Health advisory

The Malaysian Government is currently educating people in the Tsunami affected areas and relief centers on the precautionary measures against water and food borne diseases. As a proactive measure, please observe the followings when eating out especially in the affected areas: - Drink only boiled or bottled water, water that has been treated with chlorine, or carbonated beverages. - Avoid ice, as it may be made with unsafe water. - Choose food that has been thoroughly cooked while fresh and is served hot. Avoid pre-peeled fruit or salad, fish, and shellfish. Fruit that you wash and peel yourself is safe. - Try to abstain from eating out, particularly at hawker stalls where utensils and crockery are not washed thoroughly with running water. - Keep food and drinks covered. Do not expose them to flies. - Maintain high levels of personal hygiene. - Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the toilet, before preparation and serving of food, and before eating.