Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I came back to Port Dickson yesterday at around 6pm. Well, it's been a whole semester since I have had the chance to go back on Fridays. Usually, I would go back on Sunday evening and back to Kajang on the next morning. My mom will nag and nag that i shouldn't have come back if I'm too busy or what. The truth is I love going back to P.D. I love P.D. very much. I can't help to think if I wasn't born in P.D. The beaches here is just too beautiful. I drive to school when I was in form 6. Thanks to my dad. It is a fortune for me from Gohonzon that my dad let me drive his car until now. Come to think of it, I never dream of driving to other states, especially to K.L. I even said to myself that I will not drive to K.L my whole life. Well... I guess I've broken that promise when I drove to UKM during my first year second semester (until now).
The reason I drove to UKM is because I wanted to have a transport to go to Student House and also to the meeting venues. Sometimes, the buses here are not time-orientated... So, it get irritated waiting for buses to come and they won't come in time. There goes me and my comrade's chance to go out for meetings. Well, my dad have been kind and generous enough to let me drive to UKM. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Back to P.D business. Whenever I drive to school together with my younger sister, the waves, the morning breeze, clouds... will greet us as we go along the road (the beach is along the road to my school, thefore it enables me to experience the breathtaking scenary every morning). Now, whenever I have to chance to go back to P.D, I would just stop by and take afew photos given if the scenary is really beautiful. I love the sunset here, the Sun is just as beautiful as a really big orangy egg yolk. Heheheh... Well, I do hope you guys will have to chance to stop by P.D once in a while to see it for yourself. I'm not promoting P.D, but rather share with you all my feelings towards the beaches.
I have live here for almost 24 years now and frankly speaking, I am not bored at all living here in P.D. I look forward for the chance to go back home if I have one. Home is the best place one could have. Agree? Well, this year's Chinese New Year is not the same. Why? The answer is darn simple... I have you guys here with me celebrating it (especially carryn and zephyr). It has been a great pleasure meeting and knowing you guys. Can't imagine the fortune that Gohonzon has given to me. Anyway, I might be going up to Penang to meet with Carryn on the 18th or 19th February. I hope I can make it. Really hope so. Then if possible, I would like to meet zephyr also. We'll see how it goes.
Thank you guys, for being there with us here in the Blog. I pray that this blog serves as a platform for us to link our hearts (in between us also) together with our great mentor - Ikeda Sensei. Well, I wish you guys Happy Chinese New Year!! Please take care of yourselves during this period and also drink lots and lots of water. (Even my dog also got sick... No sound to bark d..) Well... see you later then!