I went to Broga yesterday evening at about 5PM. Great haul from the visitation. I'm glad I did went to Broga as I have many times thought of going, but, somehow something happened and I couldn't make the trip. Yesterday, I went there alone and much has happened to the YWDs there. I felt a little regretful as I didn't follow up on them for a period of time. Nevertheless, they seem happy to see me coming to visit them. I visited 2 YWD and a local aunty. Talked to them quite lengthy as to really catch up stuffs while I was not around with them. Fairly happy that they are still cheerful despite of the problems they faced. I departed from Broga at about 7.40pm. It was quite late as the day was turning darker. I was quite worried while on my way out from Broga. Chanted that I will make it out to Kajang safely and I am grateful for the protection from Gohonzon. Perhaps next time if you guys come to Kajang, I'll bring you guys to Broga, a peaceful small town. Then you guys will understand why I chanted all the way out from Broga (8 miles). I'll be having Kimia Fizik paper today at 3.30pm. Well, wish me luck!