Today is 25th March 2005. A special day for me and a day that is full of deep feelings. At last I have managed to finished my 7 papers. I was so happy that I couldn't stop myself from laughing and smilling to everyone. It is just a miracle how I managed to survive these few weeks. To me, DAIMOKU is the source of my strength and also encouragements from my fellow comrades have kept me going in my final semester, final exams. Today is my last paper of my three years in UKM. Actually my exam started at 8.30am this morning. While I was in the car having discussions last minutely and all the topics that we have ran through in the last 15 minutes actually did came out during the exam. I'm very grateful to Gohonzon for all this. This morning during that one hour daimoku and gongyo, all I think of is to bring my friends to tonight's career talk in Cheras Kaikan. I just feel that I need to really go all out for the 24K campaign. All I can think of is just to bring as many friends as possible and as many shakubuku as possible. During the prayers, I prayed that all the Youths will awaken to our mission as to why we want to achieve 24K before 3rd of May. Lastly, I prayed that I will win in my last paper and prayed deeply for my fellow comrade's health and happiness also not forgetting my three promises that I made to Gohonzon every time I chant.
I managed to ask one of my coursemate to go for tonight's meeting. In fact, I have told her last week and when we are just after the exam, she came to me asking :"What time will you come and fetch me?" I was taken aback by her sincerity and I was really happy about her initiative. Truely what my chapter's WD chief said :"Prayed for the Youths to come out from the earth and to be shakubuku-ed by all of us." Every now and then I started to prayed that I will be surrounded by people that really need to know this great Buddhism and also hope that all of them will continue to chant and receive benefit from Gohonzon. Hopefully I can get another friend of mine going to tonight's meeting.
At first I thought that my paper - Microbe's Metabolisme is 2 hours and I started writing quite swiftly thinking that I might not have enough time to finish up my paper as there were 8 esei question with each bringing from 10 - 20 marks, totaling 100 marks. Well, I sort of left with one questions that I have forgotten the facts at 10 o'clock and thought that I have another 30 minutes for it. During the last 15 minutes, an announcement was made stating that we cannot go out of the examination hall and the man didn't read out my course's code. So when I looked back at my examination slip, it states that the exam is actually 2 and a half hour. Much to my relief that I still have quite plenty of time to finish off my last question.
I wanted to go out earlier before times up, but, later made a decision to stay in the hall until 11 am. Why? The answer is just simple. I thought I would have missed the hall and the excitement of having exams in the exam hall and this will be the last time that I am going to sit for exams in this hall. The next time when I come back would be the time that I am going to walk out of this hall graduating as a Microbiologist. I just feel weird suddenly... Deep feelings just keep coming from within my heart.
Anyway, I still need to study as I am having Gosho exam this Sunday anf my thesis presentation is next Wednesday. But, I am already feeling so happy and free because I have found my mission and what I want to achieve in my later years. Evryday is like a beautiful day and I said to myself everyday is a Kosen-rufu day and this will be the path of my life from now on. From now on it will be 24K all along until we really reach beyond the target! Yeah! From now on it will be and exciting day everyday!