It is important to aim always for tomorrow and create a personal history where one can clearly see that “ I have grown and changed this much since yesterday”. How do I live this day meaningfully? Those who know the answers to this question will enjoy happy lives. Living earnestly in this way each day leads to glory and victory in life. There is no need to compare ourselves with what we were yesterday Do not judge people’s achievements and character by their appearances alone. Make sure you really know them before you reach a conclusion. Everyone has their own mission in life. What characterizes our value-creating movement is that we believe it is important to enable each person to take the initiative in carrying out that mission. When our determination changes, everything else begins to move in the direction you desire. The movement you resolve to be victorious , every nerve and fiber in your being immediately orient themselves toward your success. On the other hand, if you think, this is never going to work out, at that instant, every cell in your being will be defeated, giving up the fight. Everything then will move in the direction of failure. Not everything will go as smoothly in your daily life as you would wish. You are a loser if you are defeated by your adversity. No matter how tough your situation may be now, it is important to keep advancing with a clear determination. No matter what your problem may be, you will definitely overcome them and open up a way to greater happiness as long as you continue to make patient and wholehearted efforted. Those are the phase that I came across in the book I read. I marked it down in my note book, now I share with my reader.. hope you all like it .