Storing telling

Good morning lady and gentleman, today, I am going to present you a story, the story entitled “The Gem Hidden in The Robe”. Once upon a time, a poor man went to visit his friend. The two friends have not seen one another for a long time. They were very happy and together they celebrated with some vine and good food. “Ah, that’s truly delicious meal! I’ve drank a lot of wine that I simply must rest for a short while. I can’t even keep my eyes open,” said the visitor. The host graciously laid out the bed for his friends and invited him to lie down to sleep. The visitor was so tired and drunk that before long he was sound asleep. The host was resting when he heard someone calling his name from outside his house. As he opened the door, a messenger handed him an urgent note. The letter commanded the host to go on an important mission to another country immediately. He had to go whether he liked it or not. These orders, however, deeply saddened the man as he was looking forward to be with his friend during this time. He had to do something for his friend, who was then sound asleep. So, he took a priceless jewel that he owned and pinned it inside the coat of his friend. “He will surely find this when he wakes up and he will know that I didn’t forget him. If I left the jewel elsewhere, he probably would miss it.” So saying, he left for his work. The next morning, his friend woke up and finding his host gone, he went away without knowing the precious gift pinned inside his coat. He was a very poor man and had no place to live. So, he wandered off to many countries in great sadness. One day, the two friends met. The host was shocked at his friend’s poor appearance. He demanded, “How could you have come to this poor state? Before I left I have pinned a precious jewel inside your coat. Have you found and sold it your life would have been changed. You have been carrying this treasure without even knowing it.” For the first time, the visitor realized that the great treasure that his friend had given him. His face lit up with joy and tears filled his eyes. The story teaches us that Nichiren Daishonin has given the Gohonzon-the precious gem-nam-myoho-renge-kyo- to us. It is only through our sincere faith in Gohonzon that we can receive good fortune and change an unhappy life into a fulfilled one. Thank you Crap crap crap…. The champion goes to… carryn Lim from Acad S.. cheers//