Aloha and Sayonara

Finally, I finished my last paper on computer knowledge. Yeah. But, after visited my own blog, I realize that soon enough need to change the info bout myself from Acad S/02 to graduate/ 05, feeling weird, my life as a student will officially finish after Wednesday, now I have to start worry about my future, my future career, my future planning and etc. i am very blur here. Anna atleast know what she want, Zephyr don't need to worry as he still have one more year in USM.What should I do to my life? What do I want? Without any reason, I rejected a job that offered to me two week ago, why? I also don't know, I just not yet ready as I don't know what I want. My life will getting more and more blur if I don't start to chant for wisdom and chant for fortune. Today, me and my housemates went to USM to take photo, I will leave USM soon enough, three year in USM, I never like USM, I never feel I am one of the 30,000 students. I don't know why, I just don't like it although its one of the best University in Malaysia. So I should say, I not really enjoys my Uni life. I miss the chance and now I have to leave. For all SD who will soon enter University, do appreciate every single moment in University and take time looking around, find a good friend there and live life with no regret. Today, I dint get myself any guidance or study anything, so, I have nothing to share. But u guys are always welcome to link the site at the sokalink, u will get yourself many useful material and guidance, do share with other. I will leave Penang on 26 March, maybe will take off from blogging. For the time being, Anna is here to rescure the blog. Do continue to support us. See ya.