"To speak ill of that person [who embraces the supreme Law] is to speak ill of the Law, just as to show contempt for the son is to show contempt for the parents who bore him" (MW-5, 32). The "person" here, in the specific sense, refers to Nichiren Daishonin. In a broad sense, however, it indicates his followers, we Soka Gakkai members who promote kosen-rufu. To speak ill of those who propagate the Law even at the cost of their lives is to speak ill of the Mystic Law. To show contempt for the children of the Buddha is to show contempt for the Buddha himself. (9/30/91) When people worship the Gohonzon, all Buddhas and bodhisattvas in the entire universe immediately respond to their prayers by lending their protection. If people slander the Gohonzon, the response will be exactly the opposite. For this reason, one's mind of faith is extremely important. The mind of faith has a subtle and far-reaching influence. (2/27/90) Shijo Kingo suffered on account of calumny. But the Daishonin told him, "Never let life's hardships disturb you." Those who resort to libelous accusations are defeated as human beings; no action is more lowly and base. We should not be swayed in the least by such despicable actions. Just as we do not put garbage into our mouths, we must not permit such rubbish to enter our hearts. The Daishonin encouraged Shijo Kingo to shut the cowardly behavior of his accusers out of his mind. The Roman philosopher Seneca says that the arrows of slander cannot pierce the heart of a person of wisdom. (LG, p. 242) Those who abuse the SGI, who exploit the members for their own selfish reasons and aims, are committing the gravest slander of the Law. (6/25/96) There are cases when we wonder why merit doesn't reveal it-self in spite of our earnest and high degree of faith. At such times, rather than suspecting that you may entertain doubt about the Gohonzon, it is better to ask yourself whether you are guilty of any slander. Because a person who is contemptuous, hating, jealous or holds grudges will realize no benefits. (2/20/90) Buddhism reveals the ultimate Law of the universe and the ultimate principle for achieving happiness. Taking faith in Buddhism plants the seed of true happiness in our lives. Therefore, we must not uproot and throw away, scorch or otherwise spoil this seed of happiness as a result of harboring hatred and jealousy toward fellow believers and eventually discarding our faith. (2/14/90) DAISAKU IKEDA


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