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"...the obstacles to kosen-rufu are not external, but internal. We limit ourselves through our cowardice and weakness, which give rise to a defeatist attitude and make us think that we will never succeed. Arrogance, meanwhile, leads to negligence and indolence, which will bring about our downfall. "It is therefore crucial to overcome such negative tendencies and shatter our delusions. Doing so requires tremendous determination. We need to be firmly resolved to achieve our goals and chant to the Gohonzon with a strong pledge to realize kosen-rufu. Furthermore, we need to take courageous action. Taking action creates momentum and power." SGI Newsletter No. 6381, The New Human Revolution—Vol. 17: Chap. 1, Main Baion 45, translated March 14th, 2005 --- "If you are passive, you can’t demonstrate real ability. If you only take action when people tell you to, you will not savour the true vitality of life. The important thing is to decide that you are personally responsible for kosen-rufu in your community and take the initiative. Stand up as the protagonist of your local organization. That’s the way of life of a Bodhisattva of the Earth. If you do that, you will experience joy and strength welling up from your being." SGI Newsletter No. 6378, The New Human Revolution—Vol. 17: Chap. 1, Main Bastion 43, translated March 11th, 2005