Flight to Taipei from Hong Kong 28.11.05

"It's a beautful day today," "25 degree celsius, it's clear blue skies" said the pilot, Albert Low. The sky is indeed blue, carrying my dreams and feelings along. How does it feels like to grasp a handful of clouds? Now I am up away from the clouds, soaring high like a bird, no, higher than a bird... My high school dream has become a reality, My second high school dream, to be precise. The first was realized during my 5th month in TSS, Now, thw second is now a reality to be on a plane flying to different countries... "15 minutes to Taipei." "Ground temperature is 26 degree celsius" Looking out from the window, I see the wings piercing through the wind and the clouds. How wonderful the world is! I have already started to miss every one in Hong Kong Soka Kindergarten. Hoping deeply that I'll be able to visit Hong Kong in near future... WIth love, ~*aNnA*~