Acad S outing

Before the big day. Dragon: Tomorrow morning, everyone has to gather at 7.15 am, 7.30 am sharp, we move to Youth Park to begin our adventure. Bring water, cap, and umbrella (optional) and wear stoking and sport shoe. RM 5 per person. Sister( in mind), wahlauyeh, ,my three year at USM hardly wake up for 8am classes and now you want me to wake up so early . Hmm. must think of something PG: "Eh sister, tomorrow I will follow GE's car go at 8.15 am, I need to past up my assignment lah" Sister: "Can I follow ah? (Yoh...such a nice plan for me, I can sleep one hour more) The thing settle, I will follow GE's car go at 8.15 am, when I reach there, they should be at top of the hill, like that, I don't need to hike anymore. Yeh!!! (Syiok sendiri ) The actual day, Saturday 29/01/05 Woke up at 7.40 am... Sister: "so quite, they all should be out already. Luckily I didn't follow them, siao meh! Sister: "eh, Nana. Why u still here, u not going meh? Nana: "Sure I go lah, how about you?" (wonder why I woke up so late ) Sister: "Go, go go" (wonder why they all still here, don't care lah) After taking shower, changing cloth, packing my stuff, around 8.15 am Wahlauyeh, they still tak jalan, that mean, I have to climb the mountain with them, ish, what a bad time management, messed up my plan. Yoh... 8.30am we all started our journey to Youth Park. (I mean TOGETHER) Title: An intimate encounter with the nature Objectives: strengthen the bonds between Acad S and Soka friends Activities: the birth of Bodhisattva of earth, hiking, strolling, picnic and sharing, the four persecutions, and encouragement (the game sound so bombastic with all the weird name given) First game- finding friends (everyone has to find friend according to the character given to them) I don't understand the game, but eventually me was the person who needed to find a friend with this ( male with belly ) character, I was so blur during the process and I turned out to have only one friend. (Still blur right? Me either) Hiking -The journey was long, ish, I wonder why they all so semangat to hike, it seem to be so easy for them. The hiking took me back to Academic K jungle tracking at ( don't know what jungle d), Anna INVITED me to join them and the activities sound very interesting to me. So, me alone taking 7 hours bus from Kedah to Kajang(the first thing I did after reach Kajang station= rush to KFC and order food without waiting for Anna. Anna, u was late!!). The activities were so fun except for the jungle tracking, my stamina din't allow me to join this kind of activity, and I ended up to be very " memalukan", be the only few person who needed to use short cut to end up our journey.(Anna, don't houlian, actually it was not short at all) Sigh... I will still choose the same way if given second chance. Sorry Acad S! so sia sui !! I hardly can dialogue with nature, everyone is moving, and me like chasing them behind, and of course, me also got once time be the top three in front of everyone (kembang). Uncle was with us teman-ing us (actually he was quite slow also, not to say teman), but I enjoyed the process, and was happy I can make it to the top. Yeh!!!!!!! Bravo to the juniors who in charge for the event! We have a game on top of the hill, and Bravo to Poh geok, Nana, and most of the junior who CANNOT COUNT and abit slow toward mathematic.hah, ( eh uncle, we should not show off lah, although we pandai and good in mathematic, its not so nice for us to be so OUTSTANDING ) bwahahhahhh..... The game down to the hill even more exciting, I am proud to be the "not win" team,(we not kalah,we just purposely let them win) what to do? Uncle was in the other team, I cannot let him loose, he is Academic S's TOP Advisor...must let him kembang abit .Furthermore, he is UNCLE, my mum teach me to respect older and I respect him as UNCLE. So old d still want to play, sigh, syiok sendiri!! Also thank to Kang Kang for prepared such a nice lunch for us, (actually, got chicken everything is ok with me already). Conclusion: The outing was so fun and you guys really made my life at Acad S completed for prepared such an adventure for me. Bravo again to all the people who involved. Thank to Hai Long.. you made me proud to be Kedahan ! keep advance! To Choy Yee, Ivy, Zhen Yin,and the junior who I don't know how to spell your name, you know who you are. Bravo and you guys are so much better than anyone of us during our first year in Acad s. Weldone! Never stop I'll strive without rest, Others can do as what they like, I'll never stop moving forward. Those who wish to stop and rest can do so. I will continue to advance to the end Those want to complain, can please themselves I'll walk the path I have chosen No matter what. ( Daisaku Ikeda ) P/s... Zephyr, rugi betul u dint join... none of you from engineering campus come, wasted. Here many lenglui junior u know ah? Wasted