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Runing nose... Sore throat... Fever... Cough... Headache... All come and visit me At the same time, Same day, Same time... My nose is flooded with water. My throat is full of blisters. My head... Well, I'll be all right very soon, I hope... At the mean time, There are many things Waiting for me... Newsletter, Assignments, Mid-sem exam, Gakkai report, Thesis, My future... My mission... No worries, As I have Gohonzon with me, Also, Not forgetting to drink more water, rest more... I'll be O.K.
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Hope, Courage and Determination...

Hope... Days are filled with hope, Even in the darkest side of life. Never stops to generate hope, As we have Gohonzon with us. Surmounting all difficulties With the courage of a lion. What for there is to fear, With strong daimoku, To challenge all... Hope... Courage... What more that is needed? Determination to take action, Action, action and action, That is what Sensei want us to do. Rise up, Youths! It is time to plunge ourselves, Into the raging rapids of Kosen-rufu! As the sun rises, Hopes are revived, Courage are generated, Determination are stronger. Come, my friends! Establish absolute happiness, Starting now. Let us not wait and wait, As time and tide, Waits for no man. With Hopes, Courage, Determination, Challenge every obstacles, Achieve total Victory!


Because I have faith, I am capable of comprehending life, eternal and mysterious. Because i have faith, amid the ugly stuggle for survival, I can stride, maintaining purity, through a victorious life. Because I have faith, amid humanity bound by iron chains and imprisoned in the burning house, I can walk, in peace and tranquillity, through a life of freedom. Because I have faith, I can grasp life as the reality of eternity, happiness, trueself and purity, and not illusory dreams born of transient phenomena. Because I have faith, even in a society filled with contradictions and irrationality, I can advance boldly, confident in the law of cause and effect. Because I have faith, I will not be moved even in the least by huge waves, for I have boarded the great ship of eternity. Because I have faith, I can experience value, major good and vital life-force, and the happiness of human revolution. Ikeda Sensei

SGI President Ikeda's Daily Encouragement

Faith is light. The hearts of those with strong faith are filled with light. A radiance envelops their lives. People with unshakable conviction in faith enjoy a happiness that is as luminous as the full moon on a dark night, as dazzling as the sun on a clear day. President Toda often said: "Those of you who have problems or sufferings, pray earnestly! Buddhism is a deadly serious win-or-lose struggle. If you should [pray with such an earnest attitude] and still have no solution forthcoming, then I will give you my life!" This invincible conviction on which Mr. Toda was willing to stake his life inspired the members

New Year Resolution

As we usher this New Year, should we be happy about it as it marks a new beginning or should we grief for those who are misfortunate? The recent earthquake cases in Sumatra had gained worldwide attention. In just a blink of eye all that were once there becomes rubble. Nothing was spared at the moment. On the New Year day, many of Sgm or Sgi member may recalled that the performances that were being prepared so carefully and wholeheartily , that normally being organised for the new year by the SGM community like gymnastic or etc are being cancelled. In most of the case, it is substituted with a prolonged daimoku session. In my place itself, Ipoh , the daimoku session lasted for 30 minutes before the new year ushering speech being read out. Personally though this accident had no immediate effect on me... yet still I feel disturbed by it. Is all these the signs of the still existence of impure land and misguided teaching that had misguided the citizens? It is up to you to ponder then. But for me it is definitely the sign. It had showed me that there are still incorrect teachings around and there are still people that we need to help to enlighten them to attain their own Buddhahood. This has become the task in our life to share the happiness with others. By chanting daimoku and by attaining our own happiness, we must not forsake and abandon others too. Life is about sharing and by sharing we gain far more than what we own. Thus in this New Year, the resolution that I had made is fairly simple: >that is to answer the call of the 24K Campaign in order to fulfill my mission here >and to pray for the happiness of humanity as a whole, >and to undergo my own human revolution besides doing kosenrufu Here I would also like to encourage each of the members to stay side by side and encourage each other too. Nowadays, in the battle of kosenrufu, no one fight alone anymore. Staying side by side is the best remedy to keep our faith in check and also keep our spirit burning. May we all march together to answer the call of the 24k campaign :)

My comrade

Me got a poem for Anna : Sometime we feel down, and we search for answer.. The answer so profound and its far away... We feel so sad, we feel so down.. The feeling goes on, till we know the way.. Someone can cry , someone can shout... We choose our life, not to be the one.. Are we lonely ,are we sad? Answer is no,as we never stop share.. We used to chant,from days to nights Chant 2hr,3hr... To 5 hrs.. It was so fun and it was so great, We got the victory in study and life. Time to refresh,time for us to fight.. Time to go back,to the fighting life... We feel secure and we feel happy, When daimoku we chant, going on with us. I may not be the one,who can give guidance.. But I ensure you that,I am honest in friendship.. Always by your side,when u sad and down, Together we walk to, to the door of faith mission,mission,time to get new mission.. mission in study,mission in thesis.. we are different as we fight with mission, that why we are, SGM members. ( Anna..I hope u to happy,and i think of a poem which carried no meaning. The message I tried to bring out, " Anna.. Ready to fight with u in gakkai and in life, together we made our life the great one for ourselves and for other" hugs....

Pres. Ikeda's Daily Encouragement

To lead a life in which we are inspired and can inspire others, our hearts have to be alive; they have to be filled with passion and enthusiasm. To achieve that, as President Toda also said, we need the courage to "live true to ourselves." And to live true to ourselves, we need the strength of mind not to be swayed by our environment or be obsessed with vanity and superficial appearances. Rather than borrowing from or imitating others, we need the conviction to be able to think for ourselves and to take action from our own sense of responsibility.


1 [The Lotus Sutra] further states that if the minds of the people are impure, their land is also impure, but if their minds are pure, so is their land. There are not two lands, pure or impure in themselves. The difference lies solely in the good or evil of our minds. It is the same with a Buddha and a common mortal. While deluded, one is called a common mortal, but once enlightened, he is called a Buddha. ("On Attaining Buddhahood", MW vol. 1 p. 4) 2 Moreover, as life does not go beyond the moment, the Buddha expounded the blessings that come from a single moment of rejoicing (on hearing the Lotus Sutra). ("Questions and Answers on Embracing the Lotus Sutra", MW vol. 5 p.34) 3 Because the Han emperor believed without doubt in his retainer's words, the river froze over. And Li Kuang was able to pierce a rock with his arrow because he fully believed it to be the tiger which had killed his father. Faith is still more powerful in the world of Buddhism. ("The Real Aspect of the Gohonzon", MW vol. 1 p. 214)

Concrete prayers are important

Ikeda: As I mentioned earlier, it is important that our prayers be specific and concrete. Being vague and unfocused when you chant is like shooting an arrow without looking at the target. When you chant, it should be with a strong and passionate resolve to make your prayer a reality. To have the attitude, 'If I chant, everything will be all right', is just wishful thinking. Earnest prayer - prayer infused with one's whole heart and being - cannot fail to be communicated to the Gohonzon. Another thing to remember is that as the focus of your prayers expands, to include not just your own wishes but the happiness of your friends, your family, your classmates, and society and humanity as a whole, you will expand your own horizons and your breadth as a human being. When I became president of the Soka Gakkai at 32, my first two prayers were that Japan would have a good harvest so that there would be no hunger, and that there would be no major earthquakes. On another occasion, I prayed that I alone would bear the brunt of any major persecution we suffered for the sake of kosen-rufu. My prayers were answered when I was arrested by the authorities on trumped-up 3 charges in the 1957 Osaka incident. Kimura: Your prayers are of such a lofty dimension!

Embracing the Mission of Autism

My younger son was two years old when a team of doctors and psychologists conducted several tests and diagnosed him as "severely autistic." The previous six months we had watched him as he slid away from us and the world. It was hard to believe that this same child had developed normally until the age of 18 months. The day he was diagnosed, in April 1999, we embarked on an intellectual and spiritual journey which has completely defined us at times, and has forced us to renegotiate our system of beliefs. As I was groping my way beyond the initial shock of his diagnosis, I began to formulate a plan to fight this thing and win. I took leave from my job and started doing research to learn what had happened to him and how we could fix it. It was the most challenging situation I had experienced in my 15 years of practice, but I knew that with faith nothing was impossible. My plan to "cure" him included several tests. For every test we ran, we found a matching therapy, often with a vested interest in the background. As he went for various therapies, without any success, I realized that I was far too attached to the outcome, to his recovery. Despite chanting many hours a day for his recovery, his condition seemed to be going from bad to worse. I often had negative thoughts and feelings of despair. Then I read Vice Pres. Tsuji's guidance on how to cleanse one's life through daimoku. It is wonderfully simple and easy to grasp. He says: "Let Nam-myoho-renge-kyo emerge from the depths of your life and circulate that Nam-myoho-renge-kyo throughout your body. You are trying to cleanse every single part of your body with every single daimoku you chant. Actually, you are trying to polish yourself internally. When you are able to get Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to circulate, to reach every single part of your body, you are able to overcome any misdeed you have done or problems you have in your life. When you are able to fill your entire life with Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, it will become a magnet to attract all kinds of good fortune." I realized that I first had to stop looking at autism as an "illness" that had to be cured. I soon began to realize that it was the most wonderful blessing in disguise. My son's autism was not something that was just going to go away without serving a huge purpose in our lives. By continually applying Mr. Tsuji's guidance to my life, I started paying special attention to the doors that opened in my mind as a result. I reached a new level of inspiration. I realized that it was my kosen-rufu mission to create a medical breakthrough and help thousands of other through this experience. Although he continues to receive speech, occupational, behavior, and educational therapies, I have started intensive "Daimoku Therapy" for him, which I believe is the most powerful of all. I pray for him to always be happy. I pray for him to become the top performer in his field or career, working hard for the happiness of others, leading a value creating and fulfilling life. I am sure we will create unbelievable value out of this medical challenge. I can already see that my prayers are working. He is indeed the most amazing child I have ever seen! He is loving and affectionate, and is always happy. All kinds of good fortune has also appeared in the form of best therapists and doctors, support from our family, and our insurance company which has agreed to pay all the hefty therapy bills in full! I know we have a long way to go. Through this experience, I want to show the way and give hope, courage and strength to all other parents with special children. It's been the most fulfilling five years I have lived. (sources: online experience)


I just came back from chapter's new year celebration. Not like previous year, this year, there was no count down, there was no entertainment, there was no happy dancing and singing. But, we prayed for the tsunami victim, their family, Penang's konsenrufu and everyone's safety. I wonder why this happen to penang in the first place? Why peaceful country like Malaysia can face such a disaster. Its time for penang's member to do konsenrufu and to reflect ourselves. Although Malaysia is a place where everyone can have their own religion, but,just like Mr Ong said just now, when there is a place where everyone is chanting Nam Myoho Renge kyo,the place will be a peaceful and harmony palace for everyone. Maybe its time to remind us that, we miss out something, we are not doing good enough..... We Need to change. And for myself, I kind of forget what were my determination for 2004, I didn't know whether my dream has came truth or not. I din't mark down. BIG MISTAKE.But the Charity Gala 2004 was definitely gave me a very unforgettable memory. And For 2005, I pray for world peace and all people around me are all safe and happy. and ofcoz, to realize my dream.... A dream which seem to be so hard and impossible to make it,but WHATEVER, its still will be my dream.. lastly, Happy newyear and happy fighting in 24K. Together we make our 2005 a unforgettable journey. A journey for success,and a journey for total victory in whatever we do and pray for. All the best guys.. nextime I will write out my determination just like boon how said. I think, I better say, we all will share our new year determination and goal.

Health advisory

The Malaysian Government is currently educating people in the Tsunami affected areas and relief centers on the precautionary measures against water and food borne diseases. As a proactive measure, please observe the followings when eating out especially in the affected areas: - Drink only boiled or bottled water, water that has been treated with chlorine, or carbonated beverages. - Avoid ice, as it may be made with unsafe water. - Choose food that has been thoroughly cooked while fresh and is served hot. Avoid pre-peeled fruit or salad, fish, and shellfish. Fruit that you wash and peel yourself is safe. - Try to abstain from eating out, particularly at hawker stalls where utensils and crockery are not washed thoroughly with running water. - Keep food and drinks covered. Do not expose them to flies. - Maintain high levels of personal hygiene. - Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the toilet, before preparation and serving of food, and before eating.