of Problems and Obstacles are as bad things; I am always optimistic and face all the problems bravely. I am a Malaysian and have studied University and lived here in Adelaide since 2002. Again, I would like to thank my Parents for giving me this opportunity to study abroad, also, through chanting earnestly, the Gohonzon has given me the best that I could have. I always appreciate whatever I have. My 1st year over here in Australia was the toughest time for me; as a young girl, I had to learn every single thing by myself. I’ve always been protected by my parents back in Malaysia e.g. parents as my driver, mom is always my cook and etc. However, during my 1st year over here in Australia, it was not only my 1st year in University; it was also my 1st transition stage. I used to hate Australia a lot a lot ever since the 1st day I stepped in to Adelaide. For me, Adelaide is too boring; I couldn’t accept the fact that I actually chose to come here. I hardly accepted the cultural difference. I almost decided to give up my studies and just go back to my country. However, the only point which held me back here was “This is what I’ve chosen, and I Believe that this is what the Gohonzon has arranged for me, No matter how, I’ve to be determined and go through the hurdles. As a Nichiren Daishonin Disciple, I am not supposed to just give up easily.” From that day onwards, I started my journey in this unfamiliar place bravely and courageously. I promised myself not to give up and always go back to the basics of faith no matter how, as winter still always turns into spring. Attaining permanent residency in a foreign country has always been my dream. After the first year of staying in Australia, I started to love the place and started to look for information on the prerequisites to qualify for a PR. I got to know that I’m not eligible to apply for it as I had insufficient points due to the course that I was studying at that time. For that instance, I was quite disappointed yet I did not give up. I continued to chant, hoping that my professional points could increase. Instead of increasing my professional points, the Government actually increased the bench points. Again, this thing hit me really hard and from then on, I knew for sure that I have to make my way back to Malaysia after my studies. This might sound that I have given up, but in my heart, I knew that I haven’t made a fixed decision; I still continued chanting for the best outcome. My prayer towards the Gohonzon had actually become so simple and short; all I say to the Gohonzon everyday is: “Just give me the best arrangement on where my mission is; I will appreciate and accept whatever the outcomes are.” Year 2004 was a significant year for me. It was the year when I needed to go through the transition stage from a student’s life to working life in the real world. Obviously, finding a job after my studies was the major concern for me and I was quite worried at that time. In fact, at that time, my hope of getting a job in Australia was always in my mind. Through my daily practice of the law, I could really see the actual proof. Such as when a particular company in Adelaide actually head-hunted me right before my exam and asked me to go for an interview. I was pretty sure that there must be a Shoten Zenjin who actually helped me out. I was full of joy and went for that interview the day after the phone call. I received the job immediately after my conversation with my employer, and he actually sponsored me for a 4-year working visa. That was the greatest experience for me. I couldn’t believe that this thing actually happened to me. It was just like the job dropped out of the sky. Immediately when I reached home, I chanted to the Gohonzon for gratitude and giving me such a great benefit. Not only did I find a job, but also managed to obtain something which I really wanted for so long which is to stay longer in Adelaide. In that instance, I made a determination in front of the Gohonzon that I will definitely contribute as much as I can to Adelaide’s Kosen-rufu movement, especially the Youth. I’m pretty sure that my mission is here, now. Going into working life is completely a new challenge for me. Basically, I came out with nothing but a degree. But, my boss really looked upon me. It must be the power of Daimoku that manifested my inner strength and potential that impressed him a lot. I remember his words to me one day during work, “Your spirit of not giving up impressed me the most. You are always strong and full of strength”. He also told me that he couldn’t get what he sees in me in other colleagues of mine. His words really gave me a sense of satisfaction. I had the best achievement in my life so far during the year of 2004. To all the members especially the Youth, always remember that “nothing is impossible”, especially when we are having the most powerful sword in our hands, which is Daimoku. It is just the matter of timing on when to show the greatest power of it. As what I always tell my beloved members, “if it is meant to be yours, it will be yours; if you deserve a better one, things will turn up the best for you at the right time.” Whenever we face any challenges, or obstacles, just GO BACK TO THE BASICS OF FAITH. You will definitely have the wisdom to come out with the best solutions. Once again, I would like to thank the Gohonzon for giving me the power and spirit to challenge myself and contribute wholeheartedly in the Soka Gakkai.