A little update

Recently has been VERY busy finished up my thesis and finding references for my supervisor hardly sleep, maybe due to stress, maybe I am sick, or maybe I am just too busy, but for sure, my eyes now look like panda and I can't think properly. Its quite dangerous for me to cross the road as most of the time I am dreaming and thinking something else,so I choose to stay in student house instead of going out site to eat, to school, to library and etc. So, don't be surprise if suddenly u guys find me become abit skinny, abit older, abit "blackgreen". What a good way to diet, don't need to waste any money and get the result. Well, now I am listening to light and easy, the old pple station as Anna and zephyr said, but I just like it, harmony and I feel calm. Everything will be over after Thursday, whatever the thing happen, I wont forget what Anna told me, to chant. But the weird thing is, everytime I chant, I hardly pray for my thesis, my school stuff and my future, there is a dream I keep continue to pray and to fight for, even after so many year. I am still refuse to let go. I keep remind myself to pray for my thesis, but it will later turned out to be the same prayer. Now, after writing this article, I realized that, the four major prayer indicated my major concern which trouble me and always make me confused with my life. 1- prayer for my family. After my father past away, no one actually know that I actually have a promise with my father before that, I keep it for so long as I so scare I cant makit. And for my mother, you have talked to me too much about your dream, your desire, your expectation, your prayer, and I seem to be the only one who actually listening to you. 2- prayer for special someone to get absolute happiness and pray for the total let go and me live life to the fullest. 3- for my stupid dream, so far away from me, but, I always hope one day the day will come 4- for my own human revolution, then I remember Anna,zephyr, I pray for our friendship forever and I needed to change some of my bad attitude in order to makit turn into the reality as I cant manage to let the second case happen in my life anymore. Maybe after tonite, my prayer should add another one - to not think much. But I always has so much thing to think of, people who know me should know that. I am not actually that happy as shown on my face,but, when I talk a lot, mean, I am happy, when I keep silent, then you should know I am thinking too much already I now really know why Zephyr,Anna and my friends keep adding "don't think too much" behind the SMS. I just received reply from Anna, she said me popo mama, hah, nothing, I just think of her then sent her SMS to know how is she, she has so much paper to study for, really have to study hard for that, well, I needed to learn solve thing alone and really become a comrades for a friend. Anna asked me to go sleep early. Well, I have a long way to go.. Wish everyone dream become reality and everyone happy from now on.