No photo ??

Recently my friends keep telling me that sokalink have too much word than photo. They asked me to try make it more interesting by putting up more photo or anythings beside words. It make me to wonder, what is the purpose of the blog, the blog suppose to make me and Anna write something related to faith and also our feeling toward gakkai. We both not a type of person who easily tell people about our problem, but we do feel free to write down all sort of feeling here. The blog keep our friendship on and make our journey more memorable. Sometime i wonder is that really anyone who really read our blog, ofcoz not to mention my friends who study at oversea. What i mean here is that anyone out there really share our fight and really understand the message we tried to bring out.But, as i always say, WHATEVER, the blog will remain till our frienship end. When i free, i will make the blog a brand new home, a brand new start for a brand news year, am sure Anna will soon post lot of article related to the year of 2005. I know Anna will always there to be my reader and listener.