5.3 and 5.4, 2005

to all the members in m'sia.. congratulations again for achieving such a great success in the 24k campaign!! rock on, guys!! dun juz stop there, ya!! n carryn lim yan fen.. happy 24th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dunno how many times i wish u liao.. but u syiok that it's ur b'day today rite?! even the msn display name oso put "my birthday today".. look at her, peeps!! she's that beh pai seh.. actually, that makes her, the carryn lar.. kan!?! haha!! p/s: that happy birthday song is my present to u.. i'll send u a better 1 some other time.. ;) bare wif me, guys.. i hafta make her syiok for a day.. i'll change the song tomolo.. haha!!