Too happy

I just can't control my laugh, I am very very happy now, this morning, while I eating "tim sum" with my housemate at around 8.30am, my lecturer suddenly phone me, she wanted me to see her as soon as possible, I thought this time terrible d, as my theses need to change again, she wanted me to get her all the references I used in my thesis, and I rushed back home to online to search for atleast something to show her, but nothing much I can do as she want to see me so urgent. But, I do get her something, a little something to show her. In the room : lecturer: " regarding to your thesis, surprisingly your thesis is exactly what I want, I want to know who help you in it" me : " oh, eh..... Well, this i actually I took from internet and there is a template and I.... bla bla bla lecturer : " I want all your references u put in your theses" me : " actually I have no copy for my references as I just copy on the spot and its abit too much to fotostat all of them and also most of it I got from internet, I can show you some info I save from the internet" seeing my info lecturer: " oh, that is very good, its exactly want I want.. bla bla bla conclusion, my theses format is exactly what she want to present to CIDB ( Construction Industry Development Board), my theses will be a guideline for her. Which I don't understand is, my first and second draft, she complain so much till I cried back at home and run back to alor star so frequently, but now she want it so much as I actually only took the behind part of my previous theses to show her as my final draft. Then she told me she haven't even read my first draft.. Sigh.. It's sure save lot of my time if she just read it for the first time as tried so hard to tell her that my theses is exactly what should put if follow my thesis objective but she just refused to listen and made me gaduh with Anna, I wonder why she wanted so much to torture me for so long, maybe this is what we called " lecturer+ supervisor". now my nightmare is over, I can truly enjoy my computer game and back to my normal musical life. I take this opportunity to thank my friends who helped me during the process, especially Anna and Zephyr, help me to translate and find information for me, most of all, thank for keep encouraging me and never give up me. I sometime really behtahan with myself . For my housemate, nana, thank for playing game beside me to motivate me to finish up my thesis,to Uncle Vic, thank for concern and keep asking bout my progress,to Poh geok, thank for teasing me all the time for my laziness, to Jess, thank for doing your theses in such a slow progress as I atleast not the only one who dint pass up my thesis, to mama, thank for borrowing your theses and helping me in all the computer stuff. To wee hau and wen long, thank for not disturb me and a lot more..Not to forget, thank to Gohonzon for help me through all this.