On Daimoku

f you underestimate the power of daimoku, And use other strategies, you will lose in the end; You can accumulate good fortune only when you fight for kosen rufu, Without begrudging your life; Unless yours prayers are united, The fight for kosen rufu cannot gain momentum; No matter what anybody says, or does, Nothing can defeat the power of daimoku; But without action, you cannot call it faith; The Gohonzon can penetrate through everything; The world of faith is very mystic, and once you become serious, You can gain one thousand times or ten thousand times more benefits; When you chant abundant daimoku You have the power to open the heaviest iron door that stands in your way, You can overcome the most massive obstacles in your life, You can definitely change your negative karma; The world of faith is the place where many of us, Chant powerful daimoku in unity, Thus creating the power like the huge force of the wind. There is nothing but daimoku; Daimoku determines everything, Daimoku has more power than one million guidance, Or one million books on philosophy. Chant abundant daimoku and pray to the gohonzon; Ask the Gohonzon for whatever you need; Everything will come true as you wished, And the path of kosen rufu will open up in front of you. Everything depends on how much daimoku you chant; When you chant a lot of daimoku, You will naturally feel that you need to study more; When you chant abundant daimoku, Your work will become fulfilling. There may be many times when you experiences great suffering and deep sorrow, There may be many nights when tears will not stop flowing, At such times, my heart will be open to you, I am always here to listen to you; I, too will share your tears with you, You don't need to tell me anything, If you are happy, I can tell just by looking at your face, Just tell me about the problems and pain that you have, I will always carry half of your heavy burden, And walk together with you. Daisaku Ikeda