UM class

I wasn't feeling like going to UM today. Every Saturday have to study from 9 am to 6 pm... It was quite tough for me to stay concentrate for such a long time. Nevertheless, everytime I thought of giving up, I'll think of the children in TSS, I have to go on no matter what it takes... This semester was getting better. The course offered this semester was what I needed currently, especially Mathematics and Science for Kindergarten and Program planing and teaching strategy I. This year I am teaching English, English Mathematics, Science, Bahasa Melayu and Theme. After attending the Mathematic and science for children, I gained alot of new discovery about those subject. I was full of hope in doing whatever it takes to let the children enjoy to the fullest in those subjects. As Dr. Mariani told us today that play is the children's business, it is their work. So, through play, we are letting the children learn as they are having fun at the same time. Working for the happiness of the children - as what Makiguchi sensei had told us.
These few months, TSS has undergone many changes in upgrading administration system and also teacher's standard in preparing lessons. For those who do not know why we have to make changes, will certainly have a lot of grumbling and complaints. But, after what Pooi Yin has shared with us during Friday's staff meeting, we have a better understanding and I think quite a few are starting to work for all the changes. Perhaps these are the stages that we need to go through in understanding certain changes have to be made in order to upgrade the whole school to greater height. We were asked to think about why we want to work in TSS. Also we heard the sharing about what Makiguchi Sensei, Toda Sensei and Ikeda Sensei thought about humanistic education.
Working 3 times harder than anybody else. Working for the happiness of the children. That is what I am telling myself everyday when I step into TSS.
How are you, carryn? Boon How? Hope you guys are fine. I miss you all. Please drop by and say hello, will ya? Wishing you all happy working and studying.