Because I have faith, I am capable of comprehending life, eternal and mysterious. Because i have faith, amid the ugly stuggle for survival, I can stride, maintaining purity, through a victorious life. Because I have faith, amid humanity bound by iron chains and imprisoned in the burning house, I can walk, in peace and tranquillity, through a life of freedom. Because I have faith, I can grasp life as the reality of eternity, happiness, trueself and purity, and not illusory dreams born of transient phenomena. Because I have faith, even in a society filled with contradictions and irrationality, I can advance boldly, confident in the law of cause and effect. Because I have faith, I will not be moved even in the least by huge waves, for I have boarded the great ship of eternity. Because I have faith, I can experience value, major good and vital life-force, and the happiness of human revolution. Ikeda Sensei