Buddhism is an earnest struggle to win. This is what the Daishonin teaches. A Buddhist must not be defeated. I hope you will maintain an alert and winning spirit in your work and daily life, taking courageous action and showing triumphant actual proof time and again. (3/8/96) In this lifetime, to demonstrate the power of faith in the Mystic Law to others, some of you have been born into poverty so that you can show actual proof by gaining secure and comfortable lives. Some of you have been born with ill health so that you can show proof by growing strong and healthy. Irrespective of your situations, however, the light of faith in the depths of your beings will continue to shine eternally with diamond-like brilliance. (6/22/96) Since we have taken the lead in embracing this great religion to which so much of humankind still remains oblivious, it is important that we demonstrate the value of this Buddhism by showing actual proof in our daily lives. Seeing such proof is what enables people to realize the greatness of this Buddhism, that it is something unique that they have not en-countered up until now. (2/26/90) When we speak of showing actual proof, it doesn't mean we have to try to put on a show of being any more knowledge-able or accomplished than we are. It is my hope that, in the manner that best suits your situation, you will prove the validity of this Buddhism by steadily improving in your daily life, your family, place of work and community and by polishing your character. (2/26/90) Shijo Kingo, a person of strong faith, was at one point envied and slandered by others, earning the disfavor of his lord. But later he received a new estate from him. In modern terms, we might say that Shijo Kingo scored this victory by showing wonderful actual proof of faith at his place of work. The test of faith is winning in daily life and society, since that is where Buddhism finds _expression. (4/23/96) Science is based on tested proof or empirical evidence. You conduct a test or experiment and then observe the results. Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, similarly, teaches that nothing beats actual proof. In this regard, it stands alone among world religions. I hope that each year you will strive to show clear proof of victory in Buddhism and your studies. Please always remember that showing such proof is the mark of a true successor. (4/2/98) Daisaku Ikeda