What if I'm Alive?

Yup, as the title goes "What If I'm Alive"... Why didn't we think of what we can contribute when i'm in this world? Sometimes we really take our lives for granted. Just because we are breathing, walking, eating and talking all the time, doesn't mean that we will continue doing those things in the next hour or minute or second. We wouldn't have the chance to know what will happen to us in the future. My point here is that why not we concentrate now, while we are alive in this world to see what we can contribute to the society.
Sometimes, I don't understand why those people have the courage to suicide rather than to have the courage to challenge their problems and hardships. I do think of what if i'm dead the next minute... What if I died of car crash... But, when it come to "What if I kill myself...", I stop thinking about it. Why did I stop thinking furthur about this matter? I found out that it is not worth to think about this matter at all. Because, I treasure my life in this world, I respect other people's life, life is so priceless... It can't be change or swap with other things.
Soka Gakkai is the greatest people's organisation!!! I just can't imagine if I'm not one of the member of SGM. I am very greatful to the WD that shakubuku my mother. If it wasn't for her... I couldn't imagine my life right now. It would be totally different from what I encouter now. If I were to be given a chance to choose the life that I wanted, I wouldn't have the urge to change a bit of it. Not even a single bit of my course of history from when I was brought in to this world. I would have wanted just the same thing as I have now.
Religion does play an important role in a society. Respecting life and also treasuring it, is one of the greatest principle one religion can have. Sometimes I wonder if everyone does respect other human being life as well as his or her own life, war wouldn't have happened. Although "E=mc2" has been invented by Einstein, I bet people wouldn't have miss used it as weapons to kill people if the understand the respectworthy of a human being's life.
Well, Soka Gakkai is doing great job in promoting peace through cultural activities and education and I reckon people are more aware of the importance of world peace. Hope that we can continue to promote peace too in our own local community.