A translation of President Ikeda's "To My Friends" published in the SeikyoShimbun and more. THURSDAY, August 31st, 2006-- TO MY FRIENDS -- Three cheers for all of our Student Division members! *By cultivating wisdom, improve yourselves as human beingsand so develop the strength and ability to wipe out all evil forces(by relentlessly refuting all injustice and lies). Please become fine, capable individuals in all aspectsas courageous young men and women for the sake of justice!* August 31: Student Division Day - On August 31st, 1962, President Ikedabegan his first lecture on the "Record ofthe Orally Transmitted Teachings" to some forty student divisionrepresentatives. "As for each of you here today to study the 'Orally Transmitted Teachings'with me, from here on, I ask that you, too, without a single exception,develop yourselves to become exemplary leaders of the Gakkai and of societyas a whole. That is my earnest wish. For that reason, I am determined to puteverything I have into these lectures, no matter how busy I may be withother matters.""For ten years, I thoroughly studied and learned the principles ofkosen-rufu under Mr. Toda's tutelage. The mentor provides the principles,and the disciple puts them into practice. In the future, I want you to makeenormous progress in kosen-rufu, building tens and hundreds of times on thefoundation that I have established. I am a steppingstone for you. Our goalis the happiness of all people and world peace." (The New Human Revolution,Volume 6, "Young Eagles" chapter) THURSDAY, August 31st, 2006--- DAILY GOSHO ---"Each of you should summon up the courage of a lion kingand never succumb to threats from anyone. The lion kingfears no other beast, nor do its cubs."(On Persecutions Befalling the Sage - The Writings ofNichiren Daishonin, page 997) Selection source: "Kyo noHosshin", Seikyo Shimbun, August 31st, 2006FRIDAY, September 1st, 2006---- DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT ----"Both practice and study arise from faith (WND, 386), continues NichirenDaishonin in the same gosho "The True Aspect of All Phenomena. " When faithdeepens, practice and study progress, and when practice and study progress,faith deepens. Through this chain of cause and effect, our lives are filledwith benefit that can vanquish the negative and bring forth the positive; weare assured of true happiness and able to accumulate everlasting goodfortune." Disregarding the two ways of practice and study is like flying an airplanewith no idea of your course, altitude, or destination, and no means ofrefuelling. Without fail, you will stray and eventually lose speed. If youencounter the slightest turbulence, you will come crashing down from theskies in a flash. Those who persevere in the two ways of practice and study,however, walk the path of supreme victors in life; they are people who willnever regress in faith and will triumph resolutely in all struggles."SGI Newsletter No. 6946, SGI President Ikeda's Editorial, The Two Ways ofPractice and Study: The Shining Path of the Highest Way of Life, (From theSeptember 2006 issue of the Daibyakurenge, the Soka Gakkai monthly studyjournal, translated Aug. 29th, 2006)