A New Path Uncover before Me...

30th March 2005, 2.55pm... There goes my Thesis presentation. It was quite O.K although I did not so good or not so bad. What am I saying... I'm sorry that I couldn't think straight right now. Why? I shall explain in greater detail later. Back to my Thesis presentation, my pemeriksa is Dr. Wan Kiew Lian who is famour for his "Shooting" of students. Well, very fortunate for me, he didn't shoot me but rather ask me some questions only. There are two reasons for this. The first is either he doesn't really know what I am doing. Or, he really have nothing to ask me about. Well, after my presentation, everything was so gret and I felt happy. For your information, I am the second last student on the last day to present.
Later when I reached home, I received a call from Mr. Lee - headmaster of Tadika Seri Soka. He arranged me to meet with Mr. Choo (General Director of SGM) for a second interview. I gladly said yes to an interview on 31st March 2005 at 9am. I was interviewed together with another girl and both of us are hired. The other girl will only come in next month for she has a job right now and required to give a month's notice before she can go off.
As for me, I am to start working immediately. When? 1st of April. I was like: Hahh? Yesterday Thesis presentation, today interview, tomorrow start working..." Isn't this a little bit too fast? But, I took all these as boundless fortunes from Gohonzon. Great planning!
Today, 1st of April 2005. I started my life as a Kindergarten teacher in Tadika Seri Soka. I began as assistant to teachers to get used to how to teach, and also to get familiar with the children. I woke up at 6.30am. Did my gongyo and daimoku for 20 minutes then I'm off to TSS. I reached there at about 7.30am and found my way to the places and what should I do and so on with the help from Teacher Pui Yin. She's such a wonderful teacher.
In the morning, children will start their class at 8.30 am. In between 8.30 - 8.45am, they are required to come to the lobby and do exercises together (dancing...). Then they are allowed to go to the toilet to clean themselves. After that, the class resumes until 11.30 am. In between they will have a rest time for them to have some snacks that they brought from home to school to be eaten. I am assisting Teacher Lim today because her assistant Pn. Nora didn't come today. The children are just great! I really mean it! At the moment I see them, all I will do is smile to them and embrace them. They are so cute!! Clumsy too! Haah!! It was my first ever experience to be together with some 30 children for the whole morning. Children are really a natural "FRIEND-MAKER". In less than 10 minutes, they are ready to hold your hand when you are walking with them. They are trusting you as someone that can be trusted by them, someone they can count on.
When it comes to 11.30am, it is regarded as "WAR TIME" by the teachers. Why? We need to send the children off to their repective cars driven by their parents or parent's friend. Here, let me give a round of applause to the teachers for such a unique system. For all the cars that are coming in to fetch the children, they are given a number each and their children had their numbers written and memorize. We, the teachers too must memorize every single student's number. By the time we sent off the children, it was already 12.10pm. Then, today is my duty with another teacher to clean up the classroom. We swept, moped, cleaned the whole class. By the time we finished, it was already 12.50pm, leaving us to have a 10 minutes rest before the afternoon class starts at 1pm until 4pm.
At 4pm, the same process happens again. After that, it will be 4.30pm whereby we have staff meeting every Friday. Today's meeting was quite long. It lasted until 6.20pm. After the meeting, I rushed back even forgotten to punch my card... Die larr... Just now only I remembered... Aiseh... Teruknya. When I reached Kajang, it was about 6.40pm and I took my bath, washed my clothes. At 7.05pm I left to Kaikan again for apractice session with a cellist from Japan. Reached kaikan at 7.30pm and did my gongyo and began practice session until 10.30pm. The practice session was more like a workshop whereby the Japanese cellist shared her thought on cello. We gained a lot from him.
I reached home at 11.30pm after sending my comrade - Shu Tyug to her home in Sungai Long. Hope that she's all right. She has fever and still came for the practice. Pray for her health.
As for me, today marked the fresh departure for me on the path of Soka Education System and also in Kosen-rufu. I just couldn't believe that I've actually spent more than 10 hours in Bunka Kaikan and Tadika Seri Soka... I never thought that I will one day have a chance like this to serve the community. Especially the children. It is a valuable, priceless experience.
My eyes now is hardly opening... Just tired in terms of body but never my spirit! Have pledged to Gohonzon that I will give out my life to the Soka Education and for the sake of the children's happiness at whatever cost!
Please take care of your health. I will always pray for you all!