Life... What is it all about? What do we live for? At one time while chanting, I saw my housemates Going about their own chores. Suddenly, I felt something weird... I saw something in them. I feel like everyone Is doing the samething... Wake up, Bathe, Eat, Work, Talk, Sleep. Then, i came to a conclusion. CREATING VALUES In our daily lives... Everytime, Everyday, Everywhere... That is what differentiates a person With mission and A person who has none. I'm searching for my mission in my future 5 years... I'm currently fulfilling my mission here in Kajang... Excited as always to realize My mission in future...
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Thank you all for your wishes. I appreciate very much.
December is my favorite month of the year.
Not because it's my birthday month,
December 2004 is my first anniversary.
First anniversary of my daimoku campaign,
First anniversary of my battle in Human revolution
First anniversary of Mei Choo been given a new life in a new body
First anniversary of my battle in my studies...
A lot more...
It's a month of celebration for an end to a year and a beginning to another year.
Started to plan for what i want to do in 2005.
At the mean time,
I'm striving hard in my thesis.
Will share with you all later bout my thesis's fortune,
A big fortune from Mr. Gohonzon.
Will continue to fight with my mentor and my dearest comrade in the whole world.
Thank you all.


Thank you all. December is my favorite month of the year. Not because of my birthday being in this month, but rather a month of my first anniversaries of a whole lot of things. First anniversary of my daimoku campaign, First anniversary of my battle in Human Revolution, First anniversary of my struggle in my studies, First anniversary of Mei Choo being in a new body, a new life, Four month anniversary of knowing Carryn, Four month anniversary of being a member in Galaxy Chamber Ochestra SGM.... December - a month of celebration Celebration of an end to a year and the beginning of a new ones. Looking forward for the year 2005. 'The Year of Youth and Development' Thank you to all the readers, We appreciate your sharing and your comments... The blog won't die, because the principle - Carryn is here to save the Blog! heheheh... Yeah!
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No photo ??

Recently my friends keep telling me that sokalink have too much word than photo. They asked me to try make it more interesting by putting up more photo or anythings beside words. It make me to wonder, what is the purpose of the blog, the blog suppose to make me and Anna write something related to faith and also our feeling toward gakkai. We both not a type of person who easily tell people about our problem, but we do feel free to write down all sort of feeling here. The blog keep our friendship on and make our journey more memorable. Sometime i wonder is that really anyone who really read our blog, ofcoz not to mention my friends who study at oversea. What i mean here is that anyone out there really share our fight and really understand the message we tried to bring out.But, as i always say, WHATEVER, the blog will remain till our frienship end. When i free, i will make the blog a brand new home, a brand new start for a brand news year, am sure Anna will soon post lot of article related to the year of 2005. I know Anna will always there to be my reader and listener.
Bomoh...( SD's day )

Happy birthday

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to Anna happy birthday to you. A year older , nothing to celebrate, but I just want all the people who visited the blog to know that today is your big day, 0000 sharp I phoned you, want to sing you a birthday song, manatau you tidur already. This is what we called, "bo ean". Who said birthday just like a normal day? Not to me, your birthday seem to be one of the important date to me, very simple , I appreciate you and you are my "kaimui", remember? Your 2004 's birthday marked a four months friendship of us, many thing happen , and I am glad that you are being there for me and keep encourage me. Cheer gal, you are not alone, as I will always remember the day and I will always be there for you when u needed me. Happy birthday my comrade.


I have a lot of questions in my head since the training camp had started. Then, the campus talk and 12.12 experience meet add more questions into my head... Finally, i went to see a senior in faith. Had my questions answered or rather made me understand more what i should do. Every one has their own ways of getting things done. They have their own thinking, opinions and etc...etc...etc... How to know what are they thinking? How to know what are the doing? DIALOGUE is the answer. So, have as much dialogue with as many people as possible. To know why do they do all the actions. What makes them doing it? What is the reason behind everything? This is how humans should communicate with each other. By understanding the reasons why are they doing their actions, we can create peace. Well, any comments? All are welcome.

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Book Sharing

This month I would like to share a book entitled “Why Is Faith Necessary” that contains a series of articles written by Hajime Kawai, vice chief of the Soka Gakkai Study Department. ‘You are as good as you think’ page 22 caught my eye and as I ponder through I asked myself ‘Am I really that good?’ Dr. Hideki Yukawa, a noted Japanese physicist, said: “Life appeared in the universe and evolved into higher forms such as human beings, who are able to accomplish so much. This demonstrates the magnificent creative force that exists in the universe and manifests itself in many diverse ways. The life force of the human being is one of the myriad ways in which this great creative force reveals itself. In fact, human creativity can be viewed as the highest expression of this universal force.” The foundation or essence of the universal life force that Dr. Yukawa speaks of is known in Buddhism as the Mystic Law, or Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Unlike other religions that require belief in a supreme or all-powerful being on whom one must rely for salvation, Buddhism clarifies the fundamental law that permeates all life, and teaches us how to tap the limitless power of this law from within. This law is Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Nichiren Daishonin states: “Even a tarnished mirror will shine like a jewel if it is polished. A mind which presently is clouded by illusions originating from the innate darkness of life is like a tarnished mirror, but once it is polished it will become clear, reflecting the enlightenment of immutable truth. Arouse deep faith and polish your mirror night and day. How should you polish it? Only by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” (MV-1, 5). When we chant daimoku to the Gohonzon, we are expressing our belief in the magnificence of our own lives, and polishing ourselves internally in order to tap the tremendous power that resides within. Nothing is wondrous as human life. But this is often hard for us to believe. How often have we told ourselves “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good at that.” We may also hear from others about our shortcomings in certain areas. However, it is we ourselves who decide to accept the appraisals of others and look down on ourselves. Ultimately we must be the ones who judge ourselves. Ignorance of our own great potential and lack of confidence in ourselves stems from the “fundamental darkness” that exists deep within us. This darkness or illusion leads us to waste our potential, while it is faith in the Gohonzon that enables us to fully appreciate it and put it to use. Faith in the Gohonzon functions like an “engine” to propel us toward the great hopes and goals we have set for ourselves. In his poem “To My Young American Friends,” SGI President Ikeda states: Faith is — To fear nothing, To stand unswayed, The power to surmount Whatever the obstacle. Faith is the source of all solutions, An engine to sail through, On a thrilling voyage of life, A life victory over all. The correct attitude or spirit of faith is to challenge whatever problems or obstacles now face us with great hope and a dream for the future. Rather than asking: “What’s going to happen?” it is important to ask “What can I do now?” Therefore, we should not practice faith passively, without a goal or dream for the future, nor should we have the casual attitude that things will naturally work out well simply because we chant daimoku. Instead, we should cherish great hopes and dreams for the future and challenge ourselves to achieve them with the “engine” of faith. To me, I realized that Gohonzon has always cared for us and also loved us. Sometimes when I am chanting, a sense of great joy kept generating from within my heart. Hopes and courage kept coming… To my comrades, even if things seemed bleak, “I don’t know what I’m doing now”, “I go out for activities without knowing why I want to do so”, “They ask me to do (activities), so I did as they wished for” or … Please summon up all the courage you have to chant in front of Gohonzon. Daimoku is the basis of everything. Praying to Gohonzon earnestly, with the confidence in you yourselves and in Gohonzon, also taking lead in the 24K campaign, nothing is impossible. When we have the thought “I can’t do this”, we are actually underestimating our limits and also the power of Gohonzon. Come, my comrades, please do not give up! Let’s challenge all the impossible together. Let’s encourage each other when we are down. Let us move together as one in the 24K campaign and achieve total victory! ~*aNnA*~

Daily Guidance

SGI President Ikeda's Daily Guidance for December 6Vol. 1 Vol. 3S Whether we regard difficulties in life as misfortunes or whether we view them as good fortune depends entirely on how much we have forged our inner determination. It all depends on our attitude or inner state of life. Vol. 4 Morning gongyo is important. It is an occasion to wake up your life; it is the source of power that causes the sun of Buddhahood to rise within your heart. As long as you start each day from this seat of enlightenment, you will surely experience a fresh, vibrant day and take a solid step forward with your own growth and fulfillment.
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4020 A Celebration of Kosen-rufu in Malaysia

There goes the number 6th cultural show. There's 5 more shows to go. Last Sunday - 7th November, i woke up at 8.30am in horror to find myself still in my house. I was supposed to be at Bunka Kaikan before 8am. I ran down the stairs and got myself wearing my attire in frantic also washing myself in the fastest time. Just like during the refuelling period in the Formula 1 race, everything has to be done in the shortest time. I didn't drive like a F1 racer, i still drive at the normal speed. As the saying goes, better be late than sorry, something like that lah. I parked my car and went in to Kaikan at 9am. By the time i reached F1 - Female dormitory for make ups also to warm up my instrument ( for your information, i'm a violinist in the Galaxy Chamber Ochestra of SGM). Wai Yip greeted me with a smile and handed in my pass. We need to wear a pass around our neck all the time so that the stage crew recognize us as the performers.
Well, after everything was taken care of, we had our first round of performance. The Joy is there, yet, something is missing. The lunch was great! Perhaps I was famished at that particular time. I didn't have my breakfast because i woke up late. Nevertheless, a big thank you to the Women Division also the Young Women Division for cooking and packing the lunches for us. Their cooking is really the greatest! Yeah!
All the performers later chant together from 1.30pm - 1.45pm. Then we will have our second briefing from the stage manager and the encouragement session. Wai leong shared quite a lot. I only remembered some of it. Hm.. Can't recall anything now. Brain not functioning well, sore throat. Will share with ou guys when i recall anything perticular. But, we were deeply encouraged by his words at that time. Later, the Gym Boys lead a song named "Sai Gei Zhong Seng" in cantonese. A very nice song. It is considered as a Gakkai song. I wrote the chord this morning and hopefully will be able to share with all of you online.
After that, some how, somebody started to ask GCO to perform some pieces, so, a few played Canon In D - very famous piece. After that we asked the Chinese Ochestra to perform something and the conductor came in with a Chinese Flute and played a pice with grace. Well, later BBKK got a performance. A guy came out and sang "My Way" by Frank Sinatra... Out of tune sometimes. Heheh... We had a lot of fun. Also through this, we actually beginning to talk to other groups. Normally we stay with our own group. And this session is like an informal exhange for GCO, BBKK also Chinese Ochestra from Klang. Hoping that we can continue this kind of exhange every week! Yeah!
I didn't sing anything because i didn't bring along my guitar. Planing to sing next week given that I recover totally from my sore throat. All right, I stop here for the time being, my mum asked me to eat dinner first. Later after dinner I'll be going back to Kajang. See you later.
P/S: I'm thrilled that my friends will be coming to see the 4020 show this Sunday! Also a visit from a great friend - Carryn. I'm waiting for you, man!! Yeah! Really excited about all this!


I realise that most of our reader seldom give comment to us and also they felt shy to leave a word in our's tagboard. Many people told me that they have been here before, but why din't you leave something here to let us know and we will be very happy to know that there are really got people supporting us all this while and also a way for us to keep up the page. We do need encouragement from other people and do be part of us.

Up From The Soil

Traveler, Where have you come from? Where are you going? I forge ahead Searching for light In this unformed moment near dawn, After the moon has set But before the sunrise. I spring up from the soil To drive the darkness from my mind, To find a tall tree no storm can bend.

Storing telling

Good morning lady and gentleman, today, I am going to present you a story, the story entitled “The Gem Hidden in The Robe”. Once upon a time, a poor man went to visit his friend. The two friends have not seen one another for a long time. They were very happy and together they celebrated with some vine and good food. “Ah, that’s truly delicious meal! I’ve drank a lot of wine that I simply must rest for a short while. I can’t even keep my eyes open,” said the visitor. The host graciously laid out the bed for his friends and invited him to lie down to sleep. The visitor was so tired and drunk that before long he was sound asleep. The host was resting when he heard someone calling his name from outside his house. As he opened the door, a messenger handed him an urgent note. The letter commanded the host to go on an important mission to another country immediately. He had to go whether he liked it or not. These orders, however, deeply saddened the man as he was looking forward to be with his friend during this time. He had to do something for his friend, who was then sound asleep. So, he took a priceless jewel that he owned and pinned it inside the coat of his friend. “He will surely find this when he wakes up and he will know that I didn’t forget him. If I left the jewel elsewhere, he probably would miss it.” So saying, he left for his work. The next morning, his friend woke up and finding his host gone, he went away without knowing the precious gift pinned inside his coat. He was a very poor man and had no place to live. So, he wandered off to many countries in great sadness. One day, the two friends met. The host was shocked at his friend’s poor appearance. He demanded, “How could you have come to this poor state? Before I left I have pinned a precious jewel inside your coat. Have you found and sold it your life would have been changed. You have been carrying this treasure without even knowing it.” For the first time, the visitor realized that the great treasure that his friend had given him. His face lit up with joy and tears filled his eyes. The story teaches us that Nichiren Daishonin has given the Gohonzon-the precious gem-nam-myoho-renge-kyo- to us. It is only through our sincere faith in Gohonzon that we can receive good fortune and change an unhappy life into a fulfilled one. Thank you Crap crap crap…. The champion goes to… carryn Lim from Acad S.. cheers//

Ever challenging spirit.

Generally speaking, human beings have a tendency to live in a casual, easy-going way. This could be said to be one of their natural characteristics. Hence, it is not unusual that though we embrace the Gohonzon, it is sometimes easy to develop only a superficial practice from force of habit. We must constantly be aware of this potential pitfall. “ever-challenging” spirit should be another way of describing faith. Nichiren Daishonin in Gosho says “strengthen your faith day by day and month by month. Should you slacken even a bit, demons will take advantage.” The person who can overcome his weakness and challenge any obstacles must have a youthful spirit. This, a result of courage faith. SGI President Ikeda in his poem wrote: “Faith is- To fear nothing, To stand firmly... The power to surmount whatever the obstacles.” Faith is not something we have because other tells us to, nor is it something that others can give us. Faith has to come from our hearts. Similarly, we cannot expect the Gohonzon to take care of everything for us. Some people are careless in their daily life. Even without realizing it, they risk being careless just because they chant to the Gohonzon. They may think this is confidence in faith but it is actually being irresponsible. Because we have faith, we should be even more conscientious than other peoples. Sensei used to say “when we practice faith positively and with a seeking spirit, we’ll gain benefits and improve our life-condition. On the contrary, if our practice is passive or is only done out of habit, we’ll not feel joy nor gain benefits. We may even begin to feel overburdened. How long we have been practicing is not the essential factors as far as our fortune and life-condition are concerned. No matter how long we have practiced, when we lose our passion and seeking spirit we will be overwhelmed by our own weakness and karma. But if we stand courageously with faith in the face of our problems, we can definitely change our destiny and enjoys the great fortune we will accumulate.

Poem by Ikeda Sensei

Ablaze with hope, I face the raging waves, And though I may be destitute, Though others may laugh at Or ridicule me, Watch me now As I patiently endure. I exhort myself: "First work hard, To the full extent of your youth. Though some may scorn you, Always wear a smile. Heart aflame, Advance strong and true Along your chosen path." Smiling brightly, Serenely, At the arduous road ahead, Today, again, I will advance - Gazing up at the sky, At the summit Of a hope-filled future. Daisaku Ikeda


小時候,媽媽常說“艷芬,妳要念經,給妳讀書利害” 我從不明白為何要唱題,更不明白什么叫信心, 慢慢地在腦海里浮現了很多很多的問號? 為何我要唱題?為何要參加鼓笛隊?為何要逼我開會? 難到媽媽不愛我,非要我辛苦,非要我曬太陽不可? 難到她不懂外面太陽有多熱嗎?她不懂我有多辛苦嗎? 雖然很多怨言,但信心還是純潔的,從不懷疑妙法的徫大。 幔慢地我長大啦,我果然變利害了,頭海里開始想多了, 開始不再單純,開始有好多的置疑,生活變得不再簡單, 數理,物理,科學,還有許許多多的方程式開始占據了我生命的一大部分, 我變得實際了,變得情緒化,一切事物變得不再理所當然,一切都須要有所解釋。 為何須要信仰?世上真的有奇蹟嗎?科學又如何解釋呢? 我唱題少了,怨言多了,一切變得多麼的形式化,我變了 現實的生活占據了我的生命與思想空間,我不再思考生活的真正意義。。 慢慢的我覺得好孤獨,好沒有安全感,生活覺得好空虛。。 我開始思考如何過個有意義的人生,如何活得更充實。 我不求于偉大的宗教解說,我只求于內心的滿足。 我討厭現實的生活,社會的競爭与人与人之間的敷衍關係。 我只求于單純的友誼,真誠的聯系及心靈的共視。。。 終於在我迷茫中領悟了永遠不變的真理, 生命的尊貴,生活的價值。。 佛法有云依正不二,也有強調佛法即生活, 多年來,一直求于他人的改變,他人的付出。。 自己又為此做過些甚么?付出了多少? 在怨言之中,累積了生命里的污點,不幸的泉源。。。 自己的執迷不悟,導致自己及他人的不幸。 自己的傲慢,導致生活的敗北。。。我錯了! 生活的價值此于你如何對待人生。。 偉大價值須由自己去創造。。。 歷史的記載在於現在的行動。。 在為他人付出的同時,磨練出杰出的人格。。 原來每個人都是那麼的尊貴,每個人都持有自己的使命。 一切的不如意,都是在磨練出更好的自己應戰明日的挑戰 突然間,覺得自己好幸福,好有福運,好成熟。。。 學會里的磨練,先生的偉大哲學以及佛法的深厚意義, 開發了埋藏以久的自己,原來我可以變得更傑出,更偉大。 明日的知己,明日的理想,都取以現在的決定。。 等待不如行動,埋怨不如祈求,跟從不如帶領。。。 不是暢談佛法,而是簡單的人生道理。。。 生活本身就是法,法的本体在于人, 讓我們成為傑出的人才,世界舞台上的青年,一起沖吧! (茫茫人海中,遇見了佩云,更是人生中的大福運) 、、謝謝妳,我的朋友,我的知己,我的同志。。。。、、


往往置控著人生 ,
“ 艷芬,
(算一算。。。其實,我們沒有時間啦。。。。。 )


佩云跟我說, 我從來沒有把心打開過, 我好執著, 我好固執, 我看不到及不明白 事情發生的背后 所隱藏的使命及意義。 我花太多時間去不喜歡, 去埋怨。 她說得好對, 我從沒祈求過 如何從中自覺使命, 從中創造屬於自己的天空。 佩云就是那一個點醒我的人, 多年以來, 我還以為自己是對的, 原來我只是在執迷不悟, 活在自我的空間里。 在我為我的理想去策劃的同時, 我其實可以把目前的情形 化成磨練自己的舞台, 為將來的理想做好準備。 她對我說, 御本尊會給我們最好的安排, 每一樣事情的發生 一定有它的原因及意義。 我們就是要找出它的答案, 最直接的方法就是唱題祈求。 不是叫我放棄理想, 而是叫我充實自己, 往自己的理想去前進。 她說, 懷有理想是青年的權利, 努力地為自己的理想去奮鬥。。。 簡單的對話 既然改變了 我多年來的想法, 這也証明了 坦誠的重要性及對話的偉大。 讓我們為了自己的成長, 他人的幸福, 24K 的成功努力地展開對話吧! (謝謝妳佩云,我會慢慢地學習,謝謝妳在奮鬥的期間陪伴著我)


乘着晚上十时的巴士 沿着吉打州的路程 心情非常紧张 迫不及待的要 去见 我的人生同志。 倒数 五小时, 四小时, 三小时, 二小时, 一小时。。。 到了! 终于在四时凌晨 到了Alor Star. 当巴士一进入车站 在巴士里头的我 就见到了 穿着橙色T-Shirt, 褐色裤子, 脸带灿烂笑容。。。 她就是 我的人生同志! 太高兴了! 太兴奋了! 太不可思议了! 这次的旅程, 让我学习了 非常多的东西。 也认识了 吉打州 可爱, 活泼, 杰出, 单纯, 的青年部! 他们都很积极的 为了24K运动 奋斗! 前进! 给了我 很大的鼓励, 很大的欢喜,喜悦! 很有福运的 去到 槟城第一间会馆。 先生送给马来西亚 的会馆。 感觉非常的兴奋! 终于都能够参观 这会馆。 在会馆 于我的人生同志 一起做了 晚上勤行与 唱出了 誓愿与师共战的题目, 与人生同志奋斗的题目, 并立下决意 非在自己所要 做的任何事情 都要全胜不可! 上了星期五 夜晚十一时的巴士, 离开美丽的吉打, 离开我的人生同志, 回到我的使命地方, 再次的冲刺起来! 再次的奋战起来! 再次的全胜起来! 把电冲的满满的! 在加影, 努力于 学业, 广布。 艳芬, 我的人生同志, 愿意和我一起 奋战吗? 愿意于我一起 全胜吗? 期待您的加入!

Something from Kok Keong (Soka Uni Japan)

Dear K paradise's Editor, I had read the k paradise (Sept & Oct issue). its really encouraged me a lot. I also can feel that the effort that u had put in publishing this newsletter... the pressure on lack of articles, successors, duedate, ....etc. But i also sensed the boundless benefits are chasing u now. How happy am i to know that u trained urself thoroughly through writting articles and publish this important newsletter to encourage those who are facing problem now. And how joyful sensei will be if he know his dearest disciple striving so hard. Thank you so much for giving us the hope and courage through k paradise and ur action. Thanks to carryn for her sharing. Learned a lot from u. ( Is carryn from usm?) Praying that ur experince will burn up everyone's passion towards kosen-rufu. And who is the author for the english book sharing? Thanks for sharing sensei's burning determination to visit Brazil. It gave me courage to face my problems now. Miss Anna, i will strive with u too as what u mention in the poem. And thanks for the simple yet interesting diary. Chinese editor....thanks for ur effort too. I am sure that all the effort or sacrifice that u gave for kosen rufu wouldnot be wasted. Mika, great sharing! i was so touch reading ur article. Lets challenge togeher for the greater goal such as 24K! Boy ( can i know who are you?) i am waiting ur book sharing for the next issue. Its a great article. Wish to learn more from Mr. Teng. Finally, looking forward to learn how to sing the song 'friend' and the next issue of K paradise. I also wish to read more about other comrades sharing..... see you u guys again.... KIBU THURSDAY, October 28th, 2004 -- TO MY FRIENDS --"I am determined to help all my fellow members become happy, no matterwhat!"This sense of responsibility is what will determine everything.Please be courageous in your leadership!With the utmost courtesy and concern for even the smallest of matters,let's give the type of encouragement that will inspire everyone to have hope!


词:Carryn 曲:一旧云 十月十九日,二零零四年,一点半午时 C Am 不管伤心与否 F G 你都在我身旁 C Am 实行知已 F G 朋友的任务 Em Am 不管成功失败 F G 都想诚心告诉你 C F G C 因为你是我的朋友。。。 __ Am F 朋友一句简单的词语 C G 需要精神时间维持它 Am F 只要有你在身旁 C G 我会变的更勇敢 F C 未来挑战 G C 有你陪我 F C G 那怕荆棘失败 F C G 那怕忧伤与悲哀 F G C 你我一起渡过。。。 C Am Let us move, let us move F G Don’t be afraid C Am I will always be with you F G Just tell yourself, F G You can do anything, F G C Anything just you and me.


好烦啊! 好多还没读啊! 怎办? 唯有以题目。 唱题产生 无限希望, 无限勇气, 无限智慧, 无限喜悦, 伴着我们 渡过这个难关。 咬紧牙根, 走下去吧! 坚持到底! 青年应不怕吃苦! 青年应勇于面对! 勇敢的前进吧! 胜利就在前方, 向我们 挥着手! 一旧云 十月十四日 二零零四年 下午三点四十五分。


什么是欢喜中的大欢喜? 为什么唱题 能达到其境界? 我很想尝试一下 欢喜中的大欢喜。 南无妙法莲花经 是宇宙之法则。 而我们身为人 则是一个小小的宇宙。 当唱出宇宙之法则, 会越唱越开心, 越唱越涌现出 无限的希望,欢喜。 莫非, 这就是所谓的 ”欢喜中的大欢喜”? 人生充满许多暴风雨, 难免会有失落的时候。 但,每当跪在御本尊面前, 在唱出确信的题目, 一念想着 “我一定可以跨越这一切!” “唯有唱题,诚心向御本尊祈求, 我必定能胜利起来!” 相信没有什么障碍是不能不跨越的! 当然, 单唱题是不够的! 还得配合 行动! 奋斗! 努力! 才能胜利起来! 那, 如果说唱题必定能 转换一切的宿命, 为什么还需要行动呢? 唱题吧了, 不久行了吗? 打个比喻。 一煲干净的米 如果把它放进饭煲 然后没把电开上, 试问,那煲米会熟吗? 米就好像我们的烦恼, 而电就是唱题。 在米变成饭的过程, 是要经过一系列的 高温,滚热的水, 烫了又烫, 才能把那 硬绷绷的米, 变成美味可口的饭。 这个过程, 就好比我们的 行动了! 那, 让我们继续的唱出 喜悦的题目, 感受御本尊的伟大与慈悲, 来跨越人生种种的烦恼吧! 加油!


We don't always meet up We don't always talk Sometime we argue, Sometime we share dream, The feeling is nice, The feeling is precious, Someone is out there, Someone watching you, Hold you in the thought, Hold you in their heart, Later i found out, The thing got a name, "frenship" is the name, Drive me through my life. Carryn


This is a poem that i've written In the K-Newsletter June 2004 Issue After reading The New Human Revolution "Glorious Future" Ikeda Sensei: "Friends are a treasure. We can encourage each other, Study together and also Help each other to grow and develop. Living in a dormitory Can be a lesson in life And of to forge ties of friendship And build lasting Human relationships." ~*aNnA*~: Triumphing over difficulties Let us advance One step at a time Forging indomitable friendships Surging ahead to a glorious year Victory is awaiting us At the dawn of the Century!

wHaT iS mY mIsSiOn?

What is my mission? Why am I born into this world? Why am I here in UKM? Why am I here in 2040? What is my purpose of LiFe? Everyone born into this world, With their own profound mission, Carrying their own karma, Transforming their karma into mission... Ikeda Sensei says: Please transform fate into something that has value in it! Please transform karma Into MISSION! (将命运转为有价值的东西吧! 将宿命变为使命吧!〕 How to transform karma Into Mission? This, i have yet to know how. Until then, I realized my mission As A Student, A Leader, A Violinist in 2040... Also Comrade of my friends Here in Kajang, Penang, Japan, Korea, England... Will continue to fight, Along side my comrades, No matter what happens, Until the last breath, Of my life, Here in Malaysia!


# In the world of Mystic Law No one is without a mIsSiOn. Give capable persons The apropriate ResPonSibiLiTy, So as to enable them To give their BeSt. Never forget that We can see good in others When we give them a cHaNcE To show their aBiLiTy.# Daisaku Ikeda


抱着感恩之心, 感激前辈们在 广布大道的努力。 实在万分感激! 没有他们胜利的奋斗, 就没有今日的 马来西亚创价学会, 就没有今日的会馆, 及没有今天的我们! 非常期待2040的来临。 非常高兴能在文化节里 献下吾小小的 一份力量, 一份热情, 一份努力, 一份喜悦。 并立下决意, 非要让所有 十一场文化节的观众, 感动不可! 让每一颗音符, 每一个舞蹈姿态, 每一句说出的话, 每一个映出的画面, 深深的烙印在 每一个人的心中, 永不忘记的! 路途虽多艰难, 坎坷, 都能一一的跨越, 比起草创期前辈们 的奋战, 这一点点的挑战, 算是什么。。。 非要胜利不可! 迈向二十四千 青年的目标, 必定能全胜! 让咱们一起 奋起来吧! 让咱们一起 感受御本尊的伟大吧! 让咱们一起 喜悦的折伏吧! 让咱们一起 绝对的胜利吧! ~*一旧云共勉之*~ 于十月八日 二零零四年 凌晨五时

Profound meaning

In one of the sensei’s poem, he wrote that I will strive without rest; other can do or say what they like I will never stop moving forward; those who wish to do stop and rest can do so. I will continue to advance to the very end! Those who want to complain can please themselves. I will walk the path I have chosen. What was the path sensei chose which can make him strive without fear and never stop moving forward? What kind of determination he made? Why after so many years, sensei still striving without feeling tired and never think of giving up? What made an ordinary person like sensei put such an effort to strive for other? What he tried to proof? Does sensei feel lonely? What will he get after all? And lastly, how long do sensei still can be with us? Asking back ourselves: Do we ever really understand sensei? What have we done in our life which can consider really great? Why we keep complaining and easily give up? Why it is so hard to stand alone? Why we so fear to do something which is right? Why we never have such a great determination? Why we keep feeling lonely and feeling empty? And lastly. What differentiate a great person and an ordinary person, what is sensei’s hope toward our youth? Mr. Toda once said “we can make the failure cause of success; we can also make the success cause for our failure”. Sometime, asking ourselves lot of question will make us realize lot of profound answer for life.

Exam fever:

First week: one paper, so I decided to study the subject starts Friday. Second week: six papers, so I used my study week to study them. But what turned out to be is, I cannot concentrate, my mind is flying around, suppose to study, but I just can’t focus. I am using one week to make a note for one of my subjects, and now, I am still doing it, take me so long to organize the note and I found out that I am running out of time!! I still have lot of subject haven’t studied, past year paper never go through yet, people at school like watching me, figuring what will I get for this semester exam.( not because they think I am clever, but it’s because I played truant too much in one semester ) They driving me nut. What on earth they want to compare of, I just can’t understand. Yet, why certain people can be so selfish, so kedekut ilmu? Eh, why I borrow lecture answer from them and they dunwan to borrow me? I know I am too bad and too lazy to do the answer for myself, but, since u have done it, why not share share right? But I got nothing to share with them, that why I got nothing in return I guess, padan muka. But “life is about sharing”, anyway, up to them. What language should I use in my exam paper? Eh, all my note in English, but yet the paper and question is all in bahasa Malaysia, although sometime I think of writing English for them, but later will turn out became “rojak” language and started with BM, u see, thing is going crazy, the system, the format, the schedule, the peope… I guess these are what people call, exam fever…


行动! 真心! 成长! 看见身边同志, 一一的奋起, 我也奋起来! 看见身边的同志, 为家庭宿命, 拼命折伏,广布, 非将自身家庭宿命 转换不可! 并为人类幸福而奋起! 太伟大了! 太尊贵了! 太感动了! 以此, 我也非奋起不可!

Same mistake right or wrong

I am almost running out of my prinsip toward certain thing. My concept for certain thing seems to be changed day by day. Am I doing the same mistake? What if the mindset really changed? What if the thing not turns out to be what I hope it to be? Eh…getting confuse, I just can say... let time show me the way, let my mood and feeling flying with my soul... Hopefully everything will turn out to be fine. Again, I hope.

法华经的欢喜 (修改篇〕

“人生的价值和意仪是什么? 人生的源头在哪里? 人生的归宿又在何方? 人在茫茫的宇宙间处於什么地位? 这类永无终极的问题始终围绕在一代又一代人的脑海中, 每一个人都企望着找到最后的答案。”池田大作。 人生。。。 说长, 它一点也不长。 说短, 它却一点儿也不短。 唯有创造出最有价值的人生, 才是最尊贵的人生。 啊! 生命切实尊贵, 它包含了许多 人生点点滴滴, 美好回忆, 自身所创造的 光辉历史。。。 生也是佛, 死也是佛。 唯有坚持其妙法, 直到临终, 才是最后的胜利者。 易受难持, 而成佛在於持。 自问, 咱们能不能坚持其妙法, 直到临终? 能否坚持其信念到底? 能否创造价值到底? 能否奋斗到底? 。。。 ~*一旧云共勉之。*~ 写于 十月五日二零零四年,凌晨四点五十五分。


“人生的价值和意仪是什么? 人生的源头在哪里? 人生的归宿又在何方? 人在茫茫的宇宙处於什么地位? 这类永无终极的问题始终围绕在一代又一代的脑中, 每一个人都企望着找到最后的答案。” 人生。。。 说长, 可它一点也不长。 说短, 它却不短。 唯有创造出最有价值的人生, 才是最尊贵的人生。 啊! 身命太珍贵了, 包含了许多的 点点滴滴, 美好回忆, 所创造出的价值, 自身光辉的历史, 。。。 就算到了临终, 也要坚持这妙法, 生也是佛, 死也是佛, 唯有坚持到最后一刻, 必定能成佛。

no title

There may be time when other seem enviable. But other are other and you are you. Rather than comparing your every joy and sorrow to that of others, you should aim to surpass your limits in the situation you currently find yourself in. Those who can accomplish this throughout life are the true victor, the true geniuses. ~ Daisaku Ikeda~ Today is somebody's birthday... i tried to find some sensei's guidance to read, but , i can't find a suitable one for my current mood. some said me tried to run away from problem, for me, i am not, I just try to be myself and let thing happen. Don't expect other to understand.sometime, sad pple do and write lot of weird thing, so, just ignore me. But something for sure, sensei's guidance somehow gave a lot of impact over me ,so that i can bravely overcome all my difficulties. The greater hardship one undergoes, the greater potential that exists for one to grow. The deeper one's suffering, the more profound will be the joy one experiences when one triumphs over it. I believe, we all can make it, make our own history, live a happy life, one day, we will proof to the world, "impossible" is not exist in our dictionary.

Hers birthday

Last time, October will be a very significant and happy month for me. All the people I consider important to me are celebrate their birthday in that particular month. Usually I will spent two weeks searching present here and there to make them happy and my present will always be the best for them. I used to think myself very lucky to have them in my life. I used to think I will remain the good relationship with them whole my life. But yet, I realize, nothing remain the same forever, including friendship. The first one , she is my good friend, we knew each other since very small, we used to go practice together, hang out together and planning to skip training together. Our friendship was so pure and we never give and set our friendship in any particular group like “good friend”, “best friend” , “ordinary friend” stuff like that, we just friend. And where ever we met, we will walk together and stick together until one of us off. The friendship was without any pressure, and I feel calm to have a friend like that. She is the one who made me has the culture of : <>. I still remember she used to bring along birthday cake driving hers motorbike in the rainy night coming to my home celebrate my birthday with me and my family. Although the party was quite simple, but it mean a lot to me. The friendship changes a bit after she went to KL to study. We didn’t SMS each other, we didn’t talk to each other and we didn’t hang out together anymore. I kind of forget the feeling because I never thought of it and realize it. Maybe I should say... The friendship will still the same even we don’t contact each other, because we never treat each other like very special best friend. After all, when meet up, we will just talk and if got nothing to talk, is ok, no big deal!! We won’t feel sad, we will just wonder why. And now, we don’t celebrate birthday together anymore. I will just sent a SMS to her wishing her and she usually never reply...hah, such a naughty gal The second birthday gal, we met when we were in form six, our friendship started at my birthday, she phone me wished me happy birthday and we continued our conversation from daily life to religion belief , I can’t remember how long we actually talking on the phone at that night, but for sure, it was more that three hours. Just imagine, two people from different culture and background talking on phone for the first time and it took so long for them actually to stop talking. What should I call it? Fate? Or we just meant to be friend. Blah blah blah, we started to become good friend then later became best friend; she was my very first best friend who I really care of. We went through a lot of adventure. We climbed the small mountain together, we went fishing together, we went Malay kampong together, and we even went to kubur together (not the sense of die together, don’t misunderstand). She was the one who guided me to drive calmly and steadily, and I was the one who made her realize the fun of driving motor. She was the one who made me get used with English, and I was the one who teach her to speak and write in mandarin. She was my teacher for mm, chemistry, biology, and PA. She was the one who always beside me when I was down and unhappy. She is the one who gave me free medicine when I was sick. She was the one I used to hang out together till late of the night. And the most important, she was the one who made me felt so lucky to have such a great friend in my life. But yet, those all were not real. When came to the end, we were not friend anymore, our friendship came to the end. I wonder did she ever appreciate me? I guess she was, but not long. She used to tell me I was hers very close friend who can share everything together, and gave me all the promise that our friendship will never change even we went to different places. See what happen, the promise all became rubbish. I just can’t accept the point she gave me that I made hers life miserable, excuse me, is who made whose life miserable? Why she need to limit hers life with so called principal? And I can proudly tell you that, I never betray the friendship and I will always remember that she was the one who end up all the way for us to become friend again. I tried to behave gentle to her and she just can’t imagine how the thing she said to me leaves great sad impact in my life. I know perhaps me not the only one who suffer or sad but at least I let the world know how much I appreciate the friendship. I tell you, it was very stupid to let our own mindset change the friendship. Different pple, different view, if that was the decision, then I respect. Just asking urself, have I ever betrayed you? Have I ever point finger on you? Have I ever not at your side when came to any conflict? But u has to understand, something I just can’t accept. U has to respect me then. Our friendship have too much conflict , we both hurt each other by our own behavior, I assumed that we knew the fact, but something happen is happen, we will never become friend anymore, when I see her, I will have nothing at first, then the unhappy scene will later appear, look like the friendship have no back turn for us. Maybe one day I will forgive her and forget all the past, I just let the time cure .After all, is you change my point of view toward friendship. I pray so much, one day u will totally disappear from my memory. The third birthday person, she is everything for me. She is my idol, my maid, my lecturer and everything u name it. Let see... Have I ever celebrated birthday with her? Flash back…. Ohya, got! Started last few years, u see, is not me don’t want to celebrate birthday with her, but sometime…. Don’t want to give myself excuse. Ok... I was wrong. And this won’t happen anymore. As long as I have chance, I will gap all the opportunity to be with her. What were the present I ever gave to her? Hmm... For sure... Nothing except a birthday cake that myself also want to eat. I choose the flavor I like instead of choosing the one she likes. I am so bad. But every year in this particular day, I will tell her how much I love her and thank her for everything; I won’t feel shame or tongue tide when saying this kind of words to her... I feel proud and I know deep in her heart, she was happy to hear that. I just know that... hah... She mean so much to me, I should write a specific article bout her. I want to tell the world that, I love you so much and my life will really miserable without you. Hey, u guys don’t think I am a lesbian, she is my mum lah, and I am 100% normal. I can prove it. Hah. If one day I act badly to my mum, u guys can just screw me and hit me and slap me and kick me and whatever.. I should not do that to my mum... I love her. Love her so much. How many pages already I wrote? Eh... too long, actually got another one I want to write... I feel sorry toward her/he, I don’t know which of them birthday, but for sure is one of them, I assumed is her... so. I never celebrate birthday with her, if got, was also the time when she bought hers own cake back and asked we all to gather to sing for her. Why so sad one? Aiseh.if she did not, then I will just forget the day, u see, until now I don’t know what day is actually hers birthday, I only know the month. But she mean a lot to me also, she was the one who bought very nice, delicious, expensive cake for me every year, she is the one who take me to restaurant eat all the nicest food, and she is the one who always talk non stop this few years, who is she? She is my eldest sister lah, who else? She live at penang, but I never go visit her in this three years, the excuse I gave to myself is I have no transport mah. So she is the one who suppose to visit me. Hey, me very terrible lah, I should know when is hers birthday and give her a surprise, don’t u think so? I still remember that got one day, I phone her to just have a chat with her, but she assumed me got thing want to buy or want her do something for me. When I told her I just want to sembang with her, she was so surprise and told me that this was the first time me actually call her to talk to her. I am that bad one meh? I can’t recall also, I thought me is very nice person. But whatever lah, she should understand lah, we student very busy. I will still remember our future plan, I will try my very best to realize them k? Ok, time to stop, if not later Anna will screw me for writing nonsense things here, this page got its own objective and function, I know I know, but I also got lesson to teach from this article: 1. appreciate your family more than your friends, ( don’t repeat my mistake ) 2. remember all your family members birthday ,set a reminder in ur phone 3. friendship..hmm never put too much hope on it, it will eventually change 4. now I agreed with acad k member zi wei, he told me that comrade in faith will remain the friendship with you and better than other friend. ( anna lah) 5. It is the time for you to call back all your old friends to let them know u still alive. 6. Sensei once said that, the precious thing for youth is pure friendship, hopefully we all will be somebody to our friend and we are the one who should have good connection with people. 7. I realize that I should do my human revolution. Lady and gentleman do guide me.


while searching information for my report, I manage to join few forum discussion host by different pple in various countries. It was so great. Forum discussion really can enhance our knowlegde and open our mind toward the world. Different pple, different character, different opinion combined together to share one single topic. Don't u think it is just too great? It give me an idea.. Why don't we add a forum here, so that we can have a open discussion? But yet, I realize that we have no reader , how to have a forum then? hah. after all, it was still a great idea.. Or for me lah, syiok sendiri! hmm....


凌晨四点了, 时间果然过的十分快。 独自对着电脑, 感觉无比的寂寞。 不过, 虽是一个人, 却很享受它的平静, 感觉非常的舒服。 啊! 还有非常多的事情, 等着,等着。 何时才能把它做完呢? 唯有继续,不断的 前进又前进, 持着坚强的一念- “我一定能!” 一步一步的向前冲! 相信一定能冲向 胜利的冲线! 冲吧!


夫云信心, 非为别事。 在信心世界里, 非以题目与御本尊为根本不可。 脚踏实地的, 向前冲! 一步,一步的, 以勇气,智慧, 将一切的难题, 一个接一个, 跨越过来, 赢取最大的胜利! 绝对的胜利!

someone out there

人总是觉得自己所拥有的,不是最好! 但每当人失去了自己所拥有的,往往又会后悔莫及… 人,很多时侯会忽视了自己身边一些最重要的事物; 忽视了自己拥要的一切. 而,在众多的事物之中;人最容易忽视的是,自己的亲人与一些真正爱惜自己的人. 也许,我们认为亲人是永远不会离弃我们的. 朋友,我们可以迭择;但亲人是没有得迭择的. 也因为如此,很多时侯我们会珍惜自己的朋友比亲人多. 好好珍惜自己的亲人. 没有他的全力的支持,与无私的爱,我们不会有今天. 有时侯我们会感觉双亲的关爱是一个很沉重的枷锁. 也许,我们有时会感得双亲很烦,很罗嗦; 但,我们忽略了;这一些罗嗦的话语,源自双亲对我们的关爱.

charity gala

文化节落幕了… 我们成功了… 成功了吗? 成功一半了… 那另一半呢? 另一半成功与否;就要看过了文化节后的一切了. 看我们可否把文化节中所建立的: 确信,热诚,勇气,坚强与异体同心的精神延续下去. 看我们可否在未来的人生的路途上,无论面对多大的困境也紧记咱们在这文化节过程中所面对与克服过的所有困境. 永远紧记文化节当天,倒了又坚持起来的四层人塔. 紧记咱们一起熬过的…困苦 紧记咱们所坚持过的…胜利 如果我们可以作到… 那才是真正的:成功… 真正的“化城即宝处”……

What if I'm Alive?

Yup, as the title goes "What If I'm Alive"... Why didn't we think of what we can contribute when i'm in this world? Sometimes we really take our lives for granted. Just because we are breathing, walking, eating and talking all the time, doesn't mean that we will continue doing those things in the next hour or minute or second. We wouldn't have the chance to know what will happen to us in the future. My point here is that why not we concentrate now, while we are alive in this world to see what we can contribute to the society.
Sometimes, I don't understand why those people have the courage to suicide rather than to have the courage to challenge their problems and hardships. I do think of what if i'm dead the next minute... What if I died of car crash... But, when it come to "What if I kill myself...", I stop thinking about it. Why did I stop thinking furthur about this matter? I found out that it is not worth to think about this matter at all. Because, I treasure my life in this world, I respect other people's life, life is so priceless... It can't be change or swap with other things.
Soka Gakkai is the greatest people's organisation!!! I just can't imagine if I'm not one of the member of SGM. I am very greatful to the WD that shakubuku my mother. If it wasn't for her... I couldn't imagine my life right now. It would be totally different from what I encouter now. If I were to be given a chance to choose the life that I wanted, I wouldn't have the urge to change a bit of it. Not even a single bit of my course of history from when I was brought in to this world. I would have wanted just the same thing as I have now.
Religion does play an important role in a society. Respecting life and also treasuring it, is one of the greatest principle one religion can have. Sometimes I wonder if everyone does respect other human being life as well as his or her own life, war wouldn't have happened. Although "E=mc2" has been invented by Einstein, I bet people wouldn't have miss used it as weapons to kill people if the understand the respectworthy of a human being's life.
Well, Soka Gakkai is doing great job in promoting peace through cultural activities and education and I reckon people are more aware of the importance of world peace. Hope that we can continue to promote peace too in our own local community.

How if I die

Last time during my secondary school. I like to say the thing like “ I wanna die” , “ how nice if I just cant wake up” , “life is meaningless, should just jump into the sea” and so on.. I like to complaint a lot about my life , my situation, my study, and also people around me. Somehow things just not seem right to me at that moment. I even wrote down the thing I want other people do for me after I died. I not sure whether I mean it or not or I just playing around. But something for sure, it was already became a habit for me to say the nonsense thing like this, and some of my friends do take it seriously and marked down and remember all the detail until now. U better believe it.. Sigh.. After so many years, I started to realize how much I love my family and friends. How if I really leave them forever? Would them be sad ? Would all my friends attend my funeral? After thinking the question like these, I started to take the matter seriously. It will be a very selfish thought to just ended my life easily and let all the people around me carry on the suffer. They are all the people I love, if I love them, I should make them happy and not to make them cry and sad.
Talking bout karma, dead is part of our journey of life, its our fix karma. What we can do is to make life fulfill with mission and passion. never stop challenging ourselves, no matter what the circumstances , live life with no regret.
I would say that I am very lucky to born in the family who took faith in Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. I was born as a fortune baby as people told me. All my life, there are so many shoten zenjin around me helping me going through all the difficulties. My life is so great because of the Buddhism. I know I can change my karma by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, all sorts of platform given to me to train me to be a better person , don’t you think it is just too great to be in Soka Gakkai? I bet u do !
If one day.. when that is the time for me to die.. I don’t know when and how my life going to end. But one thing , I just wanna people around me , my family, friends, and all the people who love me to know that I love u guys so much and thank you for being around me. Don’t be too sad when the day has came, u know where will I go, life is never ending. And do take care of my family. My live is great because of u all. Thank you so much for everything.
Sorry, life is unpredictable, this is what in my mind at this very moment. U just have to bear with me. “ Life is like a box of chocolate, u never know what u gonna get”..hah…
One day.. I should write something special for my mum. If not because of my mum and Daishonin’s Buddhism , I wonder how my life would be.. terrible I guess.. hmm , ONE DAY.

Sensei Guidance

# Chanting daimoku earnestly, with strong determination provides the impetus to fundamentally transform our state of life. By breaking through our own limits and obstacles with daimoku and courageous action, we gain access to a higher state of life.# Ikeda Sensei.
Dear Yan Fen,
It has been my pleasure to get to know you. In fact, if i were to be given a chance as to whether to meet you or to know you, i would have done the same step-To know you. A great caring comrade, sister and great friend. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You have such great compassion and also a caring heart. You encourages me a lot. I have always prayed for a Kosen-rufu comrade. Looks like you are the one. Thank you for being there when i was down.
I can't help noticing that you can really write very well. I like the article that you published yesterday. Thank you, you are the greatest!


He said we must challenge ourselves day by day and creating history moment by moment He said we must fulfil our life with mission and determination He said our mission is to make impossible into possible He said we must understand ourselves and share our experience with other He said we must never leave faith no matter what happen He said we either loose or win; we must be the one who win He said we must be the outstanding person to proof the law He said youth is the most valuable treasure in every organisation He said we must have the heart of lion, bravely challenge obstacles we faced. He said we will never loose, never give up, never doubt and never loosing hope He said a lot more… He is my beloved sensei.. Daisaku Ikeda


It is important to aim always for tomorrow and create a personal history where one can clearly see that “ I have grown and changed this much since yesterday”. How do I live this day meaningfully? Those who know the answers to this question will enjoy happy lives. Living earnestly in this way each day leads to glory and victory in life. There is no need to compare ourselves with what we were yesterday Do not judge people’s achievements and character by their appearances alone. Make sure you really know them before you reach a conclusion. Everyone has their own mission in life. What characterizes our value-creating movement is that we believe it is important to enable each person to take the initiative in carrying out that mission. When our determination changes, everything else begins to move in the direction you desire. The movement you resolve to be victorious , every nerve and fiber in your being immediately orient themselves toward your success. On the other hand, if you think, this is never going to work out, at that instant, every cell in your being will be defeated, giving up the fight. Everything then will move in the direction of failure. Not everything will go as smoothly in your daily life as you would wish. You are a loser if you are defeated by your adversity. No matter how tough your situation may be now, it is important to keep advancing with a clear determination. No matter what your problem may be, you will definitely overcome them and open up a way to greater happiness as long as you continue to make patient and wholehearted efforted. Those are the phase that I came across in the book I read. I marked it down in my note book, now I share with my reader.. hope you all like it .

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