Fortune from Gohonzon

I had two great gifts from Gohonzon yesterday. I chanted from 2.30 to 3.30pm. Upon finished chanting, I thought of going online for a while until 4pm and I did. Just when I connect the phone line back to my house phone, a call came in and the conversation is as below:
Mrs. Lim: Hello, can I speak to Anna?
Me: I am, who's speaking pls?
Mrs. Lim: I'm Mrs. Lim from Tadika Seri Soka.
(I was puzzled at that time. I don't know what to say or think. I was BLANK!)
Me : Oh, Is there anything I can do for you?
Mrs. Lim: Well, yes. Are you interested in coming to teach in TSS?
Me : Em... yes. In fact I am planing to go for interview after my exam and Thesis presentation.
Mrs. Lim : Is that so? We need a teacher that can teach music. The previos Malay teacher who taught music resigned. When can you come for an interview with TSS principle?
At this point, I was elated, confused and blank. Gohonzon really geng lah... Really!!! The second present from Gohonzon came just after the first. Two in a row! I received a call from my senior Chun Hoe.
Chun Hoe: Hello, Anna? I'm Chun Hoe, free to talk a while?
Me : Oh, hi! Yup, I'm free now.
Chun Hoe: Congratulations! You have passed Akademeia Training!
Me : Oh, results out already?
Chun Hoe:Yup. We will be having Akademeia Convo meet on the 26th this month. However,
I'd like you to do a favour for me.
Me : Oh, what's that?
Chun Hoe: Can you share your experience during the meet? About how you do your Akademeia,
most importantly share about shakubuku.
Me : Oh, but, I only shakubuku a few people only worh...
Chun Hoe:Few people also people mah... Can ah?
Me :O.k!
It was a double bonus for me yesterday. I was so down the night before and luckily Shu Ting was there to encourage me. If not, I already given up studying for Molecular Biology exam today. Couldn't help myself from really thank Gohonzon from the bottom of my heart. I prayed that I will get to teach in TSS successfully ASAP. Actually I was quite worried as what I want to do during the holidays. I wanted to continue going all out for kosen-rufu here in Kajang and with that I will need to find a job to support myself. I chanted to Gohonzon, actually I promised Gohonzon 3 things:
1. I'll go all out (my life and whole energy) in Kosen-rufu battles
2. I'll go all out (my life and whole energy) in my studies
3. I'll go all out (my life and whole energy) in cultural practices
I made the above 3 promise to Gohonzon during when I was in my second year second semester. That time I chanted for a Industrial Training place near my house in Kajang. I promised to Gohonzon that I'll go for home visitations everynight if I am given a place near Kajang. And I did.
Today, another present from Gohonzon. I received a mail from my friend Nicholas Chua from India. A big parcel was posted to my house in P.D. I just can't wait to go back and look at it. For your info, Nicholas has been my pen friend since form 4. He's from Port Klang. heheh.. Cute guy, tapi younger than me and sudah berpunya. Heheheh... Well, it is full of surprises from Gohonzon everyday!
These few weeks I've been chanting 3-4 hours perday to keep my spirits high during the Finals. Now, it's down to 2 papers from the initial 7 papers and my Thesis presentation is on the 30th March, 2.55-3.10pm. Got to go now! See you guys!