Profound meaning

In one of the sensei’s poem, he wrote that I will strive without rest; other can do or say what they like I will never stop moving forward; those who wish to do stop and rest can do so. I will continue to advance to the very end! Those who want to complain can please themselves. I will walk the path I have chosen. What was the path sensei chose which can make him strive without fear and never stop moving forward? What kind of determination he made? Why after so many years, sensei still striving without feeling tired and never think of giving up? What made an ordinary person like sensei put such an effort to strive for other? What he tried to proof? Does sensei feel lonely? What will he get after all? And lastly, how long do sensei still can be with us? Asking back ourselves: Do we ever really understand sensei? What have we done in our life which can consider really great? Why we keep complaining and easily give up? Why it is so hard to stand alone? Why we so fear to do something which is right? Why we never have such a great determination? Why we keep feeling lonely and feeling empty? And lastly. What differentiate a great person and an ordinary person, what is sensei’s hope toward our youth? Mr. Toda once said “we can make the failure cause of success; we can also make the success cause for our failure”. Sometime, asking ourselves lot of question will make us realize lot of profound answer for life.