Again, someone has awaken me Again, I felt shame on myself Again, I saw something great Again, I felt proud of you However, I won't compare with other However, I will follow my own speed However, I will learn in my own way However, I know I wont forget my identity Yet, there are so much thing to do Yet, I am too slow to stand up Yet, I have done not good enough Yet, I have too much thing to learn from Sometimes , I wonder who am I Sometimes, wonder what can I do Sometimes, I so hate of myself Sometimes, I just don't know what to do Maybe, I never like myself Maybe, I never put effort Maybe, I never chant powerful doimuku Maybe, I am just nobody Perhap, now is time to start Perhap, now is time to share Perhap, now is time to let go Perhap, now is time to fight so, I hope I will proud of myself So, I hope for a better me So, I hope I can tell u something great So, I hope I remember my own determination well, I guess I am somebody Well, I guess I can do something great Well, I guess I just need some confident Well, I guess I have to chant lot more doimoku