4020 A Celebration of Kosen-rufu in Malaysia

There goes the number 6th cultural show. There's 5 more shows to go. Last Sunday - 7th November, i woke up at 8.30am in horror to find myself still in my house. I was supposed to be at Bunka Kaikan before 8am. I ran down the stairs and got myself wearing my attire in frantic also washing myself in the fastest time. Just like during the refuelling period in the Formula 1 race, everything has to be done in the shortest time. I didn't drive like a F1 racer, i still drive at the normal speed. As the saying goes, better be late than sorry, something like that lah. I parked my car and went in to Kaikan at 9am. By the time i reached F1 - Female dormitory for make ups also to warm up my instrument ( for your information, i'm a violinist in the Galaxy Chamber Ochestra of SGM). Wai Yip greeted me with a smile and handed in my pass. We need to wear a pass around our neck all the time so that the stage crew recognize us as the performers.
Well, after everything was taken care of, we had our first round of performance. The Joy is there, yet, something is missing. The lunch was great! Perhaps I was famished at that particular time. I didn't have my breakfast because i woke up late. Nevertheless, a big thank you to the Women Division also the Young Women Division for cooking and packing the lunches for us. Their cooking is really the greatest! Yeah!
All the performers later chant together from 1.30pm - 1.45pm. Then we will have our second briefing from the stage manager and the encouragement session. Wai leong shared quite a lot. I only remembered some of it. Hm.. Can't recall anything now. Brain not functioning well, sore throat. Will share with ou guys when i recall anything perticular. But, we were deeply encouraged by his words at that time. Later, the Gym Boys lead a song named "Sai Gei Zhong Seng" in cantonese. A very nice song. It is considered as a Gakkai song. I wrote the chord this morning and hopefully will be able to share with all of you online.
After that, some how, somebody started to ask GCO to perform some pieces, so, a few played Canon In D - very famous piece. After that we asked the Chinese Ochestra to perform something and the conductor came in with a Chinese Flute and played a pice with grace. Well, later BBKK got a performance. A guy came out and sang "My Way" by Frank Sinatra... Out of tune sometimes. Heheh... We had a lot of fun. Also through this, we actually beginning to talk to other groups. Normally we stay with our own group. And this session is like an informal exhange for GCO, BBKK also Chinese Ochestra from Klang. Hoping that we can continue this kind of exhange every week! Yeah!
I didn't sing anything because i didn't bring along my guitar. Planing to sing next week given that I recover totally from my sore throat. All right, I stop here for the time being, my mum asked me to eat dinner first. Later after dinner I'll be going back to Kajang. See you later.
P/S: I'm thrilled that my friends will be coming to see the 4020 show this Sunday! Also a visit from a great friend - Carryn. I'm waiting for you, man!! Yeah! Really excited about all this!