wHaT iS mY mIsSiOn?

What is my mission? Why am I born into this world? Why am I here in UKM? Why am I here in 2040? What is my purpose of LiFe? Everyone born into this world, With their own profound mission, Carrying their own karma, Transforming their karma into mission... Ikeda Sensei says: Please transform fate into something that has value in it! Please transform karma Into MISSION! (将命运转为有价值的东西吧! 将宿命变为使命吧!〕 How to transform karma Into Mission? This, i have yet to know how. Until then, I realized my mission As A Student, A Leader, A Violinist in 2040... Also Comrade of my friends Here in Kajang, Penang, Japan, Korea, England... Will continue to fight, Along side my comrades, No matter what happens, Until the last breath, Of my life, Here in Malaysia!