Kedah Trip

Last Saturday and Sunday, I was at Kedah together with my roomate-KimWei. It took us about 4 hours to reach Sungai Petani. The whole journey was smooth but, in the middle of the journey, it started to rain. Anyway, we continued on. I was hoping in my heart that the rain will stop when we reach Sungai Petani. It stopped! Yan fen and family was there waiting for us when we reached the tol exit. Then we were off to a nearby restaurant for lunch. The food was great!
After that, we went to visit another Yan Fen. She is our Academy K junior. She'll be coming to stay in Student House on the 18th of July 2007. We are all very excited! Yan fen had muscle cancer and she having chemotherapy to kill off the cancer cells. Her spirits are high and she is very cheerful and strong. Hopefully she'll come and share her victory report with the K members and K.L members.
After that, we were back to Carryn's house. We had a chat and it was heart warming. I wonder how is she doing now. We were encouraging each other to trive along the pathway of mentor and disciple.
End of this year, if I am not going overses, I'll be visiting Soe Lan, Shu Tyug in J.B then off to Pahang to visit Boon How, then Perak- Kim Wei, to Kedah to visit Lim Yan Fen. This will be my visiting plan. I'll have to start to save up enough money. Heheh..