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4020 A Celebration of Kosen-rufu in Malaysia

There goes the number 6th cultural show. There's 5 more shows to go. Last Sunday - 7th November, i woke up at 8.30am in horror to find myself still in my house. I was supposed to be at Bunka Kaikan before 8am. I ran down the stairs and got myself wearing my attire in frantic also washing myself in the fastest time. Just like during the refuelling period in the Formula 1 race, everything has to be done in the shortest time. I didn't drive like a F1 racer, i still drive at the normal speed. As the saying goes, better be late than sorry, something like that lah. I parked my car and went in to Kaikan at 9am. By the time i reached F1 - Female dormitory for make ups also to warm up my instrument ( for your information, i'm a violinist in the Galaxy Chamber Ochestra of SGM). Wai Yip greeted me with a smile and handed in my pass. We need to wear a pass around our neck all the time so that the stage crew recognize us as the performers.
Well, after everything was taken care of, we had our first round of performance. The Joy is there, yet, something is missing. The lunch was great! Perhaps I was famished at that particular time. I didn't have my breakfast because i woke up late. Nevertheless, a big thank you to the Women Division also the Young Women Division for cooking and packing the lunches for us. Their cooking is really the greatest! Yeah!
All the performers later chant together from 1.30pm - 1.45pm. Then we will have our second briefing from the stage manager and the encouragement session. Wai leong shared quite a lot. I only remembered some of it. Hm.. Can't recall anything now. Brain not functioning well, sore throat. Will share with ou guys when i recall anything perticular. But, we were deeply encouraged by his words at that time. Later, the Gym Boys lead a song named "Sai Gei Zhong Seng" in cantonese. A very nice song. It is considered as a Gakkai song. I wrote the chord this morning and hopefully will be able to share with all of you online.
After that, some how, somebody started to ask GCO to perform some pieces, so, a few played Canon In D - very famous piece. After that we asked the Chinese Ochestra to perform something and the conductor came in with a Chinese Flute and played a pice with grace. Well, later BBKK got a performance. A guy came out and sang "My Way" by Frank Sinatra... Out of tune sometimes. Heheh... We had a lot of fun. Also through this, we actually beginning to talk to other groups. Normally we stay with our own group. And this session is like an informal exhange for GCO, BBKK also Chinese Ochestra from Klang. Hoping that we can continue this kind of exhange every week! Yeah!
I didn't sing anything because i didn't bring along my guitar. Planing to sing next week given that I recover totally from my sore throat. All right, I stop here for the time being, my mum asked me to eat dinner first. Later after dinner I'll be going back to Kajang. See you later.
P/S: I'm thrilled that my friends will be coming to see the 4020 show this Sunday! Also a visit from a great friend - Carryn. I'm waiting for you, man!! Yeah! Really excited about all this!


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Up From The Soil

Traveler, Where have you come from? Where are you going? I forge ahead Searching for light In this unformed moment near dawn, After the moon has set But before the sunrise. I spring up from the soil To drive the darkness from my mind, To find a tall tree no storm can bend.

Storing telling

Good morning lady and gentleman, today, I am going to present you a story, the story entitled “The Gem Hidden in The Robe”. Once upon a time, a poor man went to visit his friend. The two friends have not seen one another for a long time. They were very happy and together they celebrated with some vine and good food. “Ah, that’s truly delicious meal! I’ve drank a lot of wine that I simply must rest for a short while. I can’t even keep my eyes open,” said the visitor. The host graciously laid out the bed for his friends and invited him to lie down to sleep. The visitor was so tired and drunk that before long he was sound asleep. The host was resting when he heard someone calling his name from outside his house. As he opened the door, a messenger handed him an urgent note. The letter commanded the host to go on an important mission to another country immediately. He had to go whether he liked it or not. These orders, however, deeply saddened the man as he was looking forward to be with his friend during this time. He had to do something for his friend, who was then sound asleep. So, he took a priceless jewel that he owned and pinned it inside the coat of his friend. “He will surely find this when he wakes up and he will know that I didn’t forget him. If I left the jewel elsewhere, he probably would miss it.” So saying, he left for his work. The next morning, his friend woke up and finding his host gone, he went away without knowing the precious gift pinned inside his coat. He was a very poor man and had no place to live. So, he wandered off to many countries in great sadness. One day, the two friends met. The host was shocked at his friend’s poor appearance. He demanded, “How could you have come to this poor state? Before I left I have pinned a precious jewel inside your coat. Have you found and sold it your life would have been changed. You have been carrying this treasure without even knowing it.” For the first time, the visitor realized that the great treasure that his friend had given him. His face lit up with joy and tears filled his eyes. The story teaches us that Nichiren Daishonin has given the Gohonzon-the precious gem-nam-myoho-renge-kyo- to us. It is only through our sincere faith in Gohonzon that we can receive good fortune and change an unhappy life into a fulfilled one. Thank you Crap crap crap…. The champion goes to… carryn Lim from Acad S.. cheers//

Ever challenging spirit.

Generally speaking, human beings have a tendency to live in a casual, easy-going way. This could be said to be one of their natural characteristics. Hence, it is not unusual that though we embrace the Gohonzon, it is sometimes easy to develop only a superficial practice from force of habit. We must constantly be aware of this potential pitfall. “ever-challenging” spirit should be another way of describing faith. Nichiren Daishonin in Gosho says “strengthen your faith day by day and month by month. Should you slacken even a bit, demons will take advantage.” The person who can overcome his weakness and challenge any obstacles must have a youthful spirit. This, a result of courage faith. SGI President Ikeda in his poem wrote: “Faith is- To fear nothing, To stand firmly... The power to surmount whatever the obstacles.” Faith is not something we have because other tells us to, nor is it something that others can give us. Faith has to come from our hearts. Similarly, we cannot expect the Gohonzon to take care of everything for us. Some people are careless in their daily life. Even without realizing it, they risk being careless just because they chant to the Gohonzon. They may think this is confidence in faith but it is actually being irresponsible. Because we have faith, we should be even more conscientious than other peoples. Sensei used to say “when we practice faith positively and with a seeking spirit, we’ll gain benefits and improve our life-condition. On the contrary, if our practice is passive or is only done out of habit, we’ll not feel joy nor gain benefits. We may even begin to feel overburdened. How long we have been practicing is not the essential factors as far as our fortune and life-condition are concerned. No matter how long we have practiced, when we lose our passion and seeking spirit we will be overwhelmed by our own weakness and karma. But if we stand courageously with faith in the face of our problems, we can definitely change our destiny and enjoys the great fortune we will accumulate.

Poem by Ikeda Sensei

Ablaze with hope, I face the raging waves, And though I may be destitute, Though others may laugh at Or ridicule me, Watch me now As I patiently endure. I exhort myself: "First work hard, To the full extent of your youth. Though some may scorn you, Always wear a smile. Heart aflame, Advance strong and true Along your chosen path." Smiling brightly, Serenely, At the arduous road ahead, Today, again, I will advance - Gazing up at the sky, At the summit Of a hope-filled future. Daisaku Ikeda


小時候,媽媽常說“艷芬,妳要念經,給妳讀書利害” 我從不明白為何要唱題,更不明白什么叫信心, 慢慢地在腦海里浮現了很多很多的問號? 為何我要唱題?為何要參加鼓笛隊?為何要逼我開會? 難到媽媽不愛我,非要我辛苦,非要我曬太陽不可? 難到她不懂外面太陽有多熱嗎?她不懂我有多辛苦嗎? 雖然很多怨言,但信心還是純潔的,從不懷疑妙法的徫大。 幔慢地我長大啦,我果然變利害了,頭海里開始想多了, 開始不再單純,開始有好多的置疑,生活變得不再簡單, 數理,物理,科學,還有許許多多的方程式開始占據了我生命的一大部分, 我變得實際了,變得情緒化,一切事物變得不再理所當然,一切都須要有所解釋。 為何須要信仰?世上真的有奇蹟嗎?科學又如何解釋呢? 我唱題少了,怨言多了,一切變得多麼的形式化,我變了 現實的生活占據了我的生命與思想空間,我不再思考生活的真正意義。。 慢慢的我覺得好孤獨,好沒有安全感,生活覺得好空虛。。 我開始思考如何過個有意義的人生,如何活得更充實。 我不求于偉大的宗教解說,我只求于內心的滿足。 我討厭現實的生活,社會的競爭与人与人之間的敷衍關係。 我只求于單純的友誼,真誠的聯系及心靈的共視。。。 終於在我迷茫中領悟了永遠不變的真理, 生命的尊貴,生活的價值。。 佛法有云依正不二,也有強調佛法即生活, 多年來,一直求于他人的改變,他人的付出。。 自己又為此做過些甚么?付出了多少? 在怨言之中,累積了生命里的污點,不幸的泉源。。。 自己的執迷不悟,導致自己及他人的不幸。 自己的傲慢,導致生活的敗北。。。我錯了! 生活的價值此于你如何對待人生。。 偉大價值須由自己去創造。。。 歷史的記載在於現在的行動。。 在為他人付出的同時,磨練出杰出的人格。。 原來每個人都是那麼的尊貴,每個人都持有自己的使命。 一切的不如意,都是在磨練出更好的自己應戰明日的挑戰 突然間,覺得自己好幸福,好有福運,好成熟。。。 學會里的磨練,先生的偉大哲學以及佛法的深厚意義, 開發了埋藏以久的自己,原來我可以變得更傑出,更偉大。 明日的知己,明日的理想,都取以現在的決定。。 等待不如行動,埋怨不如祈求,跟從不如帶領。。。 不是暢談佛法,而是簡單的人生道理。。。 生活本身就是法,法的本体在于人, 讓我們成為傑出的人才,世界舞台上的青年,一起沖吧! (茫茫人海中,遇見了佩云,更是人生中的大福運) 、、謝謝妳,我的朋友,我的知己,我的同志。。。。、、


往往置控著人生 ,
“ 艷芬,
(算一算。。。其實,我們沒有時間啦。。。。。 )


佩云跟我說, 我從來沒有把心打開過, 我好執著, 我好固執, 我看不到及不明白 事情發生的背后 所隱藏的使命及意義。 我花太多時間去不喜歡, 去埋怨。 她說得好對, 我從沒祈求過 如何從中自覺使命, 從中創造屬於自己的天空。 佩云就是那一個點醒我的人, 多年以來, 我還以為自己是對的, 原來我只是在執迷不悟, 活在自我的空間里。 在我為我的理想去策劃的同時, 我其實可以把目前的情形 化成磨練自己的舞台, 為將來的理想做好準備。 她對我說, 御本尊會給我們最好的安排, 每一樣事情的發生 一定有它的原因及意義。 我們就是要找出它的答案, 最直接的方法就是唱題祈求。 不是叫我放棄理想, 而是叫我充實自己, 往自己的理想去前進。 她說, 懷有理想是青年的權利, 努力地為自己的理想去奮鬥。。。 簡單的對話 既然改變了 我多年來的想法, 這也証明了 坦誠的重要性及對話的偉大。 讓我們為了自己的成長, 他人的幸福, 24K 的成功努力地展開對話吧! (謝謝妳佩云,我會慢慢地學習,謝謝妳在奮鬥的期間陪伴著我)