I just came back from chapter's new year celebration. Not like previous year, this year, there was no count down, there was no entertainment, there was no happy dancing and singing. But, we prayed for the tsunami victim, their family, Penang's konsenrufu and everyone's safety. I wonder why this happen to penang in the first place? Why peaceful country like Malaysia can face such a disaster. Its time for penang's member to do konsenrufu and to reflect ourselves. Although Malaysia is a place where everyone can have their own religion, but,just like Mr Ong said just now, when there is a place where everyone is chanting Nam Myoho Renge kyo,the place will be a peaceful and harmony palace for everyone. Maybe its time to remind us that, we miss out something, we are not doing good enough..... We Need to change. And for myself, I kind of forget what were my determination for 2004, I didn't know whether my dream has came truth or not. I din't mark down. BIG MISTAKE.But the Charity Gala 2004 was definitely gave me a very unforgettable memory. And For 2005, I pray for world peace and all people around me are all safe and happy. and ofcoz, to realize my dream.... A dream which seem to be so hard and impossible to make it,but WHATEVER, its still will be my dream.. lastly, Happy newyear and happy fighting in 24K. Together we make our 2005 a unforgettable journey. A journey for success,and a journey for total victory in whatever we do and pray for. All the best guys.. nextime I will write out my determination just like boon how said. I think, I better say, we all will share our new year determination and goal.