A new Butsudan

I have bought a new Butsudan for my Gohonzon. Paid for it yesterday and the kaikan staffs will send the butsudan to my house on Thursday. I am very excited about it!!
Anyway, I went to UKM today to pay the water bill and sent Kim Wei's letter. When I was just going out from campus area, suddenly I remember about the postgraduate diploma (translation) that I have applied for. So I turned back to Pusat Bahasa & Linguitik to ask about the status of my application. They said the faculty has accepted my apllication and I was asked to go to Pusat Siswazah to ask about it. When I was there, they said they've sent out the letter. I think I'm going to get the letter soon.
Tonight I'm going to にほんごのクラス。はい!いしょおに がんばってください!


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