Chinese New Year Celebration

Well, Happy Chinese New Year!!! This Morning I went to P.D meeting venue for the Chinese New Year Gongyo Meet together with my sisters. Although there were not as many people as we used to have, nevertheless, we had a lot of fun. As usual, we started of the meeting with sonorous gongyo, then there were new year greetings from Sensei, GD and members of the floor. It started off with a WD who stood up in no time to wish all of us the usual CNY greetings, then she sang a new year song. Well, the rest of the members begining to say out their CNY greetings followed by singing songs. I didn't know that my chapter has got that many good singers. Then, it came the time to the next program - lucky draw. This year all three of us (my sisters and I managed to bring back one present each from the lucky draw. My eldest sister got a big hamper. Hehehe... Well, of course it is not because of we got the hamper then only we are happy or what so ever. But, we had most fun in meeting all the MDs and WDs. They looked even younger than the last time I've seen them. Their faces were glowing with the spirit of Gakkai in their heart. I was even happier to meet them than to get presents. To be able to meet them is the biggest present that I can ask for. Mmm... I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Year ahead! Drink more water ya!! Enjoy!